Beauty and skin care calendar for women after 60 – only proven tips

Woman beauty calendar after 60 years - face care, cosmetic procedures and productsBy the age of 60, women, as a rule, have already developed a clear and effective self-care scheme.

But it is this age line that has some peculiarities. And it would be great to reconsider your beauty habits – and make adjustments.

The content of the article:

  1. Age is an advantage!
  2. Japanese facial massage after 60 years
  3. Home care for face and neck skin
  4. Salon treatments for women 60+
  5. 3 best face creams 60+ and 65+

Woman beauty calendar after 60 years - face care, cosmetic procedures and products

Famous beauties beyond age and time

Top 5 reasons a woman after 60 years to take care of her appearance – examples of successful and beautiful ladies

Why do I need all this torment – you can’t return youth … Such saboteur thoughts creep in? Drive them away!

And that’s why:

  1. With the onset of menopause, the skin condition in the future will stabilize… Minimal exposure to hormones makes our skin predictable.
  2. The negligible production of natural collagen does not contribute to the smoothness and tightness of the skin.… We have to deal with flabbiness and sagging.
  3. During this period, the skin type may change., especially often – from oily to dry. This is due to changes in the work of the sebaceous glands.
  4. Excess melanin causes hyperpigmentation
  5. Facial care after 60 years old requires attention to the nuances of aging skin… Often these are manifestations of puffiness, hypersensitivity, or peeling.

Model Yasmina Rossi - 64 years old

Of course, it is not easy to maintain a positive attitude and belief in your attractiveness. Especially if there are no inspiring examples nearby. But it is precisely looking at successful and beautiful women at an elegant age that one also wants to pick up a jar of cream. And lipstick. And be groomed every minute of your life.

One friend of mine calls herself girl in retro style… No, she does not give the impression of a grandmother who burst into a disco with teenagers. At 62, she looks appropriate, but at the same time is very attractive and feminine.

When asked how she manages to hold herself, and where is so much motivation to take care of herself, she replies: “Christy Brinkley at 65 smiles at me from the covers of magazines. They say she made a deal with the devil. And I concluded – I won’t say with whom! “

One of the Bond girls is also a great example – Jane Seymour, 68… This woman without age takes the maximum from life, but knows how to limit herself in time. “If I want pasta now, I am happy to eat pasta. But only half of the portion! ” But this is only half – no, not portions, but Jane’s secret. The actress is also proud of good genes and has no bad habits, arranges fasting days, drinks a lot of water – and, taking care of her face, remembers about the neckline, neck and arms.

And the secret of attractiveness, according to 70-year-old Meryl Streep, – in understanding and accepting their strengths and weaknesses. “The wrinkles reflect our life – joys, difficulties that made us wiser, moments of happiness. Therefore, I love my wrinkles. ” Since her youth, the actress’s skin is dry, prone to peeling. Therefore, moisturizers and nourishing creams do not leave her cosmetic bag. Among her beauty secrets, she reveals her love for facial massage, increased attention to the skin around the eyes and the preservation of the oval of the face during visits to the beautician.

In addition to the secrets of beauty, all these women still radiate vitality thanks to their fulfillment.

And it’s never too late to become successful. We have already talked about women who “turned off age”

Model Valerie Payne, 74

Japanese facial massage is a guarantee of beauty after 60 years

The youthfulness of oriental women at a very old age evokes admiration, envy, respect … There are no indifferent people. Along with heredity, dietary habits, lifestyle and ecology, the traditional secret of the unfading youth of these women is japanese facial massage

Thanks to the good lymphatic drainage effect, stabilization of blood flow and activation of collagen production, noticeable results can be achieved in two months of procedures.

Overall, a massage like this can be great. alternative to beauty injections after 60 years

Indications for Japanese face massage according to the Asahi method:

  • Deep age wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.
  • An emerging or already formed second chin.
  • Unhealthy complexion, excessive pallor.
  • Puffiness.
  • Saggy skin.
  • Maintaining the tone of aging skin.

The Japanese massage technique is considered universal and suitable for any type of face, however, there are contraindications and precautions:

  • Diseases of the lymphatic system.
  • Colds and SARS.
  • Inflammation and open wounds on the face.
  • Thinned subcutaneous fat layer.
  • Infectious diseases of the skin.
  • With rosacea, the use of scrubs and peels is excluded, the oil base should contain a venotonic component, the affected areas are not massaged. Silicon is pre-included in the diet.

If the procedure suits you, then do not miss the opportunity to saturate the skin with microelements and maintain its elasticity.

The massage should not be uncomfortable. Pain syndrome is mistakenly considered to be a confirmation of the effectiveness of the procedure. This is not true. Mild headache or dizziness may be tolerated due to blood flow to the head area.

Japanese massage has a cumulative effect, so you should not interrupt the course due to the lack of noticeable changes in the first days.

Natural lymph flow resumes gradually.

Woman beauty calendar after 60 years

Home care for face and neck skin for women over 60: natural remedies rule!

Professional care is a matter of course. But pampering your skin with home procedures is also necessary. Especially if there is a proven recipe from available tools.

Begin facial skin care after 60 years, as before – from the usual cleansing, then we will do the peeling.

This can be a gentle homemade exfoliating scrub:

  1. Oatmeal – a mixture of oatmeal flakes and liquid honey.
  2. Manno-fruit – a mixture of 20 g of chopped fruit pulp (any) and 15 g of semolina.

Choose the composition that suits you personally. Individual intolerance to honey, fruit acids or other components is a contraindication for the use of such mixtures. This rule applies to any home cosmetics.

After peeling, we use a tonic – and proceed to the mask stage.

Facial care after 60 years of age requires the saturation of the skin with fatty acids from oils, for its smoothness and softness.

We suggest that you make an oil mask on a weekly basis to increase the tone of the face and strengthen the blood vessels:

  • Heat 1 teaspoon each of jojoba oil and wheat oil in a water bath. Add 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 1 ampoule of vitamin B12 to the mixture. Apply the mask on the face for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.

And in order to maintain the oval of the face and accelerate cellular recovery, do a lifting mask at home with a course of 10 procedures:

  • To do this, pour a couple of teaspoons of spirulina with green tea (hot). In a separate container, pour a tablespoon of gelatin with hot water. After it is completely dissolved, mix with seaweed and a tablespoon of sour cream. Apply the finished mask for 15 minutes, then soften it with hot water and gently remove it from the face.

The whitening and anti-inflammatory effect is provided by the citrus curd mask:

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey and a couple of drops of orange oil and apply for 15 minutes.

Delicate eye care can be done often, even every other day:

  • A mixture of chopped cucumber, parsley and 1 teaspoon of natural yogurt is applied for 20 minutes and then removed with a cotton pad.

It is best to complete the procedure with self-massage techniques, followed by applying a cream.

Woman beauty calendar after 60 years

The 3 best face creams for women over 60:

  • Laura by Evalar… The content of peptides and hilauron gives an anti-aging effect. The product nourishes the skin and improves color.
  • Self-Rejuvenation After 56 Years by Black Pearl makes the skin firm and elastic. This cream has become the brand’s bestseller.
  • “Prolongation of youth” from Natura Siberica with black caviar extracts, proteins, vitamins, minerals and panthenol. Slows down the aging process and softens the skin. Copes with deep wrinkles.

These creams can be bought in stores.

When resorting to salon procedures, you can at the same time purchase a cream from a professional series from a beautician.

Woman beauty calendar after 60 years

Salon treatments for women aged 60+

After 60 years, a woman’s beauty largely depends on professional care.

Optimal treatments to maintain mature skin:

  • Chemical peeling to improve and even out complexion, especially in the case of pigmentation and scars.
  • Hilauron or Botox injections to smooth out wrinkles.
  • Facial massage.
  • Reinforcement of the face – the introduction of threads under the skin for a facelift. Not the most pleasant thing in the world, but it will noticeably tighten the sunken cheeks, a blurred oval of the face and a sagging chin.
  • Mesotherapy – smoothing the face by introducing vitamin cocktails under the skin.
  • Diamond microdermabrasion – improving the appearance of the skin by cleansing its upper layers.
  • Laser resurfacing – tightening the skin, eliminating wrinkles, smoothing the complexion.

Before signing up for procedures, go first to consultation-diagnostics… The beautician will assess the situation and select the ideal care based on your time and financial resources. Yes, these procedures are not cheap. Did you know?

81 year old female bodybuilder - Ernestine Shepherd

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the cheerfulness of the spirit and body of women of elegant age is achieved not only with jars and ukolchiki. In previous issues of our beauty calendar we talked about the benefits of yoga and other activities, about the principles of nutrition and even about the influence of the environment on our appearance. Don’t forget these secrets!

And be in love with your age, you are beautiful in it!

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