Actress Hilary Duff spoke about her everyday life as a young mother

Everyone knows that being a mother is a whole science, profession and exhausting work: in addition to having a pleasant time with a child, a woman has to perform a whole range of various functions and responsibilities every day. And few people realize that the stars are the same people and sometimes it is very difficult for them!

Actress Hilary Duff honestly admitted that sometimes she gets very tired and just gets lost in space and time, being at home with children.

Hilary Duff
Photo @hilaryduff

“Like you, I juggle a million things a day: working from home, changing diapers, trying to navigate virtual learning. Sometimes I get dizzy and I really don’t understand what’s going on. And you know what? This is completely normal! ” – the actress wrote on her Instagram.

Netizens supported the famous mom and joked about household chores in the comments. However, some did not believe Hilary’s words and reminded the actress that, for example, she could use the services of a nanny, which not everyone can afford.

  • “You are a great mom, keep it up!” – faucettjr.thomas.
  • “But I don’t look like you when I’ve gathered all my children!” – recklesslove071010.
  • “But you have a nanny that you can take with you everywhere, but we do not have her!” – laidbackliz7.

Family life instead of career

In the 2000s, Hilary Duff was a very popular actress and singer, a favorite of young people. However, in 2010, the star married hockey player Mike Comrie and plunged headlong into family life, paying less and less attention to her career.

Soon the firstborn was born to the star – the son of Luke. However, in 2014, the marriage cracked. In 2015, the star began dating Matthew Coma, and in 2018 they had a daughter, Banks, Violet Bair. Today, the actress rarely appears in films and rarely appears in public, devoting all her time to her family.

Hilary duff 2
Photo @hilaryduff

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