Alena Khmelnitskaya’s beauty secrets – the main accents

The famous actress of Soviet and Russian cinema grew up in a creative environment. Since childhood, the beauty took an example from her mother, the choreographer of the Lenkom theater, Valentina Savina. Alena’s beauty secrets are simple and accessible. From the age of 13, the star monitors nutrition, thinks over his own style of clothing, leads a physically active lifestyle and shares all this with his fans.

Happy women are the most beautiful

In 2012, after 20 years of marriage, Alena Khmelnitskaya broke up with her husband, director Tigran Keosayan. The second daughter of celebrities is only 2 years old. There were no loud statements or scandalous details.

Alena Khmelnitskaya’s life has changed. But friends and fans noticed that change suits her.“Glitter in the eyes and a positive attitude transform a woman’s face,” said the famous beauty. Belief in the best and the ability to steadfastly overcome difficulties are character traits that help the actress to maintain a youthful spirit and beauty of a body.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Two years later, the actress again fell in love with a person not from a creative environment. Businessman Alexander Sinyushin is 12 years younger than Alena. Their relationship continues to this day.

Active mom

The actress gave birth to her daughter Ksenia at the age of 39. During pregnancy, Alena gained 18 kg. The first years after giving birth, the young mother tried to regain her perfect shape, exhausting herself:

  • strict diets;
  • jogging with a high incline;
  • exercises for different muscle groups.

The result was, but the feeling of fatigue did not leave. There were mood swings. Then Alena decided that she was not ready to sacrifice her personal life, communication with her daughter for the sake of a ghostly ideal.

The actress began to devote more time to her little daughter. The child’s irrepressible energy and desire to conform made him lead an active lifestyle. Alena discovered yoga and achieved impressive results.

Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughter


Sometimes the actress shares her skin care secrets. Alena has repeatedly emphasized that she will always find time to visit a professional cosmetologist.

Guarding the beauty of Khmelnytsky:

According to the beauty, botulinum therapy (botox) is not suitable for her. For the actress, facial expressions are important, which is impossible with regular injections.

Plastic surgeon Ivan Preobrazhensky suggested that recently the actress could have done lower blepharoplasty. Her eyes have become a little larger, the folds of the upper eyelid are gone. It is possible that the contour correction was performed with fillers. Alena Khmelnitskaya does not give any comments on this matter.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Balanced diet

With a height of 173 cm, the beauty considers her ideal weight to be 63 kg. Once Alena Khmelnitskaya weighed 54 kg, as she followed a strict diet. Today, looking at these photos, the actress calls herself “Gibus” and smiles.

For the past 10 years, the star has been following a diet based on blood tests. Based on the results of the study, the nutritionist selects a set of permitted and prohibited foods. Alena’s diet will never combine cheese with cereals or meat with potatoes. They can be eaten individually or on different days.

According to the star, she drinks about 4 liters of water a day. Alena Khmelnitskaya does not drink carbonated water, and considers packaged juices to be poison. The sugar and preservatives in these drinks are responsible for many diseases.

14 days without salt and sugar – Japanese diet

If an actress needs to get in shape quickly before an important event, she turns to the Japanese diet. For 2 weeks Alena eats according to a strict scheme developed by oriental nutritionists.

japanese diet

The diet consists of:

  • eggs;
  • meat;
  • fishes;
  • a limited amount of vegetables and fruits.

Yulia Gubanova, a nutritionist and member of the Russian Union of Nutritionists and Nutritionists, believes that the secret of the success of any diet is that a change in diet does not cause negative emotions.

On the Japanese diet, the use of sugar and salt in any form is strictly prohibited. Many people cannot stand 14 days because they experience severe hunger and stress. Food control for Alena Khmelnitskaya has long become a way of life, so she does not feel discomfort.

Alena Khmelnitskaya maintains an Instagram page. The actress shares important events in her career and personal life. In addition to creativity, a happy woman is engaged in charity work and raising her daughters. With her beloved person and children, the beauty travels around the world, not forgetting to delight viewers with new roles and projects on television.

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