Baby food for ARVI, or how to properly formulate a diet

An invariable symptom of ARVI is a cold, which is always accompanied by an increase in temperature. The only question is, how significant is your child’s temperature rise. It depends on how and what to feed a child with ARVI.

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Nutrition of a child with ARVI

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Rules for feeding a child with ARVI at normal body temperature

  • If your baby has a slightly elevated temperature, then the food for ARVI can be left unchanged. Just listen to the child’s wishes if he does not want to try the usual dishes, or offer favorite healthy food
  • Certainly, do not deviate from the children’s diet and eating a lot of sugary or unhealthy foods.
  • And the most important thing – follow the child’s drinking regime, because drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate toxins formed due to the presence of the virus.

Nutrition of a child with ARVI

The rules of a sparing diet for ARVI at elevated body temperature in a child

High temperature is a response to the invasion of foreign proteins – viruses. It is quite natural if a child with a fever refuses to eat.

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  • The correct behavior of the parents in this case is patiently offer the child delicious light meals and not insist on compulsory meals. It must be understood that it is more productive to spend the forces of the body on confronting the disease, and on the assimilation of food.
  • Usually children refuse large or solid foods, so you can suggest light vegetable broths, vegetable or fruit purees, freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, compotes or plain water.
  • Replenish fluid better every 30 minutes

Nutrition of a child with ARVI

What is there for a child with ARVI: foods and dishes that need to be included in the diet

  • Low fat yogurt perfectly satisfies hunger and restores intestinal microflora.
  • Fruits and vegetables, especially baked ones – an ideal treat for a child. Baked apples, pears, or pumpkins are extremely healthy and don’t feel heavy in your stomach.
  • Protein-rich foods, For example – lean fish or meat, dairy products, helps to restore the strength and immunity spent on fighting the virus.
  • Porridge – just perfect food for a sick toddler. They contain essential vitamins and minerals to support the body’s natural defenses. The most valuable in their composition – buckwheat and oatmeal… They can be boiled in water or milk, depending on your child’s wishes.
  • Citrus perfectly replace ascorbic acid, due to the high content of Vit. C in combination with bioflavonoids. Especially useful grapefruit juice and fruits… It lowers fever and improves appetite.
  • Vegetable or fruit puree help to quickly assimilate the beneficial substances of the fruit. To please your baby, you can combine different colored vegetables and create colorful side dishes.
  • Freshly squeezed juices should be cooked with a predominance of fruit. Drink immediately after mixing.
  • Herbal tea with lemon, warm milk with honey, plain water, cranberry juice, rosehip decoction – invite the child to choose. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential when treating colds. It loosens phlegm, removes toxins and prevents dehydration.
  • Fermented milk products with bifidobacteria restore normal intestinal microflora and increase natural immunity.
  • If a child has a sore throat, eliminate sour, spicy, or salty foods
  • If the baby is coughing, then don’t give him crackers, cookies and sweets… They irritate the mucous membrane and provoke an unproductive coughing fit.

Nutrition of a child with ARVI
During an exacerbation of colds, you need to carefully monitor the proper nutrition of the child, because insidious viruses attack weakened children with reduced immunity. The correct diet for ARVI in children is aimed at speedy recovery and prevention of re-infection

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