15 best New Year books for kids

  The best books for children about the New YearOf course, a book is the best gift, and it has remained with them for more than a dozen years. Naturally, the book “under the herringbone” should be about the New Year. And, of course, I want to wrap this gift in beautiful paper and, having tied it with a bow, put it with the rest of the gifts so that the child, nervously rustling with wrapping paper, solemnly opened it on December 31st.

But think how much stronger the feelings associated with the holiday will be if you read this book to your baby 2-3 days before the New Year. After all, it is books (and, perhaps, cartoons with films) that set kids up for a fairy tale and make them anticipate the magic of the holiday …

Your attention – 15 interesting New Year books for children of different ages.

Funny stories about the New Year

Funny stories about the New YearAuthors: Zoshchenko and Dragunsky.

A small but colorful book for younger students and preschoolers, in which you will find three kind, funny and instructive stories about the Puss in Boots, the Christmas Tree and the Enchanted Letter.

This book will definitely become one of the most beloved for your children!

Christmas tree. One hundred years ago

Christmas tree.  One hundred years agoAuthor: Elena Kim.

The colorful edition will be interesting both for children of 8-12 years old and for their parents.

In the book, which is generally dedicated to the Christmas tree holiday in pre-revolutionary Russia, the author has collected not only essays, stories and poems about Christmas and New Year, but also descriptions of various New Year’s crafts and ideas for a merry holiday. There you will also find graceful postcards, Christmas tree decorations and even a carnival mask.

A help book for acquainting a child with the traditions of the main holiday in the country and, of course, for an exciting pastime with the whole family creating herringbone decorations.

Moroz Ivanovich

Moroz IvanovichAuthor: Vladimir Odoevsky.

This work is deservedly recognized as one of the best by the author.

And, although the age of the tale is more than two centuries, it still remains one of the favorite and readable among parents and kids.

Wonderful Doctor

Wonderful DoctorAuthor: Alexander Kuprin.

A piece for teenagers. An amazingly deep, engaging and detailed book that teaches our kids compassion and responsiveness.

No cloying and fashionable “glamor” in the books – only sincerity and Russian sincerity, with which the author instills faith in magic in children.

Plasticine Secrets

Plasticine SecretsNew Year. Posted by Roni Oren.

The author of this book is a professor at the Academy of Arts in Israel and a wonderful artist who teaches kids to think, fantasize, dream and make discoveries.

With the help of this book, you will help your children plunge into the fabulous pre-holiday bustle and teach them how to make funny winter-themed surprises.

Big book of New Year’s crafts

Big book of New Year's craftsAuthors: Khametova, Polyakova and Antyufeeva.

Another great publication for the creative development of children. The holiday does not begin with the chimes, it starts even in preparation for the New Year! And don’t waste your precious “holiday eve” on boring shopping trips – get creative with your little ones!

In this book you will find everything you need for inspiration: bright ideas from professionals, more than a hundred master classes, colorful illustrations with detailed instructions, more than 2 dozen different needlework techniques for children of different ages.

What and how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands?

The true story of Santa Claus

The true story of Santa ClausAuthors: Zhvalevsky and Pasternak.

An ideal gift for a child from 3 to 15 years old!

Children will be happy to plunge into the magic of bright illustrations and surprises that await the reader on the pages of the book – here you can stumble upon an old postcard, a calendar, and even the pages of a magazine that was published before the revolution.

Undoubtedly, children will also like the story of the adventures of the country’s main old man.

Let’s not hide, mothers and fathers will also be delighted, who will undoubtedly appreciate this wonderful book with secrets.

New Year’s tales

New Year's talesAuthors: Plyatskovsky, Suteev, Chukovsky and Uspensky.

A wonderful collection of your favorite New Year’s works from famous writers. Do you want to “splash magic” into the childhood of your child? Be sure to read this book before the New Year.

In the collection you will find good old tales about Morozko, Yolka, Prostokvashino, etc.

Adventures of Christmas toys

Adventures of Christmas toysAuthor: Elena Rakitina.

A fun, mood-setting book for children 12 and older.

On New Year’s Eve, magic, as you know, lurks almost everywhere. Children and adults are looking for it in patterns on glass, in the creak of snow under the soles of boots, in the scent of pine needles and tangerines, in fragile Christmas tree decorations, which, with a sinking heart, you take out of the box that has been gathering dust on the mezzanine for a whole year.

And then suddenly these Christmas tree decorations … begin to come to life.

Let’s explore the secret life of the Christmas tree together with the author!

Big New Year’s book

Big New Year's bookAuthors: Oster, Uspensky, Marshak, etc.

An adorable collection of favorite New Year’s stories for toddlers and younger students.

Here you will find 12 months and a fairy tale about a Snowman, famous stories about Winter in Prostokvashino, about New Year’s cake and about a Christmas tree, and other fairy tales of Russian writers.

We create the mood in advance! Read – strictly before the New Year.

Happy New Year, Shmyak!

Happy New Year, Shmyak!Posted by Rob Scott.

A piece for all fans of Scotton’s adorable fuzzies (and not just fans!).

A New Year’s story from the famous series of books about Shmyak’s kitten – about friendship, about love, about the main values ​​in life.

The language of the book is simple – a child who has mastered reading will easily read it himself.

Magic sled

Magic sledPosted by Cynthia and Brian Paterson.

A wonderful book from a series of fairy tales from English writers is perfect for a gift for a kid over 5 years old.

The colorful illustrations for the book were created by one of the authors, and the story of a fairy-tale country has already conquered more than one thousand children. Here you will find touching and instructive stories from the life of the funny inhabitants of the Fox Forest.

A warm, kind, surprisingly cozy book that will definitely not leave indifferent any child’s heart.

Twelve months

Twelve monthsAuthor: Samuil Marshak.

Is the New Year possible for children without this good old fairy tale? Of course not! If your child has not yet heard this touching story about a girl with snowdrops, urgently buy a book!

It will be good for both toddlers and younger students. And the effect can be fixed with a great Soviet cartoon.

If we wake up People in our children, then only with such works.

Enko the bear saves the New Year

Enko the bear saves the New YearAuthors: Yasnov and Akhmanov.

Age: 5+.

A small polar bear cub with a strange name Enko lives in a zoo, run by a real fairy. It is she who will amaze the inhabitants of the zoo that there will be no New Year …

A magical winter tale from Petersburg authors is an excellent book for a children’s library.

Where does Santa Claus live?

Where does Santa Claus live?Author: Thierry Dedier.

Once the kids made a cute snowman with buttons instead of eyes and affectionately named him Button.

Pugovka turned out to be not only cute and smart, but also very kind – he decided to congratulate Santa Claus on the New Year … Well, who else will congratulate this kind old man with a red nose?

A wonderful fairy tale from a French author for kids from 3 years old. Gorgeous illustrations belong to the “brush” of the author! website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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