A man looks at other women

If your beloved man glances at other ladies, this does not mean that his feelings for you have cooled down. The look of men on the fairer sex is a completely natural and normal phenomenon. The COLADY psychologist analyzes a situation in which a man looks at other women in order to understand how normal it is.

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Why do men look at other women

  • The man’s interest in women has disappeared. This can happen for two reasons. Either the man gradually lost interest in the lady and realized that he did not want to live with her anymore; or, initially, the woman did not arouse strong interest in her person.
  • A woman no longer evokes positive emotions and feelings in a man. Guys should feel comfortable and easy next to girls, if this is not the case, a man may well run away.
  • A woman is disrespectful to a man. This can be an expression of dissatisfaction, open insults, discussion of a man behind his back. Such female behavior will not be tolerated by any self-respecting man.
  • A woman’s position in relationships is demanding and accusatory, that is, a woman demands from her man care, gifts, compliments and the provision of a completely comfortable life. If a man does not cope with the task at hand, the woman requires her lover to fulfill her duties.
  • The man feels unnecessary.
  • The man got the feeling that he was being used. That is, a woman does not need a man, she needs the comforts of their life together.
  • The man is looking for variety. The self-esteem of the stronger sex rises high if he can conquer an increasing number of women’s hearts.
  • Excessive influence of alcoholic beverages. After all, most of the betrayal occurs precisely in a state of alcoholic intoxication, when a man loses control over himself and is not responsible for the consequences.
  • The Impact of Bad Company, in which women and men are not distinguished by devotion and loyalty.
  • The woman stopped looking after herself and the man got tired of her. In this case, the guy goes in search of a woman who pays enough attention to herself and in any situation does not lose desirability, sexuality and beauty.

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How to react correctly when the husband looks at other ladies so as not to ruin the relationship?

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  • If you notice that the attention of your beloved falls on other women, first of all – do not panic and hold back from open indignation and indignation… Catch yourself thinking that your man is admiring not a certain special, but generally female beauty.
  • Show no fear of potential rivals. Do not close your beloved eyes with constant resentment and discontent. On the contrary, draw his attention to pretty ladies, and soon you will understand that his views do not mean anything.
  • If your husband pays attention to another woman in the company, contain your own emotions. In this situation, natural behavior will be the correct tactic. Try, knowing the characteristics of your beloved, to predict his actions. Start chatting and chatting with friends, have fun and dance. If you notice your man in the company of another girl, go up to him, kiss him, smiling ask if he has lost you.
  • If a woman is painfully worried about a man’s views on other women, you need to try to tell your loved one about your own feelings. It is more correct to do this in a calm atmosphere, when the man is not minding his own business. Men often do not suspect that their ladies suffer greatly from this behavior. Having heard such a request from his wife, the husband will comprehend the situation and control his own behavior.

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Psychologist’s comment

Dear Ladies! You must understand that all men are polygamous by nature. Therefore, the fact that they periodically stare at other women is an absolute norm. BUT! Cheating, flirting with others, sexual jokes, etc. are not the norm.

A normal man who appreciates his chosen one will never allow her to personally convict him of “watching” other ladies, because he understands that this will hurt her. Therefore, if you see how he looks at others, you should know that he is indifferent to your experiences. In this case, think about whether the man next to you is?

Have you had similar situations in your family life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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