Michael Caine discovered the secret of cloudless family happiness

Despite the fact that he has been married for 47 years, Sir Michael Caine is still in love with his wife Shakira Baksh. Their marriage is considered one of the most stable and exemplary. In February 2020, Michael and Shakira (87 and 73 years old) went out to dinner on the eve of Valentine’s Day and got caught in the paparazzi’s lenses. Imagine: they were holding hands tightly, like newlyweds in love, who rejoice in every minute spent together.

The Secret of Family Happiness from Michael Kane

The actor believes that he is fabulously lucky with his wife. However, he is also convinced that the key to a happy married life is for everyone to have their own separate space in the home.

“The secret to a good marriage is two bathrooms. If you share a bathroom with a woman, you will not have room for your personal belongings, shaving accessories and everything else, “admitted Michael Cain.

Michael Caine
Michael Caine

How coffee ads can change lives

Kane first saw Shakira in a TV commercial. By that time, he was already divorced from his first wife Patricia Haynes and led a bachelor life.

“I came across an advertisement for Maxwell House coffee with a beautiful Brazilian woman,” Michael Caine told that story in one of his interviews. “And I immediately told my friend that tomorrow we are going to Brazil in search of her.”

Michael Caine with his wife
Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh

Then, to his surprise, Kane learned that Shakira lives in London, and the coffee ad itself was filmed not in Brazil, but in a London studio. Even after Michael Caine got hold of the beauty’s phone number, it was not easy to convince her to go on a date with him. He called her 11 times before she agreed.

“I’ve done a lot of love scenes with very beautiful women. Sometimes the director demanded to undress and go to bed with the actress. So I decided that I would never marry a woman as beautiful as my fellow actresses. And I married the one who is actually even more beautiful than them. Thus, all the temptations are at home, not at work, ”the actor jokes.

Second half

Michael and Shakira got married in 1973. Throughout her husband’s career, she went with him everywhere when Michael was filming away from home.

“If you go away for three months and your wife is left alone, you both will have many new friends. And so you return home, and you feel that you and your wife are strangers and strangers, – Michael Caine explained their joint trips. – My wife is always by my side, but she is not an attachment to a movie star. She is my other half. “

Michael Caine with his wife
Michael Caine with his wife Shakira

The actor also admitted that he is always happy to return home:

“I love my house. I am very happy there and I am a typical couch potato. The most luxurious hotel room in the world will not replace my own walls. When they ask me where I am going on vacation or for the holidays, I answer that I am going home. “

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