Darker or lighter lipstick can be made with some clever tricks.

How to make matte lipstick darkerThere is no easier way to add variety to your look than changing your lipstick. And, if you like frequent changes, you don’t have to sweep all kinds of lip products off the shelves. After all, using several methods, you can make your lipstick lighter or darker!

How to make lipstick darker – 2 ways

There are several ways to make your lipstick darker in color. As a result of applying the first one, you will get a ready-made shade directly on the lips, and by resorting to the second, you first mix the desired color and only then apply it to the lips.

1. Dark backing

Before applying lipstick, create a dark layer on your lips with brown or black eyeliner, or even lip if you can find a similar shade. Applying lipstick over this layer will create a darker color.

How to apply the undercoat:

  • To begin with, outline the lips along the contour. In this case, it is better not to play for him.
  • Use a pencil to shade the space inside the outline.
  • Feather the shading, get an even dark layer.
  • And only then boldly apply lipstick. Better in one, maximum two layers, otherwise you will not get the darkening effect.

How to make lipstick darker

By the way, with the help of a dark substrate you can achieve light ombre effect… To do this, do not paint over the center of the lips, but make a smooth color transition from the contour of the lips to their center: just blend the pencil from the edges to the middle.

Ombre technique

2. Mixing on the palette

Do not be intimidated by the word “palette”, because even the back of your hand can serve it:

  • Using a spatula, pry off a small piece of the sharp tip of brown or black eyeliner, and then pry off a small piece of lipstick in the same way. Place the “ingredients” on the palette.
  • Knead the pencil with a lip brush and mix it with lipstick until smooth.
  • Use the same brush to apply lipstick to your lips.

This method is a little more complicated and painstaking than the first, but its plus is that you know in advance what shade you will get on your lips, in contrast to the first method.

How to make lipstick lighter – 2 ways

As in the case of darkening, there are also two ways here: direct application to the lips, first the liner, and then lipstick, or premixing on the palette. The only difference is that other components are used for clarification.

1. Tinted lips

When applying foundation on your face, don’t go around your lips either. However, make the layer thin, weightless. You can also use concealer instead of tone.

  • Use a patting motion to apply the product to your lips. Let it sit for a minute.Tinting lips with concealer
  • Apply a thin layer of lipstick over concealer or tone. Better to apply it with a brush, because this way you can better adjust the brightness.

If you have a light colored eyeliner, for example, a beige kayal for working out the mucous membrane, of course it is better to resort to it, since this way you can outline the contour on the lips.

2. Premixing

Similar to darkening, mix concealer, tone or light pencil with lipstick in the right proportions and you will have a new, lighter shade of lipstick.

Pay attention to the texture of your lipstick: the oily and oily ones are best mixed with beige eyeliner, as they are closer in consistency. In this case, the new shade will be more uniform.

Feel free to mix cream or liquid lipsticks with liquid foundation.

Applying lipstick in a minimal amount will brighten the tone

This is more true for liquid matte lipsticks. If you want it to look lighter on the skin, simply stretch a minimal amount of the product over the entire area of ​​the lips with a brush.

How to lighten your lipstick tone

The main thingso that the lipstick lies evenly, so work on the entire area carefully.

Two lipsticks of the same line, different in tone, will allow you to make a lighter or darker tone

A universal way to adjust the brightness of your lipstick is to buy two shades from the same line, light and dark.

Very importantso that the lipsticks are of the same brand and from the same series, because it is in this case that mixing will allow you to get a uniform shade with any ratio of light and dark components.

In addition, the following should be considered:

  1. The shades must be the same “temperature”. You choose it based on your own color type. For example, if you take peach as a light shade, then take brown with a terracotta undertone as a dark one. If you have a cold pink shade of light, then take, for example, a wine-red version as a dark one.
  2. It is better to mix two lipsticks on a palette to prevent “contamination” of one shade with another. This is especially true for creamy lipsticks with an applicator, which will transfer dirt to another tube.
  3. With the help of two lipsticks of the same line, you can not only change the brightness of your lip makeup, but also easily create an ombre effect in order to visually make your lips more plump.

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