8 best dishwashing detergents 2021 according to reviews of Russian hostesses

Like most families, you probably have a bottle of dishwashing detergent in your kitchen. Do you want to know which dishwashing detergent is most popular with housewives, and what they generally think about dishwashing detergents offered on our market?

COLADY will tell you which detergents were recognized as the best in 2021 by Russian housewives.

8 best dishwashing detergents 2021 - rating of detergents according to reviews of housewives
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  • Means for dishes Myth and Fairy from Procter & Gamble

Widespread detergents for dishes of the international concern Procter & Gamble – such as “Myth” and “Fairy”.
Manufacturers offer them with a variety of fragrances. For example, with the smell of lemon, orange, berries, apple. In a wide range of kitchen utensils, you can find those that have added vitamin E, chamomile extract to protect your hands.

Fairy is the best detergent of 2021 according to the reviews of Russian hostesses.

  • Detergent for dishes Frosch from Werner & Mertz GmbH

The German company Werner & Mertz GmbH – the manufacturer of the famous dishwashing detergent “Frosch” – offers lemon and pomegranate balsams that dissolve grease and remove dirt using fat solvents obtained from the outer shell of lemon and pomegranate extract.

Aloe Vera takes care of the skin of the hands. The constituents of this dish detergent are from 5 to 15% of anionic surfactants, ampholytic surfactants and less than 5% of non-ionic surfactants.
But, according to consumers, the consumption of funds is minimal, so it will last for a long time: 4 ml of funds for 5 liters of water.

8 best dishwashing detergents 2021 - rating of detergents according to reviews of housewives
Photo by Pixabay
  • Pemolux and Pril – dishwashing detergents from Henkel

Henkel supplies Pemolux and Pril dishwashing detergents. “Pril” is a dermatologically tested with PH – neutral agent, effectively fights grease contamination and does not have dyes. At the same time, it does not dry out or irritate the skin of the hands, it has a convenient cap for dosing the product. The aloe vera component in the composition does not violate the protective layer of the skin.

Consumption: for 5 liters of water – 1 teaspoon of the product.

  • Detergent for dishes Ushasty nanny from Nevskaya cosmetics

Nevskaya cosmetics are not inferior in quality to Western manufacturers. “Eared nanny” is a dish detergent, which is loved by many, especially young mothers who care about the health of children and when washing children’s dishes.

The product is made without dyes, works in cold water, does not irritate hands and is completely washed off from dishes.

  • AOS, Sorti, Biolan – dishwashing detergents from Nefis Cosmetics

The Kazan enterprise “Nefis Cosmetics” owns such well-known trade marks “AOS”, “Sorti”, Biolan “. The main direction of the AOS trademark is dishwashing detergents.

Many Russian housewives consider this remedy to be the best. The secret of success is proven facts. The record of the unique formula of the product, recorded in the Russian Book of Records, proves that one bottle of AOS is enough to wash 9664 plates.
The product foams well, rinses off easily, does not leave streaks, contains caring hand balms and vitamins.

8 best dishwashing detergents 2021 - rating of detergents according to reviews of housewives
Photo by Pixabay
  • Dosia dishwashing detergent by Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser is a world-renowned household goods company in over 60 countries and offers Dosia dish detergent.
It contains: surfactant, mineral salt, alkali – to combat pollution. Colorants for the corresponding color, complexing agents for softening water, sodium laureth sulfate for foam formation.

To protect hands from negative effects, glycerin, natural extracts from plants, aloe – vera are added to the product.

  • Dishwashing liquid Morning Fresh

Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent received a lot of positive feedback.
Consists of water, fragrances, 15-30% surfactants (anionic), dyes and preservatives. Foams well, protects hands.

  • Detergent for dishes Lazurit from TM Aist

“Lazurit” is a dishwashing detergent made of crystal, faience, glass, porcelain, plastic and ceramics. This product, presented by TM “Aist”, is manufactured according to the specifications developed in 2002. The latest development allows, according to the manufacturer, to defeat fat and protect hands.

The product is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin: vitamin F – heals microcracks and softens the skin, and aloe extract – prevents moisture loss.

What product do you use to wash the dishes? Let us know in the comments!

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