20 most beautiful tattoos for girls and their meaning

Every girl at least once in her life thought about putting a tattoo on her body. Naturally, not every female person is able to immediately decide on this serious step – you should seriously consider your decision, weighing each “pros and cons”. In the meantime, you are thinking, we will tell you about tattoos, which today are the most popular among the weak half of humanity. So, 20 tattoo options and their meaning.

A cute bird on the wrist or a whole flock of birds on the collarbones is probably one of the most popular tattoo designs among modern girls. These cute tattoos are popular because of their meaning.

Birds are associated with the element of air, freedom and are a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The bird has become the personification of the spiritual desire for perfection.


Lily is one of the most common ancient symbols of the world. Lily personifies purity, glory, nobility and innocence. Girls filling a lily (according to the prevailing opinion) attract youth and wealth. This tattoo can also be interpreted as tenderness, fragility.

However, the meaning of the tattoo may vary depending on what color it is made in.

So, a yellow lily will denote pride and arrogance, white – innocence, pink – youth, and tiger – eccentricity.


A tattoo depicting a dragon on a woman’s body most often denotes wealth and mystery, wisdom and longevity, strength, but this depends on the method of tattooing and the type of dragon. The dragon, depicted with five legs, will mean a short life, so you should not fill such a tattoo.

In general terms, the dragon is neither good nor bad, but it has been popular for centuries and girls continue to stuff it.

One thing is for sure – the dragon simultaneously personifies all the elements – heaven, earth, water and air.

the Dragon

This tattoo is the personification of lightness, trepidation and tenderness. A tattoo depicting such a bird is considered a symbol of joy and universal love. Also, this tattoo means the energy, strength and well-being of its owner.

This tattoo is perfect for young and motivated girls who want to decorate their bodies with a beautiful and attractive image of a bird that radiates positive.


Everyone associates a cake with a holiday, so a girl who has a tattoo in the form of a cake on her body is considered to be a holiday girl. If there is a cherry on top of the cake, then this means that the girl loves to be the center of attention.

Such a bright tattoo can most often be seen on girls who lead an active lifestyle, love fun and never sit still.


Octopuses are most often depicted by men, personifying their love for the sea, however, this symbol is also very popular among girls.

In ancient times, people believed that the octopus saved sailors from death.

In the modern interpretation, octopus means eternity, longevity and striving forward.

The octopus is wisdom and knowledge, so this sea creature will be a great companion for a girl.


  • Sea Horse

A very mysterious inhabitant of the underwater world. This is a good sign that embodies dedication and success in your endeavors. It is believed that a tattoo depicting this “beast” can help in overcoming all life’s barriers and problems.

Most often, this tattoo is stuffed by creative natures who dream of discovering something new in themselves.

sea ​​Horse

Initially, the anchor tattoo was only tattooed by pirates in order to recognize each other. The anchor denotes a constant connection with big water, so people living near the sea can safely fill this tattoo for themselves as a talisman.

There are many different versions of the anchor, so each design can tell something different about a person. It is important to know that the vertical rod stands for yang (masculine energy), and the crescent for the feminine principle (yin), so this symbol will also bring harmony to your personal life.


In China, the fox is considered a symbol of longevity, therefore, this meaning is often embedded in the tattoo being stuffed.

The white fox is a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Also, a fox tattoo can contribute to the development of your own talents.

This tattoo can increase your ability to work and perseverance, as well as help develop your latent abilities.


A tattoo depicting this deep-sea dweller is a symbol of happiness, fertility, abundance, health and wisdom. In Japan, this fish signifies courage, endurance, and vitality.

Most often, swordfish are stuffed by self-confident people who dream of unleashing their potential.


In the modern interpretation, an owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom, joy, higher intelligence. The owl is also a symbol of loneliness, so most likely its owner is rather melancholy and withdrawn in himself.

Today, an owl tattoo is a powerful and reliable amulet.


One of the most popular and widespread tattoo designs. At all times, the wolf was idolized and feared at the same time, but it should be mentioned that this tattoo can have a very powerful energy.

If a girl is frivolous, then she should not stuff the wolf, since the she-wolf is monogamous, and with the loss of her partner, her whole life is devoted to revenge.

On the other hand, a wolf tattoo is nobility and wisdom.

In general, before getting this tattoo, it is better to think about this decision several times.


The ship has always been a symbol of wandering and travel. Most often, the ships were portrayed by sailors, so that even on land they would remember the sea, however, among ordinary women, many carriers of this tattoo also appeared.

The ship is a symbol of prosperity and the desire for change. Most often, ships (especially sailing ones) are chosen by creative individuals who are constantly looking for inspiration.


The image of a feather is a symbol of lightness, weightlessness and love of freedom. And also inspiration!

Such an image on the body emphasizes femininity and at the same time the inner strength stored inside each girl. The owner of a feather on her body undoubtedly attracts attention.

Most often, a feather is stuffed with only one color, but a combination of different colors or an image, for example, of a peacock feather, also looks impressive.

Since the pen is also associated with writers, it is the drawing of the pen that is often applied to their bodies by creative people.


This is a drawing that can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand, it is a symbol of perpetual motion, on the other hand, a reminder of the inevitable end. If you are not afraid of death, then you do not need to be afraid of a tattoo reminiscent of the transience of life.

Many people stuff their watches with a certain time on them in order to remember some important event in their life.

One thing is clear for sure – this tattoo carries a very big meaning, so not every girl dares to fill it herself.


This hooligan image is popular among both young people and young women. For girls, this is a symbol of insolence, independence.

Most often these are girls who want to go against the system, do not obey the rules and want to live free from stereotypes.

A tattoo in the form of a pistol goes well with some inscriptions and flowers that are important to you, but if you stuff a pistol with a rose, then in some circles it means “blood for treason”.


Among girls, a star tattoo is in great demand. It may be one small star behind the ear, or it may be a whole constellation on the lower back – it all depends on the owner herself.

The star personifies inaccessibility, mystery, and this symbol has nothing to do with any particular religion or nationality.

This tattoo helps creative people in their business, as well as in achieving success.


The image of the crown on the body is a dream of everyone’s attention. Most often, such tattoos speak of a person’s high position in society.

The crown symbolizes good luck and divinity.

Such a tattoo can be found quite rarely, however, if you met a girl with this tattoo, then you can safely assume that she is confident in herself and knows what she wants from her own life.


This tattoo attracts the most attention. Lightness, freedom and complete spiritual freedom – this is what the tattoo in the form of wings behind the back symbolizes.

Girls who fill such a tattoo usually have inexhaustible energy and are able to turn the whole world upside down.

Wings are the pursuit of excellence, and such a tattoo will help in achieving this goal.


The compass is one of the oldest tattoos that have magical properties. It is believed that this tattoo allows you to find your life path and not get lost in life. The compass is a symbol of certainty and balance.

For girls, this tattoo also means devotion and loyalty not only to a partner, but also to their life.
If you dream of a “mascot” “helper”, then this tattoo is especially for you.


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