10 cruel truths for women from Irina Khakamada

Irina Khakamada is a well-known politician, public figure and TV presenter. She has repeatedly given in the media quite contradictory and controversial statements on the topic of human psychology.

The Colady editors present you 10 cruel truths for women from Irina Khakamada. Don’t forget to give your opinion about them in the comments!

10 cruel truths for women from Irina Khakamada
Photo @irina_hakamada
  1. If you want to win, you must submit your loss.

According to one samurai principle, in mortal combat, the samurai who is already dead wins. Therefore, if you want to win, you must imagine the worst case for yourself, that is, your loss.

Visualize your failure and think about every step you take after it. After that, mentally rewind the temporary tape and return to the present. Now it is easier for you to go to your goal!

  1. When you start making excuses, you dance to the tune of the manipulator.

In one of her interviews Irina Khakamada said: “When they tell me that I am a fool, I agree and continue to do what I have to. Never prove anything to anyone! “

If you have an inner need to prove something to someone, then you need to ask yourself the question: “And why?”. To convince a person of anything is a thankless and very energy-consuming task.

  1. Realize that no one will ever make you happy.

This is an appeal to all women who are waiting for a prince on a white horse. So, my dears, it does not exist in nature! Do you want to be happy? So become! But only with the help of yourself-beloved, and not with the help of someone. And remember, no man can make an unhappy woman happy. He can make her a little less unhappy.

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10 cruel truths for women from Irina Khakamada
Photo @irina_hakamada
  1. To be happy, a woman should enjoy not the result, but the process.

This is the classic rule of a happy woman – learning to get high in the here and now. Those who accept it will be able to achieve success in all spheres of life, both in love and in a career.

  1. To be interesting to men, a woman must be able to combine feminine and masculine qualities.

A woman who stops a galloping horse and enters a hot hut will not be able to interest a worthy man in the modern world. The same can be said about absolutely feminine and sophisticated natures.

Men today value resourceful women. Which ones? And those who know how to adapt to circumstances. Today she is weak and gentle, and tomorrow she is ambitious and daring. Be unpredictable! Then men will begin to pull towards you like a magnet.

  1. A strong woman always develops

It is impossible to prepare for everything in the world, but does this mean that there is no point in developing? Read, learn new information every day. Develop your intelligence. Who knows what you might want to do tomorrow. Start learning new things today, and you will understand how much amazing there is in this world.

  1. Only a woman who knows how to pretend to be a fool can successfully marry

A woman’s strength lies in her weakness. Do you disagree? Then why are the “strong and independent” often lonely? Irina Khakamada does not urge women to become fools! She talks about the need to pretend to be such. Otherwise, men will not feel needed and important next to you.

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Photo @irina_hakamada
  1. Money is not the main thing

Forbid yourself thoughts “I will have nothing to live for”, “I will lose my job and die of hunger”, “I have nothing to pay rent,” etc. Learn to think about money ONLY IN A POSITIVE KEY. Otherwise, they will never appear in your life.

  1. Fate is like a lion, if you are afraid of it, it will attack, and if not, it will turn anywhere

You should not dwell on the purpose, destiny and value of your life. It is sometimes helpful to “turn off” your head and go with the flow, especially if you are at a standstill and do not know which direction to go. The main thing is never to be afraid of anything! Forbid yourself to be afraid. Work with your mind.

  1. High-quality work on oneself begins with the experience of great grief.

A person living a happy, carefree life will never achieve true intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. Why? He doesn’t need it! He has no motivation for this. Whether it is those who have been at the very bottom … Only in moments of absolute despair people are able to know themselves.

Therefore, when you feel bad, so that you want to howl like a wolf, mentally turn to yourself, asking the question: “What am I, complete zero? Loser? Am I going to live my life like this? ” Everything will change when you find the strength to push off the bottom in order to rise to the top.

What do you think about these truths of Irina Khakamada? Share your opinion in the comments!

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