7 interesting fashion bloggers on YouTube to watch out for

Any skill comes with experience. When he is not there, help from a friend is needed. You can find your fashion mentor on YouTube. Professional bloggers regularly post educational videos on fashion topics. These girls have an impeccable sense of style and also know all about the ever-changing fashion. Millions of fashionistas draw inspiration from these 7 profiles every day.

Margarita Muradova is an adequate stylist on the other side of the screen

Margarita, a professional in her field, has been running a fashion channel since 2009. At one time, she founded the popular style school known as the “Stylist”. About 500 thousand of Rita’s fans are already well versed in fashion science.

Margarita Muradova

Muradova devotes broadcasts to current topics:

  • overview of basic wardrobes;
  • choice of clothes by type of figure;
  • selection of the right underwear;
  • fashion news;
  • ideas for stylish outfits for each season;
  • mistakes of fashionistas;
  • practical advice.

Margarita Muradova2

Rita’s sensitive and original taste helps to find oneself in the endless ocean of styles. She explains the nuances of the female image in an accessible and understandable way. With her advice, girls conquer not only guys, but also fashion catwalks.

Keep the rhythm with Maria Kryukova

Creative fashion blogger MARIA 22 is popular with 1 million subscribers. In her video reviews, Masha focuses on choosing the right clothes. In the section “Mistakes in Style”, the girl tells and clearly shows how things behave on different silhouettes.

Maria Kryukova

In her profile, fashionistas will also find helpful tips on:

  • hairstyles;
  • make-up;
  • body and face care;
  • the interior of the house;
  • cooking;
  • psychology of relationships.

Maria Kryukova

Since Maria travels a lot, she helps her users discover another world. In her company, women of fashion will feel confident and learn the secrets of luxury life.

A story of elegance with Alena Vorontsova

Professional image maker in the fashion industry has been working since 2013. The girl’s ardent love for fashion prompted her to open her own YouTube channel.

Alena Vorontsova

Here she conducts personal consultations on:

  • style;
  • color combinations;
  • makeup;
  • drawing up functional wardrobes.

Alena Vorontsova2

Alena explains everything in an accessible form. She offers deluxe must-haves for every season. In addition, Vorontsova’s stylist gives practical advice on makeup for individual looks.

Important! On Nastya’s channel, girls will see how expensive it is to dress, while paying a paltry price. They will also figure out what to do to avoid looking cheap.

Successful shopping with Daria Kamalova

The girls enjoy shopping especially. But when they come home, many of them are disappointed. There are a lot of things, but nothing to put on, because the new products do not fit into the “old” wardrobe. Fashion blogger Daria is in a hurry to help fashionistas.

Daria Kamalova

On live broadcasts, she covers:

Daria Kamalova2

In parallel with these videos, she uploads her travels, as well as important life events. Kamalova shares her impressions, as well as reasoning about relationships, psychology.

Important! A successful blogger regularly publishes a series of purchases in expensive boutiques and mass markets on the channel of a successful blogger.

Be in trend with Alina Charova

A talented beauty is always aware of the latest innovations in the fashion industry. Alina knows what is out of fashion and how to stay stylish with her basic wardrobe.

Alina Charovaya

In the video collection of the Charm Fashionista, you will find reviews:

  • best and worst celebrity outfits;
  • trends of the season at the sales of famous brands;
  • fashion shows of famous couturiers;
  • original bows from high society.

Alina Charovaya2

The stylist blogger is constantly sharing her research. She observes and evaluates celebrity styles, drawing relevant conclusions.

Important! Practicality, relevance and expediency determine Alina’s sense of style.

Style is more important than fashion – Elena Galant’s credo

The founder of one of the popular Runet blogs, Lena Galant, is especially popular. Fans appreciate her for her unconventional approach to fashion. Very often Elena analyzes the style icons of the past generations.

Elena Galant

There are dozens of reviews on her profile:

Elena Galant2

Ms. Garant is very fond of looking at celebrity outfits that are worthy of imitation. She sometimes lists must-haves for modern things.

Important! Fashion blogger Elena periodically travels with her family. You can always watch her European tour on the YouTube channel.

Open the world of style with Nastya Cranberry

The successful blogger Nastya offers to look at things and style from the other side. In her profile, she tells what inspires her personally. Each video is replete with practical tips and suitable lookbooks.

Nastya Cranberry

Nastya’s Cranberry channel has many guides on how to choose the right one:

  • Underwear;
  • tights;
  • stylish outfit for the holiday.

Nastya Cranberry2

Anastasia always reviews trends on time and suggests top things to wear in the upcoming season. In addition, the fashionista constantly demonstrates her purchases made on American sites, Aliexpress and Juma.
A detailed description of 7 fashion profiles on YouTube will help you find your fashion guru. Every blogger has an exclusive sense of style and presentation. Therefore, choosing a teacher to your liking will not be difficult.

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