The meaning of the name Love – health, marriage and work of Lyuba

Parents give each person a name. It promises the formation of certain character traits and even development in specific areas.

The name Love is special. It hides a secret, the solution to which you can devote a whole life. What will be the life of a girl named that? To answer this question, we talked with esotericists and psychologists.

Origin and meaning

Love name

Lyubasha, Lyubochka, Lyubanya are popular diminutive forms of the name Love. It has a Slavic origin and strong energetic significance. It is not for nothing that all women named by this name are distinguished by stamina and good endurance.

This criticism is quite popular, especially in Russia.

Interesting! According to statistics, 13-15 of 1000 newborn girls are named Love.

What does the name Lyuba mean? The answer is simple – directly the same thing, that is, love. A woman named so has the strongest energy. She is calm, mentally stable and very wise. Has good energetic compatibility with almost all male names. However, her character is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.


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Baby Lyuba is an unpredictable and restless nature. She is distinguished by her energy and a pronounced thirst for life. A very inquisitive child. Growing up, he endlessly asks parents questions about people and the world in general. Strives to learn as much as possible.

In adolescence, she is purposeful and ambitious. Has a stable psyche. It is not so easy to unsettle people like Lyuba. She is in no hurry to show everyone her true feelings, she opens up only to the closest people.

Important! Usually, carriers of this name build very warm relationships with their parents, especially with mothers.

In the first half of her life, Lyuba is incredibly active. He takes studies seriously, but does not forget about other important matters, including organizing leisure time for himself and friends. Loves big companies. Not prone to outrageous behavior. In public, she is restrained and patient, but inside Lyuba passions are seething. Others feel this contradiction, therefore, have a strong interest in her. For most people, it will remain a mystery.

How is Love significantly different from other representatives of the fair sex? Endless striving to develop! She is interested in many things. The curiosity of such a woman knows no bounds.

She has an important virtue, which, unfortunately, many lack – patience. Yes, Lyuba knows how to wait, and for a long time, but only if it makes sense. She is wise and reasonable. He clearly understands what he wants from life. He is never capricious, especially in public, always reaches the goal.

The carrier of this gripe can easily charm others thanks to her mysterious aura. She rarely sows positive, preferring to remain restrained, but in the circle of very close people she can laugh until she drops and have fun.


Also among its advantages is the ability to make a pleasant impression. Thanks to good judgment, patience and magnetism, Love easily achieves the location of any person who interests her. She knows how to provoke the appearance of a strong interest in herself in others.

Such a woman also has a drawback – a strong intolerance towards some people. She does not tolerate manipulators who use other people in pursuit of their own selfish goals. Lyuba not only avoids such individuals, she openly expresses her antipathy to them.

Marriage and family

Lyuba is tender, understanding, attentive and caring in marriage. She chooses a spouse for a long time, but, having decided, blossoms like a woman.

What kind of man will make her happy? Empathetic and attentive. It is important for her that the person next to her shares her views and interests, or at least understands and recognizes them.

Such a woman never enters into open confrontation with a partner. If she feels that she is not appreciated or heard, she simply leaves.

Luba’s man must be honest as well. She does not tolerate lies and deceit, and even more so, manipulation. It is important for her that the man she loves can open her soul to her.

Lyuba is married

He must also be faithful. Are you familiar with the expression: “Everyone judges to the extent of his licentiousness?” In the case of the bearer of the name in question, this phrase becomes especially relevant. By nature, Lyuba is monogamous. Since she herself prefers to be faithful to her spouse, she will never forgive betrayal of him.

Love is a wonderful mother. She highly values ​​the strong bond that binds her to her parents, so she tries to build a similar relationship with her children. Usually children love her very much, and therefore treat her with confidence. Such a mother will never betray or deceive her child. She considers her children to be the meaning of her life.

In adulthood, Love reveals its best qualities, becoming more affectionate, caring and wise. Until the last, he tries to protect his household from mistakes, therefore he does not skimp on wise instructions. From this, others may get the impression that Lyuba is overprotective of those close to her.

Work and career

Love does not strive to go over the heads, however, success for it is one of the priority goals in life.

The fact is that all inquisitive natures, including, no doubt, Love, strive for financial well-being and recognition. They want to prove to the whole world and to themselves that they deserve attention and praise. Thanks to good endurance and the ability to negotiate, the bearer of this name can achieve significant success in jurisprudence. She can become a lawyer, judge, investigator, prosecutor, etc.

It cannot be said that Lyuba seeks to earn big money at all costs. The profession for her is more like an outlet, not the meaning of life. The main thing for Lyuba is the family, especially her children.

Lyuba at work


Lyubov has a weak point – her nervous system. Stress, especially prolonged stress, is categorically contraindicated for her. The fact is that the bearer of this name takes everything too close to her heart, which is why she often suffers.

Important! To be healthier, Lyuba should learn to abstract herself from the problems of others.

If she is constantly faced with such diseases as hypertension, migraine, arthritis or neuralgia, it is likely that the day before she was in a state of strong psycho-emotional stress.

To protect her nervous system, she needs to rest and relax more. She should also not forget about her household members, who do not cherish souls in her.

Did you recognize yourself from our description, Lyuba? Share your answers in the comments.

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