8 best models of women’s bicycles – we ride beautifully and comfortably!

The number of women switching from conventional transport to bicycles is growing every year. There are many reasons for this – traffic jams in megacities, striving for a healthy lifestyle, convenience, etc. No one will argue about the undoubted benefits of this two-wheeled “friend” for women. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

What are the best bike models this year?

City bikes for women

These models are suitable for walking around the city, for an easy trip to work or school, etc. With such a bike there is no need to push in public transport. Of course, you can’t ride it in an evening dress, but unhindered movement around the city is 100% guaranteed.
The city bike differs from its other “brothers” in a wider saddle, narrow wheels with a shallow tread pattern, a comfortable frame, several speeds for choosing the most comfortable riding mode. Possible additional equipment: horn and bicycle mirror, basket, footrest, protection of the chain from moisture and sand, as well as wheel mud flaps, rear rack and headlights for driving in the dark.
Flaw city ​​bike – heavy weight, reducing the chances of fast movement. On the other hand, you won’t be able to ride especially fast in the city.
Of the pluses – simplicity and security of the driving units of the transport, thanks to which it does not require frequent maintenance.

Top Models:

Designed for fitness and walking on the ground and asphalt.

average cost – about 30,000 rubles.
Peculiarities: female frame (7005 aluminum), 24 speeds, light wheels (D28), weight – 13.8 kg, hydraulic disc brakes, front / rear brakes.

  • Pegasus Easy Step 3 Red

Designed for forest, park and city walks.
average cost – about 26,000 rubles.
Peculiarities: lowered aluminum frame, wheel diameter – 20, raised carriage (approx. – for good cross-country ability on light off-road), height-adjustable steering wheel, planetary hub (3 speeds), weight – 12.1 kg, foot brake, trunk and footrest, and also horn and lanterns.

Sports bikes for women

These models are used, of course, for sports. The design, accordingly, assumes certain changes for convenience in amateur or professional pursuits: high-positioned pedals and a saddle, a narrower handlebar, slightly “pressed” against the frame. The frame, by the way, is heavier than that of urban models.
There may also be heart rate (or distance) meters, clips for the player, and even a compartment for a bottle of water.

Cons: transport does not shine with aerodynamic properties (road bikes are much better).
Pros: convenience, reasonable prices.

Top Models:

average cost – about 25,000 rubles. Designed for riding in the city and on the ground outside the city.
Peculiarities: excellent attachments, 27 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, suspension fork (approx. 100 mm travel), wheels – 26 inches (double rim), aluminum frame, weight – 13.8 kg, curved handlebars.

  • STELS Navigator 610 MD 26

average cost – about 18,000 rubles. Designed for city and cross country travel.
Peculiarities: 21 speeds, Power disc brakes (for instant stop), 80mm forks, 26 “wheels (double rim), fenders, aluminum frame, curved adjustable handlebars.

Mountain bikes for women

These models are for “Amazons” who are fond of walking along mountain paths. These bicycles take into account all the nuances of mountain roads: peculiar geometry, a taller handlebar with a rough surface, a high and inclined seat, stronger and thicker tires, a thick / heavy frame and a solid braking system.
Specific transport is not for driving in the evening around the city, but specifically for mountain recreation.

Top Models:

average cost – about 20,000 rubles.
PeculiaritiesWeight: 13kg, Aluminum Frame, 100mm Fork Travel, 26 ” Wheels (approx. – with double rims), Curved handlebars.

average cost – about 14,000 rubles.
Peculiarities: chain drive, aluminum frame, wheels – 26 inches (double rim), 18 speeds, curved and height-adjustable steering wheel, fenders included.

Folding bikes for women

Ideal for transporting your bike without inconvenience. Such models are used for paved roads. They differ in the choice of folding type, compactness, weight, external design.
Minuses: inferior in running characteristics to serious bicycles (not folding), high price, purpose – for short routes within the city.

Top Models:

average cost – about 15,000 rubles.
Peculiarities: versatility (approx. – for men and women), unusual shape of the frame (folding, aluminum), wheels – 26 inches, 21 speeds, rigid frame structure, rim brakes, weight – 14.4 kg, Shimano cassette / shifters, the presence of switches.

average cost – about 22,000 rubles.
Peculiarities: weight – 12.7 kg, aluminum folding frame, steel fork, wheels – 20 inches, rear planetary hub (approx. – at 3 speeds), rear foot brake, reinforced aluminum pin, plastic fenders, folding adjustable steering wheel, anatomical handles, availability – mud flaps and a footboard, as well as a bell and a bottle cage.

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