12 of the best islands in Thailand for rest and relaxation

Every year the islands of Thailand are gaining more and more popularity among tourists. Asian flavor, ocean beaches and stunning nature lure vacationers from all over the world and remain in memory for many months after the holiday.

Which of the 12 islands to choose? Let’s try to figure it out in order.

Koh Lipe Island


Described by tourists as one of the first on the list to visit the islands. This piece of paradise is located in the Andaman Sea, 70 kilometers off the coast of Thailand, near the border with Malaysia. The Lipe Island itself is very small. It can be walked around several times a day. It earned its fame thanks to its white beaches, convenient diving sites and stunning landscapes.

Ko Lipe is not an expensive island. A tourist with an average budget may well find bungalows, of which there are a great many.

It is worth noting that the island of Lipa is approaching civilization by leaps and bounds. Therefore, in order to visit a truly wild and primitive paradise, you should hurry up. Due to the large influx of tourists on the island, environmental problems associated with garbage disposal begin. While they are insignificant, and most tourists do not notice them, but in the near future the situation may change for the worse.

Koh Tyup Island


A tiny island located offshore Krabi. It is famous for the extraordinary beauty of the limestone rocks that look out of the azure water. The sand on the island is also considered special. In structure, it resembles a powder and has a bright white color.

Wide beaches with overhanging palm trees attract crowds of tourists. There are quite a few of them here during the high season.

Infrastructure on Ko Tup Island is undeveloped. It is hardly suitable for a long vacation. However, the island is ideal for day trips to a tropical paradise.

The main types of recreation here are diving and admiring the incredible wild landscapes. It is on Koh Tyup that the brightest photographs are obtained, similar to those that are full of advertising booklets of tropical islands.

Racha Island


It is considered the best alternative to the island of Phuket, from which it is located at a distance of 12 kilometers.

There is a wide selection of apartments on the island, from ordinary bungalows for one or two nights to luxurious hotels equipped with the latest civilization. Housing prices are very different and change depending on the season.

The main types of recreation on the island are scuba diving. Therefore, Racha has a large number of diving bases. Its wide strip of white sand on the shallows provides divers with unforgettable landscapes and underwater photos. The U-shaped shallow white beach stretching to Racha Noi Bay is a favorite spot for divers from all over the world.

There are no residential areas in the bay, so it is there that you can completely immerse yourself in the pristine nature of the jungle.

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Koh Chang Island

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Koh Chang Island is ideal for those tourists looking for a calm, measured holiday. Chang Island is a great alternative to the bustling and festive islands of Phuket or Koh Samui. At the same time, the island has excellent modern hotels and bungalows secluded from prying eyes. The main features of Chang Island are wide deserted beaches with clean white sand.

Great spots for swimming and diving. Magical landscapes, especially at sunset, are guaranteed to provide a romantic mood. There are also many tropical waterfalls on the island, which can only be reached on foot through the jungle.

Fans of such a quiet holiday in the wild nature of the tropics should hurry up, because civilization is getting closer and closer to the island of Chang.

Koh Pa Ngan Island


Few of the real travelers have not heard of Ko Pa Ngan. The island gained its fame for the world famous full moon parties. Quite noisy place.

The island is ideal for outdoor activities. Its famous beaches with overhanging palm trees leave no one indifferent, and the relaxed atmosphere from the first minutes of your stay makes you forget about hard everyday life.

The infrastructure on Ko Pa Ngan is not as developed as, say, on Koh Samui, but tourists still come here in droves. There are both luxury luxury hotels and inexpensive bungalows. The island has a huge variety of bars, cafes and clubs serving a variety of local delicacies, and real life here begins at night.

The highlight of Koh Pa Ngao is the mushroom cocktail, which is only served here. Every tourist is simply obliged to try it.

Koh Tao Island


This paradise island is located a couple of hours from Koh Pa Ngan.

Koh Ta is a calm and measured island, known as the largest and most professional diving school. There are a lot of instructors on the island and just as many places for diving training. Koh Tao is great for tourists looking for a quiet, beautiful place for long-term relaxation and training in scuba diving with the receipt of the international PADI certificate.

There are many hotels on the island for different tastes and pocket. In between trainings, tourists will receive world-class service.

The nature on Koh Tao resembles a paradise island. Rocky shores and white sand are ideal for a quiet holiday.

Koh Nang Yuan Island


The island is located near Koh Tao and has the fame of the most beautiful island in Thailand. Ko Nang Yuan is a very small island and tourists mainly visit it with day trips.

Travelers should take into account that there is only one residential area on Koh Nang Yuan and that is the Nang Yuan Diving Center. Therefore, if there is a desire to stay on the island for the night, then the rooms should be booked in advance.

Also, Ko Nang Yuan has firmly established itself as an excellent place for swimming, diving with an extraordinary atmosphere of wild, untouched nature.

Koh Maaka Island


Ko Maaka is a very small flat island. Famous for its coconut plantations. The island has beautiful white sand beaches.

Tourists are accommodated in resort bungalows at fairly budget prices.

The main type of recreation on the island of Ko Maaka is beach recreation and scuba diving. There are not many tourists here, so the island is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful resort.

Tarutao Island


Ko Tarutao is one of the islands belonging to the 51st island archipelago. It is located in the southern part of the Andaman Sea.

An attractive feature of this island is that its territory is a national park. Civilization does not penetrate into this place, and nature has been preserved in its original form.

On Ko Tarutao, the most favorite type of vacation for tourists from all over the world is camping. At the administration of the National Park for only 150 baht, you can rent a tent and spend an unforgettable time on the shores of the azure sea or in the jungle thickets.

Koh Phi Phi Island


Koh Phi Phi is considered the island of the most beautiful sunsets in Thailand. Crowds of tourists come to see them. The shooting of the film “The Beach”, which took place here, also made this corner especially popular.

But the opinion of tourists about this island is divided. Ko Pi Pi is torn in two, as it were. One of them is wildlife. The other is a rather noisy and civilized settlement, in which crowds of arriving travelers from all over the world huddle. You can hardly count on solitude and romance. But for the sake of beautiful sunsets, it’s worth a visit.

There will be no problems with housing on Koh Pi Pi. Here it is for every taste and pocket.

Lanta Island


Ko Lanta is a beautiful, underdeveloped island located in the Krabi province of southern Thailand. Perhaps the underdevelopment is the main advantage of the island, which attracts tourists here. Here you will not find conditions with excessive comfort. But you can plunge headlong into the local culture.

The island has great nature. Wooded hills and stone cliffs. Excellent white beaches and a beautiful coral reef. Lovers of a relaxing holiday in seclusion choose Ko Lanta. There are not many tourists here, and life flows slowly and calmly.

Ngai Island


Small mountainous island. Its entire area is covered with tropical forest. Ko Ngai is home to wild crab-eating monkeys and monitor lizards. You can see them very close here. Also on the island is a gorgeous coral reef and excellent white beaches.

But the tourist will not have to rely on comfortable conditions. There are only middle class bungalows on the island.

This paradise island is perfect for those looking for a truly wild and romantic adventure at a fairly reasonable price.

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