The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks

The relatively recent Nordic walking with sticks has captivated many residents in large cities of Russia, not without reason. Indeed, it is difficult to overestimate its complex effect on the human body of any age.

By the way, this walking has many names – it is called Nordic, Norwegian, Nordic, Finnish walking with sticks – however, it is one and the same type of walking. What exactly is the benefit of Nordic pole walking and how should you practice this sport for your health? Professionals speak.

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History of Nordic walking

Scandinavian walking was successfully used even in pre-war times, and Finnish skiers can be considered the founders. Athletes were so afraid of losing their shape over the summer that they began to walk on the terrain without snow and skis, using ski poles when walking. It was then that the effectiveness of such walking was noticed for the first time.

This fact attracted the interest of specialists in sports medicine, and in the 80s the phenomenon of the beneficial effect on the body of such training and its amazing effectiveness was studied. As a result, walking with sticks gained recognition first in the Scandinavian countries, and a little later became popular all over the world.

In Russia, they learned about such walking relatively recently. But already in all major cities clubs for fans of Scandinavian walking have been organized.

Video: Nordic Walking for Beginners

Recently, Swedish pole walking has been used not only for general health improvement, but also as a therapeutic and rehabilitation agent… For example, such classes are included in the German rehabilitation program after total prosthetics of the joints of the legs.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks

So, who benefits from this walking? The answer is for everyone, but especially people with breathing disorders, blood circulation, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthrosis and obesity. See also: How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight?

Pros of walking with sticks:

  • suitable for any age;
  • economical – only special sticks are needed;
  • has a minimum of contraindications.

Unlike normal walking, Nordic walking:

  • Differs in a more uniform and complex distribution of muscle work.
  • It involves both (lower and upper shoulder) girdles, which is especially important in osteochondrosis.
  • Trains all organs and systems. Therefore, general hemodynamics and microcirculation improve, cardiac output increases. Cerebral and cardiac activity becomes more efficient.
  • It is an excellent joint gymnastics. After all, it uses all joints, including the spine and shoulder.
  • Reduces stress on the spine and joints with increased body weight.
  • It takes place outdoors, in any chosen location.
  • It brings together like-minded people with whom you can talk and just have a good time.
  • Normalizes sleep, strengthens the emotional-volitional sphere, helps with stress.
  • Burns 50% more calories than walking. For example, in 60 minutes you can use up to 500 kcal.
  • Promotes weight loss with a modeling effect and an increase in vitality.
  • It activates the activity of the brain and revives the connections between the “resting” areas of the brain during hypodynamia.

Nordic walking with poles – contraindications

Contraindications to Nordic walking with sticks can only be problems:

  • emergency care,
  • surgical intervention,
  • organ decompensation states,
  • exacerbation of a chronic disease,
  • acute infectious disease

If a person is able to walk, then he can also walk with sticks. It is only important use an individual approachto correctly calculate the load.

Scandinavian walking technique

The benefits of Nordic pole walking or how to get 10 years younger with sports
Photo by Pixabay

First you need to do a little warm-up, like morning exercises. If you went in for skiing, then you will not have any problems, because walking movements are similar to those of skiers: When extending the right arm, the left leg works, and vice versa.

Now we start moving:

  1. Relax your shoulders first., straighten your back, slightly tilt your torso forward and bend your legs at the joints. The left arm should be extended forward the length of your stride and bent at an angle of about 80 degrees. In this case, the right arm will be located along the body, and approximately 30 degrees back. The stick should lie free, behind, with a slope towards the ground.
  2. Now place your foot on the heel, then transfer the weight of your body to your toes.… Remember to lean on the sticks. Remember, when moving with your right leg, the left hand should go forward and vice versa.
  3. Keep the sticks next to your body step by step, transferring forward by the size of your stride.
  4. Watch the rhythm of your breathing… Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. When walking intensively, you can only breathe through your mouth.

Video: Nordic Walking Lessons

Practice Nordic walking, and let it serve you as a primary or secondary prevention of any disease. Primary will help prevent their occurrence, and secondary – will slow down the progression of the disease or reduce the frequency of exacerbations. In addition to restoring health, you recharge with positive energy and visibly rejuvenate in the eyes of others!

Colady warns: if you have any medical conditions, practice Nordic pole walking only after examination and on the recommendation of a doctor!

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