How to mask nasolabial folds with makeup?

The nasolabial fold is a cosmetic defect that sooner or later every woman faces. To eliminate the folds from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips, many resort to surgery or “beauty injections.” However, there are methods to hide it with makeup! This article is devoted to them.

Hide nasolabial fold with makeup

1. The right choice of foundation

Make sure your foundation is perfect for your skin type. Such a tool can only be found by trial and error. Why is texture so important? Everything is very simple. If the cream rolls into wrinkles, it will accentuate the nasolabial folds even more. It is desirable that the cream last for at least 8 hours. Use loose powder to set the foundation.

2. Technique of applying concealer

Concealer can help mask wrinkles when applied correctly. Makeup artists recommend working out the wrinkles along the length, as well as highlighting the area from the nasolabial triangle to the earlobes. The concealer should be shaded thoroughly and a little bronzer should be applied over the highlighted area.

Important to rememberthat concealer is applied over foundation.

3. Grout for pores

Masking the nasolabial folds will help the means used to mask enlarged pores. These products are applied after the make-up base. The fold is carefully worked out with grout, after which you can apply foundation and powder.

Pore ​​grout

4. Shade of lipstick

Choosing a lip shade when masking nasolabial folds is very important. Too dark or too bright lipstick will draw attention to wrinkles and make the shadows more pronounced in the problem area. The ideal option would be a neutral lipstick in a dusty shade.

5. “Uplink” lines

In your makeup, there should be as much as possible going up the lines. We are talking about arrows that should look up, curled eyelashes, as well as blush, which should be applied not to the apples of the cheeks, but diagonally, from the middle of the cheek to the temples. Downward lines will accentuate the nasolabial folds and make them more visible.

6. Technique of applying blush

A special technique of applying blush will help to visually hide small folds: they should be applied from the bottom of the cheek in a small arc, which begins near the wings of the nose and ends in the area of ​​the earlobe. That is, the blush should, as it were, frame your cheek.

7. Thorough shading

Make-up in the presence of nasolabial folds should be shaded as carefully as possible. A conspicuous concealer and bronzer will make cosmetic imperfections visible to those around you.

Makeup remove the nasolabial fold

All the techniques described above can be used simultaneously: this will help you create your own makeup technique, which will allow you to postpone the visit to the beautician and make the nasolabial folds almost invisible.

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