Indian Grocery Store In Saint John Nb

An Indian grocery store in Saint John, New Brunswick is hard to find. There is only one in the province. Zindagi’s is a new establishment with six immigrants from India. It has been extremely popular since it opened its doors. Some items are only available in the Indian community, and the store was nearly sold out before the five-day Diwali celebration. The owner has a passion for food, and wants to give the local community an authentic taste of India.

Zaman came to Fredericton in 2006 and went on to study chemical engineering at the University of New Brunswick. He specialized in the oil and gas industry. Upon graduation, he began selling food at the farmer’s market and soon began selling spices to locals. By the end of the first week, half of his customers returned to pick up spice kits and other ingredients. Now, the owners have 40 locations in the Saint John area and are in talks with stores in other provinces.

The Indian grocery store is Zaman’s idea. He came to Saint John from his native India in 2006. He studied at the University of New Brunswick and worked in the oil and gas industry. After graduating, he started selling food at the local farmer’s market. It was a hit. By the following week, half of his customers returned to buy spice kits. He now hopes to expand to a larger store in the near future.

The new store’s owners have had many challenges. Getting a license for a larger store was challenging. However, they’ve managed to overcome these problems by automating as much as possible and partnering with an Indian chef to develop recipes. They’ve also sorted out packaging and spice blends for beginner cooks. The spices are separated by their ingredients, with chilli powder separated from other spice blends. They’re organized by their use and numbering them for easy reference.

The new Indian grocery store has been around for a few years. It started as an experiment in 2015 and now has 40 locations in New Brunswick. It has also expanded to nine locations in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The company has been growing and is in talks with a few other stores to expand its reach. This is also the first Indian grocery store in the city to open in Saint John. Its owner immigrated to Saint John in 2006. He started selling food at the local farmer’s market and soon after, half of his customers had returned the following week to purchase spice kits.

The new business’s owners say they’re committed to making Saint John a more vibrant and diverse community. The company is currently in talks with the government and has been open for a year. Its success is based on the success of the venture. Its owners are trying to convince the Indian community in Cape Breton to support the local economy. For example, they hope to build a stronger bond with the Indian community in the city.

Besides selling Indian food, Zindagi also has several other items in the local market. It sells curry powder, masala, and various other spices. The company has also started selling Indian food at FREDERICTON BOYCE MARKET. Its products are also available in nine other locations in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The company manufactures the spice in a 4,000 square foot facility in Saint John. The facility has a full-time production manager.

The company’s success is largely a result of its unique recipe creation. Its owners learned to cook from a local Indian chef in 2015. The spice blends are now available at 40 locations in Saint John and in nine other cities in Canada. The store is also in talks with other provinces, including Alberta. The spice products are made in a 4,000 square foot facility in Saint John. It has a full-time production manager.

The store’s owners were faced with several challenges while establishing their business. They had to find the right mix of spices and maintain a low cost of production. They also had to keep their prices as low as possible. Purchasing the spices from India is very expensive, so Zaman and his wife are focusing on making Indian food accessible to more people. Their goal is to make the Indian community in Saint John feel welcome by offering authentic dishes.

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