Baubles And Soles Net Worth

Baubles and Soles Net Worth

Parents know the difficulty and expense of finding shoes suitable for their kids is both expensive and time consuming, often struggling to find something they actually fit before outgrowing it as soon as it arrives. Husband and wife team Duc and Lisa Nguyen created a shoe company called Baubles and Soles that allows parents to change the appearance of their child’s footwear by attaching different “baubles”, twisted onto each pair to alter its look with just a twist of a dial – giving every pair its own individual personality! Customers have given rave reviews to this unique product that has already created many fans; with plans in the works to expand it further!

The Nguyens’ story is truly inspiring; both refugees who overcame immense odds to build successful businesses. Lisa, a lawyer and philanthropist from Vietnam who survived being on a fishing boat where one in four passengers perished before eventually settling in Australia before moving to the US for work; Duc, her filmmaker-husband made his mark in wedding videography; together they founded Baubles and Soles to provide children’s shoes that match outfits, and the business has proven its viability.

The Nguyen’s pitch on Shark Tank was highly successful, earning them an investment from Daymond John for $100,000 and 15% ownership. They are delighted with this outcome of their appearance and since appearing they have increased sales significantly.

Bear in mind that Shark Tank is a reality show and that numbers may differ slightly for each business presented on it. But this platform offers entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their products and business ideas while potentially getting funding to expand them.

Since their Shark Tank debut, Baubles and Soles has experienced incredible growth in revenue. Annual revenues have seen dramatic increases, as has their net worth since appearing on the show.

The Nguyens’ business serves as an excellent illustration of how an effective investor can aid startup growth. By teaming up with Daymond John, their company was able to increase marketing efficiency and expand their presence throughout America – now worth $400,000 and experiencing success on the market.

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