12 19th century doctor’s tips for young girls

American John Harvey Kellogg (1852 – 1943) went down in history as the inventor of cornflakes, but he was also a well-known physician and director of the Battle Creek Sanatorium, a medical institution that worked according to Kellogg’s principles and concepts of a healthy lifestyle.

John Harvey Kellogg
John Harvey Kellogg
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He encouraged people to exercise, lead a simple life and avoid vices, especially masturbation, which Kellogg called self-torture. His 1887 book Basic Facts for Old and Young is his philosophy and an extensive 654-page guide to leading a right (and righteous) life. By the way, Kellogg himself lived 91 years.

Here are John Kellogg’s 12 Tips for Young Girls.

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1. Be healthy to be beautiful

“No girl can be beautiful without health; and no girl with excellent health can be ugly in appearance. A healthy face is always attractive. “

2. Choose Friends Wisely

Kellogg and his wife had many foster children, and they very carefully monitored who their pupils communicate with, so the doctor gives the following advice to young ladies:

“A girl should avoid vain, idle, stupid and frivolous friends … no matter how beautiful, witty, stylish and aristocratic they are.”

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3. Don’t read sentimental books

By sentimental books, Kellogg means the popular salon novels:

“A fan of such novels is almost as difficult to fix as a committed alcoholic or opium-addict. The influence on the mind of this reading material is destructive and pernicious. It evokes emotions and awakens passions. “

4. Avoid certain foods and forget about coffee

Kellogg was convinced that a diet of simple and tasteless foods was the best way to curb your base desires (by the way, his cornflakes were invented for this purpose):

“Fish, poultry, oysters, eggs and milk with energizing spices, pepper, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, cloves, essences, all the spices, salt, pickles, as well as brunch, pastries and sweets are all very bad influences. … Coffee has a stimulating effect on the genitals. “

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5. Marry the Right Age and the Right Person

“Physiology accurately determines the age of marriage. This is the period when the body reaches full development, that is, not earlier than 20 years for women and 24 years for men. As for the choice of a life partner, take a close look at him, think well and prayerfully. Do not be seduced by a handsome face, pleasant treatment, and gallant demeanor. Choose modesty, simplicity, sincerity, morality, and not appearance. “

6. Courtship should be short and pleasant.

“Long courtship and long engagement do not bring any good and often become the cause of great evil, namely extramarital sex. Of course, there are circumstances when an engagement gets dragged out, but in general this should be avoided. “

7. Dress and behave modestly

“Girlish modesty is one of the best qualities. A young lady who is insolent in manners and careless in behavior risks her virtue and may fall prey to cunning and unprincipled men, or worse, she will succumb to temptation and indulge in sin. “

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8. Avoid fashion trends

Kellogg would have been shocked to see the popularity of skinny jeans and sportswear these days:

“A girl who neglects her health … who closely follows fashion and laces her waist to look slim, and does not dress warmly enough in cold weather, sooner or later, but certainly in the near future, will become unattractive and unpleasant …

Fashion requires a woman to squeeze her waist with belts or corsets. As a result, blood circulation is hampered. Blood stagnation occurs, and with it reflex and unnatural excitement, like in animals. “

9. Don’t flirt

“Flirting is absolutely harmful and has a devastating effect on both mental and moral and physical condition. Flirting in order to attract attention is completely unsuitable for the future building of a family … Such a girl, undoubtedly, sacrifices her happiness for the sake of pernicious excitement and in the future may become unsuitable for marriage. “

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10. Dancing is only allowed as a physical exercise

“Dancing is only permissible as exercise, such as gymnastics, but this excuse cannot be used in defense of circle dances, especially waltz. In addition, dancing until late, fashionable clothes, midnight feasts, excessive exercise violate the requirements of strict morality, provoke sinful desires and harm both the mind and the body. “

11. Mother is your best friend

“The mother should be the only counselor in all your problems and trials, even the most delicate ones. Contact her for information on all issues that you do not understand. Avoid any outside influence and consult only with her, because she is most worthy of your respect. “

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12. Dreaming is very dangerous.

“Young people, especially idle and voluptuous, sedentary and nervous, love to plunge into lustful and love dreams, which are often the source of general weakness, loss of strength, impairment of all functions, disease and even premature death. Impure thoughts are an immeasurable evil for humanity. “

Do you think these tips are outdated, or do they contain a rational grain?

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