10 most lucrative jobs for girls without a college degree

After reading the biographies of business women, you are sometimes surprised by the fact that most of them either do not have higher education, or strive to get it later, at the peak of their careers. There are many educated, but not sociable, resourceful and hardworking. Of course, we are not talking about doctors or lawyers.

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But there are profitable professions, in which you can reach heights without a classical higher education.

What are the most profitable professions for girls without VO for today in Russia, we will consider below:

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  • Photographer. The list of profitable professions opens with a creative specialty. Do you notice that you get good pictures, and not only with a professional camera, but also with a cheap soap dish? Do you feel an interest in your surroundings, their details, silent meaning? It might be worth trying your hand at photography. But do not give yourself hope for easy work. For a serious income, photography must be constantly worked. It takes a lot of practice to develop skills or develop an individual style. You also need to read the theory of photography, attend master courses and be interested in the work of other photographers. A good customer base can be built in a couple of years with word of mouth, friends, and social media.


  • The hairdresser. Do you know a lot about fashion and have always enjoyed the confidence of girlfriends in terms of hairstyles? Can you spend hours studying new trends and always highlight in them what is right for you? Maybe you should take a closer look at the art of hairdressing. For this, there are hairdressing schools from well-known grooming brands like Wella or Loreal. The main feature of successful hairdressers is working for themselves. You should not drive yourself to a beauty salon for a fixed fee. Better to host your clientele at home or at their home.


  • Specialist in nail and eyelash extension. The profession of “beauty” is always in demand, because women do not skimp on their appearance. However, it is not so easy to break through in this area, because there is a great demand and, accordingly, a lot of competition. The good-for-inexpensive approach wins. As 21-year-old manicurist Veronica says, for a couple of years of work she was able to earn money for her own car, travel and rent a more expensive apartment. What do you need for this? First, complete special courses. Secondly, advertise yourself through friends and the social network.


  • Shop assistant. Do you feel like you love people and are ready to interact with strangers on a daily basis? Do you have many friends and can you easily find a common language with any people? You may be able to excel in a non-tertiary profession, such as a sales assistant. The best part is that you yourself can choose the field of sales that you like! For example, flowers, books, toys, clothes and more. For a generous employer, it would be good to have experience in sales or a certificate of completion for such courses. 24-year-old sales consultant Maria talks about her work in a large clothing chain for women: “The job is not easy because we work in the mass market. The downside is that we close only at 22:00, there are more pluses. Cheerful team, many acquaintances with interesting people, promotion to store manager, weekly salary, flexible hours. And, of course, many sellers are provided with discounts and gifts from the company.


  • Seamstress. Despite the popularity of mass tailoring, an individual approach will never lose its customer. A private seamstress at home earns about 29 thousand rubles. This profession requires a start-up investment. A room in the house is usually used as a workshop. But on a good typewriter, cutting table and overlock, you will have to spend at least 50 thousand rubles. Important qualities that are required of you: the ability to understand the client, perseverance and focus.


  • Waitress, bartender. Yes, service staff can make good money. Especially if you have work experience, good English and a certificate from reputable courses. In this case, your chances of a place in a good restaurant with excellent working conditions and generous tips are very high. Benefits of work: flexible hours. Disadvantages: annoying customers, but in good bars these issues are resolved with the help of security. From you: charisma, honesty, activity, hard work.


  • Stewardess. This romantic profession without higher education is not as easy as it is said to be. You can study for a flight attendant on a free 3-year course from a major airline. Upon completion of these courses, students will find employment in a sponsoring company. Usually, the requirements for flight attendants are as follows: age up to 35 years old, clothing size up to 46, height from 160 to 175, good knowledge of English, pretty appearance. After selection, the contestants undergo a medical examination to determine the state of health, mental stability and fear of heights. Approximate income from 40 thousand per month + the possibility of free travel.


  • Trader. If you are inclined to analyze and think well, you may like the most profitable profession in Russia – a trader. The meaning of the work is to buy and sell currencies and shares on the stock exchange. The process itself requires only a computer, possibly courses and a small start-up capital. Those who have developed intuition, good organization of work and constantly monitor changes on the stock exchange have more earnings.


  • Assistant to the head. Benevolent, executive and responsible women have every chance to make a career in a seemingly not the most profitable profession in Russia. Good secretaries with knowledge of English and accounting can have a decent salary for this position. As Olga’s assistant says, it is important to find a brilliant boss who has a lot to learn from.


  • Stylist. A stylist’s career should start with a stylist assistant. The essence of the work is to keep track of clothes, prepare models for filming, put things in order after filming or screenings. And after about 1.5 years of such work, you will be able to be hired as a stylist. And then invitations to famous shows, a good salary, and career growth, for example, to editor or director of a magazine, are waiting for you.


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