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The labor market in the Russian Federation is an excellent field for fraudsters. By deception, when hiring, dishonest employers extract money from citizens or fire them after completing some amount of work under the pretext of not having passed the probationary period, naturally, without paying remuneration.

How to protect ourselves from such troubles, we will try to describe in this article.

The content of the article:

  1. Signs of unscrupulous employers
  2. Anti rating of the most unscrupulous employers in Russia

Signs of unscrupulous employers – how to recognize cheating when applying for a job?

The very first thing to know and never forget is that you came to work to make money, not spend it. If you have a job require any prepayment, for example – for a uniform or work tools, there is clearly something wrong.

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Most people find a job in three stages:

1. Search for vacancy announcements.

2. Phone call to the employer.

3. Interview with the employer.

  • First stage job search usually starts with looking for ads in the media or the Internet. Already at this stage signs of employer’s bad faith can be seen if you look closely.

1. The ad is too tempting

Requirements for the applicant are significantly underestimated. In the ad, the employer does not show interest in the age, work experience of the candidate, and often, on the contrary, emphasizes this.

2. Large circulation of ads in various media and job portals

Constantly repeated in new publications over a long period.

3. The contacts to the ad contain suspicious data

There is no company name or a cell phone is indicated for communication. This, of course, is not the main reason, but still.

After finding a suitable ad, it is best for the job seeker to do their own research. It is very easy to do this, especially since a modern person has all the tools for this.


Criteria that you need to pay attention to in a deeper check of the work of interest:

1. The level of salary indicated in the ad is higher than the average market salary for a similar job.

2. Absence of an official website on the Internet or a description of the company and its activities on information resources. Complete lack of information.

3. Frequent editing of the same ad in different media and on different resources on the Internet, which indicates a large turnover.

4. A very annoying invitation for an interview.

After searching for an ad and checking at least a brief data of the organization that placed the ad, the stage of a phone call to the specified number begins. This stage can also provide a lot of information if you approach it correctly, know what to do and what to say during the first telephone conversation with the employer.


  1. The employer refuses to give information about himself and about the type of his activity. Does not name the company name, address where it is located, and full name of the director. Instead, you are asked to come in for an interview to get all this information. In most cases, an ordinary ordinary employer has absolutely no need to hide information about yourself.
  2. Your questions regarding the vacancy are answered by a question to a question, for example, are asked to tell about yourself first. Most likely, they just want to extract information from you in order to understand whether it is possible to work with you further.
  3. The interlocutor answers your questions regarding the vacancy with abstract phrases. For example, “We are a team of professionals” or “We are promoting global brands on the market.”
  4. The interview is scheduled after office hours. In any conscientious company, the personnel department is engaged in hiring employees, which, in turn, cannot have a flexible schedule and traditionally only works on weekdays and during working hours of the day. For example, from 9-00 to 17-00.
  5. The address at which the interview is scheduled is the address of a private apartment. This can be easily verified through the reference book. It often happens that the office of a company is actually located on the territory of an apartment, but there must be appropriate information about this. If it is not there, it is better to refrain from such an interview.
  6. During a telephone conversation, the employer asks to dump your resume or passport data by e-mail. The resume is your personal confidential information, but most likely there will be no harm in its disclosure. But with passport data, it is quite the opposite. At the stage of a telephone conversation and an interview, these data of yours should definitely not be of interest to the employer.

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  • Third stage and the very last one is, of course, the interview itself. If you nevertheless decide to go for it, then you need to pay attention to the following criteria:
  1. The interview is scheduled for several applicants at the same time. If the employer is decent, and the job he offers is stable and well-paid, this interview format is not acceptable.
  2. At the interview, you are asked to contribute any money, suppose – for special clothes or tools, to pass some kind of paid test or training training – turn around and boldly leave. Such actions are completely illegal.
  3. If at the interview you are asked to sign any documents, contracts about non-disclosure of commercial information or something like that, this is also a sure sign of the employer’s dishonesty. At the interview stage, you do not have any legal relationship with the employer, and you are not required to sign anything.
  4. At the interview, you are told that the first time you work in their company is not paid, since it is considered a probationary period or training time.In this case, this clause must be described in the employment contract and clearly state under what circumstances the probationary period is considered passed, and under what circumstances it is not.

Knowing the above criteria and operating them, you can protect yourself from the actions of unscrupulous employers and protect yourself from getting into unpleasant situations, primarily those associated with a senseless waste of time on scammers.

Anti-rating of the most unscrupulous employers in Russia

Of course, creating such an anti-rating is a rather difficult task. But still there is resources, which are designed to fulfill exactly this task. Their work, as a rule, is based on the correspondence of employees of a particular company with reviews and recommendations.


It is possible to find in the vastness of such resources almost any company you are interested in in any industry and in any region.

  • One of these resources is the project. He will offer you more than 20,000 thousand real reviews for review, and if you yourself are in a not very pleasant situation, then you can take part in the formation of anti ratings yourself.
  • Also, a lot of information can be gleaned from the resource

Of course, there is no single register of unscrupulous employers, but it should be noted withThe most frequently pop-ups on resources such as, companies:

  • Garant-Victoria – imposes paid training, after which it refuses applicants due to unsatisfactory results.
  • Satellite LLC – ask applicants to pay 1000 rubles. to organize a workplace, which is completely contrary to the law of the Russian Federation.
  • LLC “Hydroflex Russland” – the company’s leaders, the CEO and his wife, the commercial director, do not value their employees at all, and the principle of their work is to organize staff turnover, with the aim of not paying wages under the pretext of fines.
  • LLC “Mosinkasplomb” – is engaged in the construction business, in which he understands absolutely nothing. Hires contractors represented by BelSlavStroy LLC and ABSOLUT-REAL ESTATE. Very often he does not pay employees anything other than an advance payment under the pretext of poorly performed work.
  • LLC “SF STROYSERVICE” – these are large and good facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region. LLC “SF STROYSERVICE” does not have its own staff of finishers and constantly searches for finishers via the Internet. After completing work, he does not pay wages to employees under the pretext of poorly performed work.
  • LLC SHIELD-M – the company is engaged in the hiring of private apartments. She is known for the lack of payments under employment contracts.
  • 100 percent (Language Center) – systematically delays wages. Many employees, even upon dismissal, were never paid their payroll. * 100RA (Group of companies) – when employment is not told the truth about working conditions. There are a lot of illegal immigrants who live right in the shops. They pay much less than they promise for employment.
  • 1C-SoftKlab – they conclude fixed-term contracts with applicants, and a month later they are kicked out without payment of wages.

Of course, reviews also need to be properly filtered. Since competitors often order compromising information on their opponents, they can still be trusted. Especially if they are massive.

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