10 professions of the future that will definitely be in demand

The modern labor market is very changeable. And according to the results of the research of one well-known European company, in the near future we are expecting even greater changes in the scale of demanded professions.

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If earlier the impression was created that the most popular professions among young people are managers, lawyers and financiers, now we can say for sure that very soon the demand of employers will be directed to completely different specialties.

After all, graduates of the faculties of natural sciences, specialists in the field of high technologies and IT specialists are already much more appreciated.

COLADY presents the top 10 professions of the future.

1. Engineers

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One of the leading positions in the ranking of demanded professions of the future is occupied by such a profession forgotten by the young generation as an engineer. Even now, in the labor market overcrowded with economists and managers, this profession is especially appreciated. There is a clear shortage of technicians and professional engineers.

Concerning their wages will riseand demand will rise. If you have several entities – for example, economic, technical and legal, then a high career in the future is guaranteed for you.

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2. IT specialists

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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Of course, few of us can imagine our life without a computer. The same goes for almost any work area. It is not surprising that IT specialists and programmers will become one of the most needed specialties of the future.

The rapidly developing progress of computer technology leads to the fact that the demand for such professions will only increase over time. The programmer is definitely the profession of the future.

3. Specialists in the field of nanotechnology

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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Science all over the world is rapidly advancing. Nanotechnology is the greatest field of research that will cover almost every field – mechanical engineering, space objects, medicine, food industry and many others. Therefore, absolutely all specialties related to nanotechnology will be in demand.

Nanotechnology is one of the newest professions of the future, which will only develop over time, and the demand of employers for it will grow.

4. Service-related professions

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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The income of the population is growing every year. People often go on vacation, make large purchases, visit beauty salons, use the services of domestic staff, and so on.

In this regard, specialists who can provide high-quality service will not be left without work in the future.

5. Chemist

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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It has long been a known fact that oil reserves will last for another 10 years. Therefore, already in our time, research is being actively carried out to find and develop environmentally friendly energy sources. And, as a result, highly qualified chemists are required.

6. Logisticians

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One of the modern and new professions, which will also be in demand in the future, is a logistician. This area of ​​activity covers a fairly wide range of responsibilities – such as organizing the delivery of goods from the manufacturer or supplier to the final customer, forming inventory, competently tracking the entire supply process.

Therefore, in our age of trade and market relations, the profession of a logistician will be in demand and highly paid for a long time.

7. Ecologist

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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Probably, few people can argue with the fact that the ecological situation in the world is steadily worsening every year.

Abnormal phenomena and ozone holes, environmental pollution problems and global warming will make environmentalists one of the most indispensable people for saving the planet in the very near future.

8. Physicians

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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The medical profession has always been in demand. Now the growing demand for certain medical specialists is associated with research in the field of life extension.

A lot of money is invested in them, so scientific specialists specializing in finding means to prolong life will be in great demand in the future.

9. Stylist

Top 10 professions of the future: find out who to study for
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Such a profession does not require higher education. She is trained in image-making courses for two to three months. Shoppers accompany the client through the shops and help him decide on the choice of clothing and style.

In our time of constant business meetings and travel, many people need to look personable and stylish at the same time, so such assistants in the fashion industry will be highly appreciated in the future.

10. Food stylist

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Many people now have professional cameras. And if you still have a creative streak and you have a rich imagination, then it is quite possible that such a new profession as a food stylist will suit you. The duties of a food stylist include the task of photographing food beautifully, brightly and tasty.

In connection with the development of information resources on the Internet, high-quality illustrations will always be required, therefore professional photographers in the future will be in greater demand among employers.

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