10 short celebrity haircuts for fine hair

Probably every lady whom nature has awarded with thin hair has her own little trick on how to give it a little volume. Some choose sprays for visibility of density (Jennifer Aniston, for example), while others braid pigtails for the night in order to make a real mane on the head the next day or even a fleece a la the 90s.

However, the simplest (and most effective) method, which has not yet been better, is a properly selected and stylish haircut. To create a three-dimensional effect, choose something in the style of a structured bob or pixie. And these 10 options are proof of that.

Which short haircut is right for your fine hair?

First of all, you need to choose your own version, which will not create the undesirable effect of a helmet or a pot on your head. What can you do? Leave some length at the back of your head, playing with the length in the front. It can be a strict or structured square, straight square or LOB-square. Finally, for those who are not afraid of scissors, pixie is the perfect hairstyle that gives maximum volume to fine hair. With the light hand of the Spanish actress Ursula Corbero, pixie is one of the most popular haircuts at the moment!

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1. Structured square

Structured square
Photo @littleblackboots

2. Blunt bob

Blunt bob
Photo @greceghanem

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3. Mallet (which means “mullet”)

Photo @ursulacorbero

4. Raised bob (bob bob)

Raised square
Photo @misstpw

5. French bob

French bob
Photo @kaiagerber

6. Pixie

Photo @ursulacorbero

7. Bob Collarbone (collarbone length)

Bob Collarbone
Photo @juliaroberts

8. Square with side parting

Side parting bob
Photo @ashleybendson

9. Careless “shaggy” square

Photo @ashleybendson

10. Soft (soft) pixie

Soft (soft) pixie
Photo @ashleybendson

Vote for the best haircut!

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