Allen Leach admits that Downton Abbey will make you cry

Irish actor Allen Leach believes that the film “Downton Abbey” will not leave the audience indifferent. An adaptation of the series of the same name to make even the most callous viewers cry.

The 37-year-old actor plays Tom Branson. The tape will appear at the box office at the end of October 2019. Allen believes that all of the work of producer and screenwriter Julian Fellows is strong. And this project will be no exception.

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“This is Julian, so everyone’s going to cry,” Leach says. – His scripts are never sugary, be prepared for anything.

The plot of the film surprised the actor. But on the other hand, there was a place in it for all the participants in the series.

“I was very impressed by the point of view that Julian took,” Allen explains. “And I was amazed that all 22 actors would have their own little story over the course of a two-hour film. He did a great job.

Fans of the series are pondering how it is possible to create one picture from many episodes. They share their opinions on blogs. Leach assures that everything will be done at the highest level.

“This is a big, epic story that will appear on the big screen,” the actor assures. – It was our concern: how to translate the story from the television format to the big screen. But we have Julian Fellowes, who won an Oscar for his screenplay. And he did a great job with this story.




Fellows himself was not as enthusiastic about his version as Allen was. He says it was difficult to adapt.

“On the show, we do big stories for maybe three characters a week,” Fellows admits. – By the end of the series, everyone has their own big story, they are all woven together. It doesn’t work like that in the movies. Each hero should have a separate story. Here only the viewer can judge whether I have done everything successfully or not. I would not carry out any statements. I had to make sure each character’s story was complete in the film. This, of course, took a lot of time, but I am pleased with the result, I am glad that the whole team was assembled. It was a very happy time for us. In general, the project turned out to be incredibly successful all over the world. We had a wonderful cast. And many have already become friends with each other.

Many of the original cast of the series have appeared in the film: Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael.

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