10 ways to get rid of an annoying fan without stress and nerves

How to ward off a compulsive suitorIndeed, signs of attention from the opposite sex are considered pleasant for every woman. We love it when men give us gifts and compliments. But there are also situations when such attention becomes very intrusive.

How to get rid of a pesky boyfriend? How to relate to gifts, courtship, signs of attention from a fan that you liked so much at first?

1. Deny him everything
How to ward off a compulsive suitor

Don’t try to hide behind kindness when you are gnawed by the fear of rejection. Since childhood, the kindness instilled in girls is very often used by men shamelessly and arrogantly.

Men may assess women’s behavior inadequately. Sometimes they think that behind the usual courtesy lies a call for sexual amusement.

The annoying boyfriend needs to immediately show that it is for you he doesn’t mean anything at all… It is very necessary to refuse correctly, without rude deeds. Because it is already difficult for him if he has sincere real feelings for you. Therefore, try to smooth out phrases that are unpleasant to him as much as possible.

2. Friendship in exchange for love

Very often it is effective friendship proposal method in exchange for a declaration of love.

For men, it immediately becomes clear that he as a sexual partner does not interest you at all, and then he will be able to switch his attention to another girl.

3. Introduce him to his girlfriend

Another suitable option to get rid of an annoying fan is his meeting your girlfriend… Do not tell her about your personal opinion about him, let them get to know each other, form a personal opinion about each other. If the guy is really good, there is no need to scatter such good left and right. Look around, most likely, among your girlfriends (classmates, classmates, neighbors) there will be pretty, but ownerless young ladies who only do what they dream of a prince on a white horse. Arranging their acquaintance will not be difficult. Let your friend “accidentally” end up in the same restaurant as you. Or, for example, he rides a bike in a park area, where you spend time with him.

4. We do shopping together
How to ward off a compulsive suitor

The most effective is this method of getting rid of the annoying admirer, which lies in your behavior.

Take him to supermarkets and boutiques. Such joint shopping can be delayed for a long time so that the very procedure of going shopping with you is for the guy as painful as possible.

5. Show your emotions
10 ways to ward off a compulsive suitor

You need to become extremely emotional girl… Express your disappointment or indignation at the slightest trifles, emotionally discuss people passing by. If a nail is broken, then in general you can throw a tantrum with sobs. A bad haircut or awful weather is also a reason to play on the nerves of an annoying fan. Men of super-emotional girls are afraid.

6. Be chatty!

It is necessary to develop a talkativeness in oneself, which annoys all in a row, especially males.

Tell your boyfriend in full detail about what has happened to you over the past few years. At the same time, do not let him say a word. As a result, your hours-long story can take on an intrusive form. An annoying boyfriend will be put off very successfully.

7. Become a capricious lady
How to ward off a compulsive suitor

Pretend to be capricious lady… Each time, make some wish that can certainly come true. As soon as what you wanted to get, tell the guy that it is no longer necessary for you, and present new whims. Men in such situations begin to feel like the bedding on which you wiped your feet.

8. Bolder change your image!

If your boyfriend said that he was annoyed by any color in his clothes, be sure to buy yourself thing of this color… If your admirer hates brightly colored blondes, lighten the hair color or get a wig, also do bright makeup – men don’t like that. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise people around may think something is wrong.

9.Priglasi visit mom
10 ways to ward off a compulsive suitor

You can also call a boyfriend. visit mom… Her role can be played by a family friend or a respectable colleague. The main thing is the presence of acting skills. She must show your fan all the delights of communicating with the future mother-in-law. And the spouses can live with her. Therefore, he will most likely run away!

10. More criticism against him
10 ways to ward off a compulsive suitor

To get rid of an annoying fan, you need constantly criticize him – it can hurt a man’s pride very much. Whatever he does, say that you do not love it and will not marry without love. Constantly impose your opinion on the guy and criticize the words of the boyfriend on every significant and insignificant issue. In general, show with all your appearance that his opinion does not matter to you.

Using the above tips, you can very quickly be convinced of their incredible efficiency – Your annoying admirer will quickly run away, and for a long time he will be afraid to meet you again in his life.

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