8 famous people who do charity work all the time

7 famous people who do charity work all the timeThe world around us is amazing and beautiful. But sometimes life presents people with a series of difficulties, calamities and difficult trials. Finding themselves in a difficult life situation, each person needs assistance and friendly support.

In order to provide material assistance to unfortunate people suffering from a severe form of illness or victims of disasters, charitable foundations were founded. They exist all over the world, supported by celebrity philanthropists.

Famous people who are actors, singers, directors or artists cannot remain indifferent to someone else’s misfortune. They devote their lives not only to show business, but also to good deeds.

7 famous people who do charity work all the time

Most of the earned capital of the stars is transferred to charities, not sparing personal funds and large fees. Famous philanthropists find time to visit children’s clinics and poor countries, showing mercy to sick patients and caring.

For our readers, we have prepared a list of Russian and foreign stars who devote all their time to charity.

1. Angelina Jolie

One of the brightest examples of kindness, sincerity and mercy in American show business is the famous film actress – Angelina Jolie. She is not only an incomparable film star, but also the founder of a charitable organization. Her foundation specializes in good deeds and financial assistance to disadvantaged children living in poor countries and on the brink of disaster.

Angelina Jolie

The actress personally collects funds for a charitable foundation, calling on others to help unfortunate people and donating her own fees in the name of good. The movie star is funding the construction of kindergartens, general education schools, as well as the restoration of residential buildings destroyed by natural disasters.

She is always ready to help children in trouble, for which she was rightfully awarded international awards and the high title of “Citizen of the World”.

2. Chulpan Khamatova

Among the number of famous people involved in charity work in Russia is the talented theater and film actress Chulpan Khamatova. The cheerful and cheerful artist is ready to spend a lot of time supporting sick children and making a lot of efforts for their recovery. Together with Dina Korzun, the film actress founded the Gift of Life charity foundation. The main goal of the organization is to support unfortunate children suffering from cancer and hematological diseases.

Chulpan Khamatova

Thanks to public funds and personal donations from the actress, young patients have a chance to be saved. The Foundation provides clinics with the necessary medical equipment, medicines, and also pays for expensive surgeries for patients.

With the help of Khamatova’s vigorous activity, volunteers provide moral support to sick children, and people cannot remain indifferent to the grief of others. It brings hearts together and makes the world a better place.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most popular and sought-after film actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, is also a supporter of charity. Sparing no wealthy capital, he donates a huge part of the money to charitable causes.

The actor is investing in the development of an environmental protection fund, trying to ensure the cleanliness of the air and drinking water. He is seriously concerned about the protection of nature and ecology, which are an integral part of the healthy life of mankind.

Leonardo DiCaprio

However, the list of funding for the American film star is not limited to a single direction. Leonardo also shows compassion and compassion for people affected by floods and natural disasters. He generously pays for the rebuilding of houses after the crash and provides financial support to the victims.

The actor donates part of his capital to protect rare species of animals that are on the verge of extinction.

4. Konstantin Khabensky

The charity of famous people in Russia is growing rapidly every year. There are many caring celebrities who are ready to help and support unfortunate citizens at any difficult moment.

In 2008, a Russian actor, Konstantin Khabensky, joined the number of stars who are involved in charity work. Having experienced a terrible tragedy and the loss of his beloved wife, he decided to devote his life to good deeds.

Konstantin Khabensky

Throwing all his strength into the fight against brain cancer in children, Konstantin founded a charitable foundation to help seriously ill children. The main task of the organization is to provide treatment and psychological support to young patients, as well as give them hope for salvation. Thanks to the activities of the foundation and the financing of the actor, children have a chance to survive and overcome a dangerous disease.

Konstantin is ready not only to pay for treatment and operations for sick children, but also to surround them with the support of their parents.

Madonna is an honored performer of the American stage. She is widely known all over the world as the brightest and most energetic singer who has managed to build a brilliant solo career.

However, this is not the only achievement of the pop star. Madonna also devotes her life to charity and funds the Malawi Renaissance Foundation. The singer is unable to calmly observe how poor and unhappy orphans live in African countries.


The star put a lot of effort into helping children and providing orphanages, trying to make the lives of single children a little happier. Madonna’s plans also included the organization of the construction of an educational academy for girls, where they can receive secondary education for free and achieve success in life in the future.

In addition, the singer is actively fighting HIV. Her foundation donates part of the funds for treatment of infected people, trying to save them from imminent death.

The successful and famous model Natalia Vodianova is endowed with natural beauty, charm and a kind heart. For many years she has been involved in charity work, being the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation. The organization helps sick children with physical and mental disabilities. Unhappy kids with Down syndrome or severe autism need special care and help from healthcare professionals.

Natalya Vodyanova

Natalia Vodianova sponsors the foundation by providing treatment and support to children. The model personally visits small patients in the clinic and spends a lot of time with them.

For the purposes of the charitable program, the star constantly organizes special events, arranges marathons and holds concerts, the proceeds from which are intended to help children. Natalia spares no effort, time, money, and works in the name of good and good.

7. Keanu Reeves

Another follower of active charity work is the famous actor – Keanu Reeves. He does not spare the royalties he earned from filming for donating to medical centers and organizations that conduct scientific research to find a cure for cancer. The artist hopes that in the future, scientists will find a way to treat cancer and be able to save the lives of people doomed to certain death.

Keanu Reeves

In order to help cancer patients, the actor has created a special fund. It finances medical care for patients and invests in their treatment. Keanu knows firsthand how important help and support is, because his sister is sick with leukemia.

In addition, the actor is not limited to saving human lives, joining the fight for animal rights and maintaining a clean environment.

8. Alec Baldwin

Popular film actor and director Alec Baldwin is rightfully considered the personification of generosity, generosity and nobility. He does not spare the millions he earned for charitable programs, transferring decent fees to various funds. Basically, the actor’s help is addressed to poor children and victims of sexual violence. They receive financial support from Alec’s family, which is designed for psychological assistance to the victims and material support for the poor.

Alec Baldwin

In addition, all the proceeds from advertising filming, Baldwin donates to charities. For the publication of a photo of a newborn child, the star couple received a large monetary reward, which was soon transferred to help poor children and unfortunate orphans.

The actor also supports the animal rights fund, investing in its active development.

7 famous people who do charity work all the time

Owners of a noble soul and a kind heart

Showing sincere love and care for the people around them, the actors involved in charity call on the others not to remain indifferent to the misfortune of others.

Wealthy and wealthy celebrities have repeatedly proved that they are the owners of a noble soul and a kind heart. Everyone is able to lend a helping hand to people in need, show compassion, respect and support.

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