10 options for shift work for women in Russia – where to go and how to get a job?

Shift work for women - work schedule and hours, working conditionsIn our country, work on a rotational basis remains very popular, many sectors of the economy work, for the most part, focusing on this type of labor relations. Oddly enough, even the significant disadvantages of this work are not an obstacle for applicants who dream of serious earnings.

What does the modern labor market offer women in this area, and what should be feared?

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10 best rotational work options for women in Russia

What is a “watch”?

First of all, it is – physically demanding work away from home, in Spartan (most often) conditions and on a periodic basis – usually in the Far North, but there are vacancies both in the capital and in southern cities (for example, in Sochi in connection with the Olympics).

As a rule, such a work pattern is often used in the extraction of oil and gas, in logging and in the fishing industry, in the development of new deposits of precious metals, in the construction of large facilities, etc.

Of course, hardy and healthy male specialists are mainly attracted to such work, but women, under certain conditions, can get on the “shift”.

Women and the Far North.

In essence, things are incompatible.

However, the weaker sex – albeit in small numbers – is present in the North. Most often – in light jobs (commandants of hostels, cooks and cleaners, maids and saleswomen, operators, etc.).

The most difficult thing for a woman working on a rotational basis is be away from home and loved ones… Therefore, it is considered a great success if you manage to get settled with your spouse.

What vacancies are offered today?

  1. Engineers and geologists. Salary in the North is about 80-190 thousand rubles. Of course, a higher education is required, serious work experience and health, allowing you to work in difficult conditions. But even under these conditions, it is not a fact that a woman will be hired for this vacancy (not every woman will be able to work on an equal basis with a man).
  2. Chef assistant. Salary (Yamal) – above 60,000 rubles. Education and work experience required. Schedule: 45 through 45 days.
  3. Instrumentation engineer. Salary (Republic of Komi) – from 65,000 rubles. Requirements: higher education, work experience, knowledge of English. Schedule: 30 through 30 days.
  4. A worker at a food warehouse. Salary (Ivanovo region) – from 54,000 rubles. Requirements: excellent physical fitness. Watch – 45 shifts.
  5. Clothes packer. Salary (Bryansk region) – from 68,000 rubles.
  6. Cleaning woman. Salary (Tver) – from 50,000 rubles. Schedule: 6/1 with accommodation at the employer’s premises. How to become a professional cleaning lady?
  7. Nurse. Salary (Krasnoyarsk Territory) – from 50,000 rubles. Work experience and relevant education are required. Schedule: 40 in 40 days.
  8. HR specialist. Salary (Russian Railways) – from 44,000 rubles.
  9. Paramedic. Salary (Lukoil) – from 50,000 rubles.
  10. Chemical engineer. Salary (Yakutia) – from 55,000 rubles.

Most popular employers:

  • Gazprom”. Schedule: 30 in 30 or 60 in 30 days. Accommodation and 50% of the fare is paid, official work, full social / package.
  • OJSC NK Rosneft. Basically, men are required for hard work (drillers, geologists, etc.), but there are also female “shift” vacancies.
  • Lukoil OJSC. Both specialists and university graduates are hired to the North to this company. The conditions are quite decent, but the work is definitely hard.
  • JSC AK Transneft. This company hires specialists in the field of oil and gas production / processing. In the absence of current vacancies, you can simply apply.
  • JSC TATNEFT. This company offers work to competent specialists in the North. There are opportunities for family people, for women. The schedule is similar to that of Gazprom.
  • Russian Railways JSC. There are many vacancies here, and women will surely find work for themselves. The conditions are very attractive. Schedule – 60/30 or 30 in 30 days.
  • OJSC Yakutgazprom. It welcomes workers from a wide variety of Russian regions, offering a formal employment contract, free medical / insurance, and decent wages. Education and qualifications, of course, will have to be confirmed.
  • OJSC “TNK”. The company offers jobs in various Russian regions, but mostly men are required.

Despite the hard work and tough working conditions, the candidates are extremely demanding, and the competition remains high.

It is imperative that the health of the applicant is checked in the most thorough way (you will not get off with an ordinary certificate), and a person’s readiness to work (and understanding of the complexity of work) is judged exclusively after the interview.

You need to understand that in the North, the percentage of oxygen, in comparison with the middle zone of the country, is very low (30% lower!), The deficit of the sun is constant, the weather conditions leave much to be desired, and the comfort of life is at a low level.

The placement of workers usually takes place in the camp of shift workers, in hotels, in corporate apartments or directly at the place of work, if it is not possible to get from there every day.

And – the expectant mother, or a young mother with babies less than 3 years old, will naturally not be taken on the “watch”.

Shift work for women - where to look?

Pros and cons of shift work for women – what to foresee and what to prepare for?

Among the advantages are the following …

  • Stable and high salary.
  • Schedule. If you work for 2 months, then usually 2 months and rest, and do not wait 11 months until you are allocated 2 weeks of rest. Moreover, the vacation is always paid.
  • The way to the place of work, as a rule, is paid by the employer.
  • Working in the North means allowances, benefits / privileges, preferential length of service and an increased pension.
  • Meals and accommodation are also paid by the employer. Additionally, many companies offer free additional medical / insurance coverage.

Well, about the shortcomings. There are many more …

  • Physically hard work, which can not resist without strong “heroic” health.
  • There are many restrictions on age and health conditions.
  • Presence of occupational risks, high injury rate.
  • Living for a long time away from your loved ones. Alas, this is not good for the family. Many families break up, unable to withstand such “overload”.
  • The risk of being left without a salary when choosing an unscrupulous employer.
  • Lack of comfort. It’s good if you have to spend the night in the hostel of the shift workers. And if in a trailer or in a tent? It happens.
  • Long working hours and no days off. That is, a high load on the body and directly on the psyche.
  • You will not find entertainment for yourself there. Of course, there won’t be any clubs, restaurants or theaters. Rejoice if it is warm and hot water.
  • Poor climatic conditions.

Schedules and calculation of working hours on a rotational basis for women

According to the Labor Law, in the conditions of the North woman’s work week decreases to 36 hours from 40. At the same time, the salary remains in its original form.

Work schedules are different. Most often it is 15 after 15 days, or 30 after 30. There are also schedules 45 through 45 and 60 after 30.

  • The number of hours worked per shift can be 12 hours, but the total number of hours worked should not exceed the norm established by the Labor Code.
  • Number of days off: at least equal to the number of weeks in a month.
  • The right to leave is retained and inter-shift rest.
  • Overtime and overtime always paid higher – in one and a half / double size.
  • If you have children under 16 the woman is also entitled to 1 more day off per month – but unfortunately unpaid. Moreover, if you did not take advantage of this weekend, no one will compensate for it in the future.


What should a woman pay attention to when applying for a rotational work, so as not to be deceived?

The most important thing – check the company carefully, in which you are going to get settled.

Unfortunately, today there are many scammers in this area. Some take money from job seekers as intermediaries between job seekers and employing companies, others are unscrupulous employers.

Getting on the last is the most offensive thing. In the first case, you will only lose money for the services of an intermediary, in the second, you can even be left without a salary at all, having worked on the watch.

What do you need to remember?

  • Often, fraudsters “change their shoes” as representatives of such large companies as Gazprom or Surgutneftegaz, etc. Carefully check who exactly offered you the job, and whether there are such vacancies on the company’s official website (or in the company’s HR department).
  • Don’t use recruiting agencies. The only thing they are interested in is getting money from you. And what will happen to you next, whether your job will work out, whether the employer turns out to be a fraud – they do not care. As a rule, these are wasted funds. Look for work directly through reputable companies offering these vacancies (through their HR departments, through their resume mailing, etc.).
  • Do not send money to anyone. Conscientious companies do not take money for employment! Moreover, even the way to the “shift” is paid by the employer (although, in most cases, the amount for the ticket is then deducted from your 1st salary). If you are offered to deposit money, run away from this “employer”.
  • Check employer details carefully. The Internet will help you. Remember that a personnel officer, for example, from Gazprom, will not publish his mobile phone number on the Internet. Check the information about the future place of work just as carefully (maybe this company at this address does not perform any work at all).
  • Read the contract you are signing carefully: how long the watch will last (specifically!), what are the working conditions, how long the vacation lasts, the exact amount of payment, the issue of payment for accommodation and meals, the exact schedule of work, the availability of days off, overalls, infrastructure and other important points.
  • Not all companies practice giving advance payments. You should think about this “perspective” in advance, so as not to accidentally end up without a livelihood in the middle of the “watch”.
  • Getting sick is not profitable. They don’t like sick people on duty, and it is, as a rule, impossible to be treated in the conditions in which one has to exist. If something serious has happened to your health, and you risked going home for treatment, then you can most likely forget about the salary.
  • The work schedule is extremely important. Ask in advance and look at the contract – what is your future working day? One of the frequent sudden troubles for a shift worker is a working day, which begins at 6 am and lasts until 12 at night. Remember that according to the law, a working day cannot last more than 12 hours (see above).

Well, one more piece of advice that can be given: if there is an opportunity to get a job with a friend, do not miss it. Far from your hometown and family, in extremely difficult conditions (and sometimes without money), it is very important that there is a person nearby you can rely on. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your experience in finding a shift work for a woman.

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