Anna Sedokova revealed the secrets of her slim figure

Anna Sedokova decided to answer the most popular questions from fans in her Instagram account. It turned out that a significant part of the subscribers are interested in the parameters of the actress and her nutrition.

It is worth noting that the actress is regularly suspected of having a fourth pregnancy due to a periodically appearing tummy. But a week later, the singer is again in excellent physical shape, delighting those around her with her figure.

One of the followers asked Anna what weight she felt most comfortable at.

Anna Sedakova

In response, the singer posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit, captioning it like this:

“Height 172, weight before quarantine was 68 kg, but I don’t like that. Now 65, in a month the goal is 60. And then we’ll see. My weight hasn’t affected my feelings for a long time. I have seen so many unfortunate thin women that I know for sure that this is not happiness. I like me anyway and plus ten. It all depends on the jeans I want to fit in today. “

Cherished press

Anna also shared the secrets of her weight loss: for the appearance of the press, she advised to run more, jump up the stairs and do the exercises “vacuum” and “plank” daily.

Features of the singer’s nutrition

The singer also talked about her diet. It turns out that Anna adheres to intermittent fasting – a nutritional system when you can eat only during a certain period of the day:

“I don’t eat for 20 hours and eat for 4 hours. You don’t have to eat burgers all the time during these 4 hours. The result is minus 3 kg per month, a pleasant, lost feeling of hunger. It turned out that life without breakfast exists! “

Skin and hair

Anna Sedakova 2

To improve the quality of her skin and hair and not feel bad while losing weight, the actress advised to drink vitamins:

“Drink vitamins Omega 3,6 and 9 if you want to grow your hair fast. You will see the result in a month. Vitamin C and D are essential when there is no sun. But I like vitamin complexes more, where everything is together. “

Beauty injections

And also Sedokova admitted that she makes beauty injections. The TV presenter is convinced that after 35 years, a woman’s beauty depends on a beautician and photoshop.

“Seriously, I plan to be the sexiest grandmother for my grandpa. And I don’t really value my mimic wrinkles, so as not to part with them, ”added Anna.

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