All information about basal temperature

How to measure basal temperature?This is the body temperature, which illustrates the change in the internal genital organs under the influence of certain hormones. The indicator tells about the presence and timing of ovulation and shows whether the ovaries produce progesterone, a hormone that prepares the inner walls of the uterus for a possible pregnancy.

Why should you know your basal temperature?

First of all, this allows us to solve a number of problems:

  1. Find out how well the ovaries produce hormones throughout the entire menstrual cycle.
  2. Determine the time of maturation of the egg. This is necessary in order to identify “dangerous” and “safe” days in order to prevent or plan for conception. See which methods of contraception are not reliable.
  3. Determine if pregnancy has occurred with a delay or unusual menstruation.
  4. Identify the possible presence of endometritis – inflammation of the uterus.

Measurement rules

The temperature should be measured every morning at the same time, as soon as you woke up. Moreover, any physical activity is excluded, even a conversation. It is better to prepare a thermometer for measurement in the evening, having previously shaken it off and put it by the bed. Mercury thermometer measures 5-6 minutes, electronic – 50-60 seconds.

There are 3 ways to measure:

  1. Oral. You need to put a thermometer under your tongue and close your lips.
  2. Vaginal. The thermometer is inserted halfway into the vagina without lubricants.
  3. Rectal. The thermometer is inserted into the anus using lubricants.

The mercury thermometer should be pulled out by the top, without grasping it. Do not take it out, holding on to the location of the mercury, as this may result in an error in the measurements.

It should also be remembered that:

  • It is best to start measuring on the first day of the cycle, after 5-6 hours of sleep.
  • Measurements should be taken in only one of the ways.
  • Measurements are not taken while using oral contraceptives, hormones and alcohol.

What should be the temperature at different periods of the cycle

Basal temperature in the first phase of the cycle with normal ovulation should be 37 ° C, before ovulation decreases, and during ovulation and in the second phase, it rises by 0.4 ° C, on average.

The highest probability of conception appears 2-3 days before the increase in indicators, and on the first day of ovulation.

If the fever persists for more than 18 days, this may be a sign of pregnancy.

In the absence of ovulation basal temperature fluctuates between 36.5 ºС – 36.9 ºС throughout the entire cycle.

During pregnancy

  • If the pregnancy is proceeding correctlyo, then the indicators rise to 37.1 ºС – 37.3 ºС, and at this level they keep for four months.
  • Low rates at a period of 12-14 weeks may indicate a probable threat of miscarriage.
  • If the temperature rises to 37.8 ºС, then this indicates inflammatory processes inside the body.
  • Long-term preservation of indicators at around 38 ºС and above, can cause serious health problems for the unborn child. Therefore, if the indicator has risen to such a level, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What do you know or want to ask about basal temperature?

This informational article is not intended to be medical or diagnostic advice.
At the first sign of disease, consult a doctor.
Do not self-medicate!

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