12 most demanded professions in Russia for 2021

Before deciding on a profession that will become the main occupation for many years, it makes sense to study those specialties that will be in demand in the country not only in the next 5 years, but also in the more distant future. For example, a lawyer or an economist are prestigious and well-paid professions. But, alas, they are practically not in demand today.

Colady represents 12 of the most sought-after professions in Russia today.

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List of the most in-demand professions in Russia for 2021

  • IT specialists
    Nowadays, you can’t do without a computer. Even grandparents use them to pay bills, rest and for a part-time job (everyone knows freelance). The growth and development of computerization is non-negotiable, and specialties related to software development, design and testing of components, maintenance of local networks, security, etc., will always be in demand. Of the most popular professions in the field of IT, one can single out system administrators, 1C programmers, engineers etc.
  • Banking
    A very wide and rapidly developing field of activity. Despite the fact that the vacancy market for these specialties is oversaturated today, accountants, loan officers and financial analysts will be in demand for many years to come.
  • Medicine and education
    The salaries of doctors and teachers still leave much to be desired (if we do not take into account specialists in private institutions), but its growth is still observed. As for being in demand, teachers and doctors are practically eternal professions. There is always work for graduates of medical and pedagogical universities.
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  • Management and marketing
    Changes in this professional area are also not expected. The company’s profitability and profit directly depends on the professionalism of managers. Therefore, a good manager is worth its weight in gold today. Demanded specialties – managers and marketers, advertising specialists etc.
  • Building
    This area is distinguished by constant, permanent development. Choosing a profession from this area, you don’t have to worry about being unclaimed. Engineers, architects, construction technicians and other construction specialties are guaranteed employment and a well-to-do life.
  • Tourism and hospitality
    Tourism specialties are becoming more and more popular every year. The travel business is only gaining momentum, and the demand for administrators, employees and receptionists growing steadily. With the appropriate education, confident use of a PC and excellent command of English, you will be guaranteed a decent (and, most importantly, interesting) job in the future with an equally decent salary.
  • Working specialties
    Without them, too, nowhere. At all times, there will be a need for qualified personnel from among locksmiths and turners, engineers, blacksmiths etc. The demand for these specialties in companies and enterprises is quite high, and given the fact that most of their applicants choose the economic sphere, the need for these specialists will grow every year.
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  • Nanotechnology specialists
    In five years, the demand for them will be very high. The number of enterprises in the country and in the world is growing, the level of pollution of our environment is rapidly increasing. It won’t be long before competent ecologists there will be a queue. Nanotechnology specialists, the use of which will soon become widespread, can be guaranteed job stability and not a “nano” salary.
  • Translators and linguists
    These specialists will never be left without work. International relations are developing by leaps and bounds, and there is a special demand for specialists in oriental languages. One language is too little. The qualified linguist of the future is knowledge European and Oriental languages ​​perfectly
  • Web designers, 3d designers
    Not a single company can do without a personal website, and even tiny firms, first of all, create a resource for customers with convenient navigation, useful information, and the ability to purchase goods directly through the world wide web. In short, a website means additional income and new customers. Demand web designers and programmers is high today and will remain so in the future.
  • Psychologists
    It does not matter whether the demand for these specialists is dictated by the fashionable influence of the West, or whether our citizens really need to communicate with psychologists, but this specialty is in the top ten most in demand today. In addition to the main task of the psychologist, such areas as psychological and professional trainings are developing, which contribute to increasing labor productivity, team building, etc. specialists from the field of psychology Are people with stable jobs and high earnings.
  • Also, specialists from spheres of logistics, chemistry and physics, biotechnology and electronics

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