7 fascinating foreign TV series about women detectives

Detective series about womenThe best foreign TV series about female detectives will delight lovers of sharp exciting stories who like to reflect and analyze while looking at the TV screen. Classic plots with chases, pursuits and murders will be a real discovery for everyone who was fond of E. Poirot and Miss Marple in their youth.

Women detectives, presented in foreign detective series, are always smart and quick-witted, fast, impetuous, they are not worried about everyday problems, they are completely devoted to their detective activities.

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Murder (2007)

The American TV series starring Mireille Inos is a powerful crime thriller that quickly became a cult classic.

Murder (2007)

The actress received a Golden Globe Award for her performance as Sarah Linden. She is an example of humanity and sacrifice, judgment and intelligence. Her attractiveness, without any additions in the form of cosmetics and hairstyles, does not interfere with solving even the most complex murders.

Collapse (2013)

The English version of the classic detective series is the series Crash.

Collapse (2013)

Gillian Anderson plays the female detective Stella Gibson. Cold-blooded and elegant, she does everything to shock and surprise not only criminals, but also the audience. Shows unfading professionalism and resembles a cold-blooded hound, not a blonde with expressive eyes.

Bridge (2011)

The Swedish TV series starring Sophia Helen tells the story of a female detective with autistic elements, which does not prevent her from becoming a highly qualified investigator for special cases.

Bridge (2011)

Her acting is inimitable and unrecognizable to the smallest detail, and the image of the blonde investigator loses its stereotype.

Lady Detective Miss Fine Fisher (2012)

Australia presents its version of the “woman’s hand” in homicide investigations. Miss Fine Fisher Lady Detective is the perfect detective film for women.

Lady Detective Miss Phryne Fisher (2012)

The main character, played by Essie Davis, is an example of femininity. Thunderstorm of Melbourne criminals, she is ready to steal other people’s hearts every moment.

Modern chic outfits and versatile driving skills make her look unique. She is confident and fair, courageous and sexy.

Castle (2009-2016)

The American adventure detective is based on the confrontation between a female detective from the New York Police Department and a detective writer who helps investigations.

Castle (2009-2016)

Gradually interrogations and vicissitudes develop into sympathy, and even more. The writer turns Kate Beckett into the main character of his novels.

A detective story set with humor and an unusual approach looks a breeze.

Top of the lake (2013)

Co-operative television drama, produced in the UK, USA and New Zealand, starring Elisabeth Moss.

Top of the lake (2013)

The detective investigation revolves around the topic of child abuse. Matters of growing up and morality are raised in the series, along with social justice and the identification of true criminals.

A 12-year-old girl goes missing, but it turns out that she is expecting a child. Collisions with evil embodied in human behavior and with Ancient Evil living in secluded areas are intertwined into one whole.

Policewoman Robin Griffin is forced to face her own past as well.

Those who kill (2014)

Remake of the Scandinavian series about a female detective.

Chloe Sevigny plays a single mother who is forced to take up the investigation of the kidnapping. She is assisted by a forensic psychologist, intellectual and handsome, performed by J. Darcy.

Those who kill (2014)

A deafening and original series in which the female share is presented with amazing power and tragedy.

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