4 best eyeliners

The most durable eyelinerIt is not for nothing that the eyes are called the mirror of the soul, because with the help of various cosmetics they can be made more expressive. For the eyes, there are many tools: shadows, pencils and mascara … But in order to emphasize the spectacular look, it is recommended to use eyeliner.

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A lot of such cosmetics are produced today. They are divided into 4 types – these are gel and liquid eyeliners, as well as in the form of pencils and markers, so that every girl can choose the most convenient option for herself.

Here’s our independent ranking of the best long-lasting eyeliners – one from each variety.

Long-wearing gel eyeliner

Please note that the assessment of funds is subjective and may not coincide with your opinion.

The rating was compiled by the editors of the magazine

Tony Moly: “Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner”

Gel eyeliner from Korean manufacturers rightfully occupies one of the leading places in the cosmetic market. And there are reasons for this: it does not smudge, it adheres perfectly to the eyelids and dries quickly. You can be sure that this product will not wash off in the rain and will last for a long time, more than a day.

Tony Moly: "Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner"

With this eyeliner, you can easily make any arrows – both thick and thin. The gel substance is placed in a convenient plastic bottle, has a dense structure and is consumed quite sparingly. And thanks to the moisturizing composition, the eyeliner does not dry out the skin.

Cons: for many girls, the brush may seem unnecessarily stiff and long.

Catrice: “Liquid Liner Waterproof”

If you are accustomed to liquid eyeliner, we recommend that you pay attention to a cosmetic product from German manufacturers. This is a waterproof eyeliner that comes in black and gray and is gently applied to the eyes.

Liquid eyeliner Catrice: "Liquid Liner Waterproof"

The composition of this tool makes it easy to draw arrows that last for a very long time and do not wear off. The colors of the eyeliner are very rich and long-lasting, you can be sure that your makeup will not run or smudge.

Plus – a nice compact package with a long handy brush, which allows you to draw an arrow quickly, gracefully and without much difficulty.

Cons: the bottle is small enough, so the eyeliner is consumed quickly.

Bourjois: “Liner Feutre”

Another excellent cosmetic for make-up is a pencil liner from French manufacturers. It fits evenly on the eyelids and does not crack – and thanks to the absence of a brush, it allows you to make arrows of any thickness.

Bourjois Liner Pencil: "Liner Feutre"

The tip of the pencil is very soft, long and elastic, as a result of which you can easily apply the product on the eyelids the first time without irritating the eyes.

The main advantage of this eyeliner is that it fits perfectly and evenly, with one movement of the hand, and dries instantly. Plus – a convenient thin package in the form of a pencil, which is very comfortable for hands and fingers.

Cons: if exposed to heavy rain, water resistance may be compromised.

Miss Tais: “Long-Lasting Quick Eye Styler”

This felt-tip eyeliner from Czech manufacturers is considered the best of this type of product. Its peculiarity is in a hypoallergenic composition, making it suitable for sensitive eyes.

Miss Tais: "Long-Lasting Quick Eye Styler"

It has a very delicate creamy structure that allows the product to be easily applied to the eyelids. A smooth, beautiful line can be drawn with one movement – this is so easy to use this eyeliner-felt-tip pen.

It does not wash off for a long time, lays down in a thin and even layer, and is available in four different colors – black, brown, gray and green, which allows you to choose the option you need.

Cons: very persistent, it cannot be washed off with water, only with a make-up remover.

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