Benefits of Postpartum Gymnastics – Effective Exercise

The female body is designed in such a way that it is simply impossible not to get better. Weight is the same indicator of the health of a mother and baby, as, for example, tests, therefore, doctors monitor the weight gain and nutrition of a pregnant woman. Women may treat the doctor’s recommendations in different ways, up to complete non-compliance with the diet while waiting for the baby.

COLADY will tell you how postpartum gymnastics is useful. Check out some of the most effective exercises that are easy to do at home.

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The content of the article:

When can you do gymnastics after childbirth

  • The stretched abdominal muscles, the fat accumulation required by a woman who is breastfeeding – all this constitutes the main problem of appearance. But the most unpleasant thing is the longer you delay her decision, the more difficult it will be to regain your former harmony and attractiveness.
  • Elementary sets of exercises after childbirth, with which doctors recommend starting classes, take very little time and they can be combined with a walk or performed when the baby is with you. Do not neglect them – despite their seeming ease, their regular implementation for several months will give quite tangible results.
  • It is important to select exercises for women after childbirth in such a way that physical activity had a beneficial effect on the entire body, and not only increased muscle tone and promoted the care of body fat. Improving blood circulation will entail an increase in metabolic processes, normalization of metabolism, which means a faster return to normal weight and excellent well-being, and most importantly – without harm to the general health of a woman.
  • Postpartum exercises are performed in several stages. – by the time when you can start doing them. And remember: if childbirth was complicated and you stitchedif carried out C-section – the first four weeks, any sports activity is strictly contraindicated for you!
  • Even basic exercises should be started only after the doctor’s permission!
  • If the birth was painless and without complications for you, start with the permission of the doctor can be in the hospital

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So, what exercises after childbirth can and should be done by women, and when?

Effective postpartum exercises – video: what exercises can women do right after childbirth?

The first stage of classes is exercises that are recommended to start doing one or two days after the birth of the baby.

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Video: A set of exercises after childbirth to restore the figure

  • The most effective during this period is the Kegel exercise.
    It is done very simply: you should tighten the muscles of the perineum and anus for ten seconds – it should feel like you are pulling them into yourself. Then relax. This exercise must be repeated at least twenty times for each approach. During the day, it is advisable to do from two to three approaches.
  • Breathing exercises for the figure after childbirth are very effective.
    The first three are performed lying on your back, the fourth – on your side:
    1. The right hand is on the stomach, the left is on the chest. Take your time, inhale with your nose, exhale with your mouth, through slightly parted lips. Exhale gradually longer.
    2. Bend your elbows, resting your elbows on the bed, raise your chest, while taking a breath. Sink onto the bed, relax all muscles and exhale.
    3. Holding the head of the bed with your hands, straighten your legs, press them tightly together. Turn on the right side, then on the left side, return to the starting position – on the back. This exercise must be performed with calm, even and rhythmic breathing.
    4. Bend one leg at the knee, press it with your hand to your stomach, inhale. Lower and extend the leg, while exhaling with this movement. Turning over on the other side, repeat the exercise.

Exercise 4-5 days postpartum – exercise

The second stage of gymnastics after childbirth can begin to be performed on the fourth or fifth day. When starting more difficult exercises, check if you have distasis – divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles. Classes can be complicated and continued only if you do not have distasis, and only with the permission of a doctor!

  • A set of exercises for the abdomen and perineum 4-5 days after childbirth
    The first exercise is performed while lying on your back, the second – lying on your stomach, the third and fourth – in a position on all fours on a hard surface.
    1. Bend your knees alternately, rest your feet on the bed and raise your pelvis, pulling your stomach and perineum into you, as well as squeezing your buttocks. Lie on the bed and alternately straighten your knees, taking the starting position, and then be sure to relax.
    2. Holding onto the edge of the bed with your hands, lift your right leg up, be sure to make sure that the leg is straight, then return to its original position. Repeat the same with the left foot, then raise and lower both legs.
    3. Pulling in your stomach and perineum, arch your back and freeze in this position, tensing the muscles for a few seconds. Relax by returning to the starting position.
    4. Raise the leg (be sure to make sure that the leg is not bent at the knee), take it back and up and bend it, pulling it to the stomach. Return to starting position, repeat with the other leg.
  • At the same stage, it is necessary to include exercises for the chest and back.
    1. For chest: turning to face the wall, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Push up from the wall – slowly and making sure that your elbows are strictly parallel to the body.
    2. For the back: lie on your right side, stretch your right leg forward. Left hand – on the right knee, then take the right hand back to the maximum possible position, turn the head and shoulder in the same direction. Repeat five times in each direction.

What postpartum gymnastics should be performed in the later postpartum period?

Various exercises after childbirth are not difficult to find in the video: for example, the famous Cindy Crawford discs, as well as many other sets of physical exercises, which are designed for a later period, when the state of the woman’s body no longer affects the choice of exercises.

The main exercises that include the third stage, and which you can do after the start of the first period (if you are not feeding) either after stopping breastfeeding, include abs exercises, as well as on various muscle groups, which are responsible for a fit and slim figure.

Video: Gymnastics after childbirth

A set of exercises after childbirth for several months will help you transform, feel beautiful and slim, improve well-being, will allow you to receive a charge of good mood and cheerfulness every day.

Colady warns: all information provided is for informational purposes only, and is not a medical recommendation. Before performing a set of exercises after childbirth, be sure to consult your doctor!

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