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Baby high chairs - which one to chooseThe modern range of highchairs is huge. As well as the price range: from a thousand rubles and up to an almost unlimited upper limit. As for the most expensive chairs, their versatility will soon be comparable to spacecraft. True, the more functions a chair has, the more it weighs, and the more it takes up space. That is, it will not be possible to fit such a miracle into several squares of the kitchen. Which companies’ chairs are chosen by modern parents?

– Plastic chairs are not very comfortable. And their height rarely coincides with the height of the dining table. I think Geoby is the best option. It was perfect for us.

– I liked Peg Perego the most. You can even rock your child in this chair. The perfect thing, with a bunch of useful features. Practical, convenient and useful. The price is generally acceptable. And, what is important, it will serve until the school itself.

– The first child took an ordinary wooden transformer. The grandmother and grandfather gave the second daughter Chico Polly Magic. Simply space! A bomb, not a chair! There are a huge number of functions. The daughter sleeps, feeds, and plays in it. Now I don’t even want any other chair.

– Chikko Polly is definitely the best! The backrest can be lowered completely horizontally. While the son was little, the table was not even used – they simply fastened the child with belts. When he began to sit, they began to feed in the same place. Now his son is almost two years old, so he eats there and plays. The chair washes wonderfully, it rolls on wheels from room to room – it’s convenient. Very satisfied. The only negative is the size. Of course, it will not work for a tiny kitchenette.

– Bought Bloom’s daughter. Only emotions! I do not regret that the money was spent. The chair is really worth it. The daughter in it, as in a cradle, has settled from two weeks. It was very comfortable to sleep. And she didn’t cry – she could see my mother. The docha sat down a bit late, but thanks to several positions of the back, they fed them without problems. The straps are very comfortable, two different tables. A huge plus is the height adjustment. The quality is excellent – I think it will last until school, or even longer.

– We bought Peg Perego Tatamiya, we are very satisfied. The seat is easy to clean, the table top is removable. By the way, the table surface is double, convenient. The backrest is adjusted with a slight movement of the hand, the chair itself can be easily rolled throughout the apartment. We didn’t use the swing – it didn’t come in handy somehow. Overall a great chair.

– We bought an IKEA highchair. Perhaps its main drawback is that it is too simple. And the legs are set wide apart, which makes the chair take up a lot of space. In terms of “price-quality” – an ideal option. For feeding, anyway.))

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