14 best outdoor exercises – sports at home

The benefits of outdoor exercise have long been proven by scientists. Exercise outdoors increases overall tone and stamina, gives you a feeling of burst of energy, relieves tension and treats depression.

Colady brings you 14 of the best exercises to do at home outdoors. Enjoy sports!

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  • Jumping to the side – we train the buttocks, legs, thighs (inner surface). Stand on a flat surface, bring your legs together, bend them at the knees and jump to the right. We land on the right foot. Next, bend the right knee (without lowering the left leg to the ground) and jump to the left. In total, you should complete 20 jumps in each side.
  • Slopes – we train the press, shoulders, triceps. We sit down on the bench. We focus on our hands and raise our hips. We bend our arms and return to the opposite position. We repeat 12-15 times.
  • Push ups – we train shoulders, chest, biceps. We stand facing the bench, rest our hands on it and stretch our legs back. Bending your arms, lower and raise the lower chest part to / from the bench. We repeat 12 times.
  • Tightrope walker – we train hips, abs, shins. We find a cozy border, follow it to the very end. We carry out within 3 minutes.
  • Moving sideways – we train the hips and buttocks. We put our feet shoulder-width apart, bend our elbows, clench our fists at the level of our ribs. We take 3 large steps to the right, remembering to pull our left leg behind us. Next, bend (strongly) the legs at the knees, jump up and repeat the exercise to the left.
  • Step to the side – we train the press, buttocks and abdomen. We stand up straight, spread our arms to the sides, bend them at the elbows so that our palms look forward. We take a quick step to the side with the right leg, while contracting the abdominal muscles. We touch the right elbow with the left knee, after which we return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise itself 12 times on the side and 12 times on the other.
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  • Monkey – we train the muscles of the press. We grab a strong branch (horizontal bar) with our hands and hang on it. We straighten our arms and slowly raise our knees to the stomach as you inhale (lower as you exhale). We repeat the exercise 12 times.
  • Going forward slowly and calmly raise our hands up, inhaling, and lower them down on exhalation.
  • We fully extend our arms to the sides and at the same time bend at the elbows. Slowly rotate with bent arms forward (12 times) and back (12 times). Next, we straighten our arms and rotate with straight arms in the same way.
  • Clap our hands in front of you at chest level and exhale, then clap behind you (behind your back) and inhale. We repeat 15 times.
  • We put our hands on the belt. We walk for 3 minutes with a cross step, 3 minutes – on toes, 3 minutes – on heels, 3 minutes – on the side of the feet.
  • We stand on a flat surface, bend the right leg at the knee and raise it above the waist. Next, bend the left leg and repeat everything. We repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • Extend your arms forward parallel to the ground. Raise the right leg and, without bending at the knee, we swing to the fingers of the left hand. Next, with a straight left foot, touch the fingers of the right hand. We carry out 10 times.
  • We clench our palms into fists. We beat an invisible opponent with the left hand, sharply turning the body and throwing the hand forward. We do the same with the right hand.
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The workout should be finished. walking or jogging… See: What sneakers to choose for jogging? Be sure to choose an appropriate location before starting your chosen exercises – for example, stadium or sports ground… Of course, a park or a public garden will do, but on condition that there are no broken glass and debris under your feet.

Step-by-step workout on the street – video

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