Best long-lasting matte lipsticks

Long-lasting matte lipsticks - every woman's confidence!Lipstick is a must-have in every woman’s cosmetic bag. Many people can do without mascara, eyeshadow or powder, but almost all girls use lipstick, because it is a universal tool that gives lips any desired shade, from a natural tone to a rich color. Without lipstick, the image is incomplete, and it doesn’t matter for what purpose the makeup is done: for everyday work – or for a romantic date. A well-chosen lipstick can make your lips even more attractive.

There are many lip products: glossy and pearlescent lipsticks, moisturizing and nourishing, lip gloss. Today we take a look at a ranking of the 5 most popular long-lasting matte lipsticks.

Please note that the assessment of funds is subjective and may not coincide with your opinion.

The rating was compiled by the editors of the magazine

Guerlain: “Kiss-Kiss”

These long-lasting matte lipsticks from the French manufacturer will impress any woman. They have a pleasant structure, light shimmery shades and a whole palette of all kinds of colors.

This lipstick makes the lips juicy, and perfectly sets off the complexion. It looks natural and not defiant.

Guerlain Long Lasting Matte Lipstick: "Kiss-Kiss"

The lipstick contains only natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize the delicate skin of the lips. Thanks to its excellent structure and composition, it evenly covers the lips.

In addition, the company is famous for the pleasant design not only of the case, but also of the lipstick itself – each one is engraved with the Kiss-Kiss logo.

Cons: high cost, for the juiciness of the color of the lips, it is necessary to tint.

Millebaci: “Nouba”

These are lipsticks from an Italian manufacturer, incredibly durable and of high quality. They are part of the line of liquid lipsticks equipped with a thin sponge brush, thanks to which you can achieve uniform application from the first time.

Shades delight with variety, and even the most natural tone is bright and juicy.

Millebaci Long Lasting Matte Lipstick: "Nouba"

The consistency of the lipstick is thick and dense, it does not leave a greasy feeling on the lips, as it instantly hardens and lasts for a very long time.

The highlight of the lipstick is that it gently hides all the irregularities, and as if “merges” with the lips and face skin, which allows you to achieve a natural color.

Of the minuses: Due to its dense structure, it may cause slight discomfort on the lips.

NYX: “Soft Matte Lip Cream”

These liquid and long-lasting lipsticks from the American manufacturer are famous for their excellent quality, pleasant design and an extensive palette of shades (there are even very deep colors, including trendy burgundy and eggplant).

Each transparent tube (thanks to which the shade of lipstick is visible) is equipped with a soft and easy-to-use brush.

NYX Long Lasting Matte Lipstick: "Soft Matte Lip Cream"

The lipstick has a comfortable structure and a pleasant berry aroma. It is applied to the lips evenly and easily, can be easily removed with a make-up remover.

Also, the advantages include a relatively low cost in relation to the large volume of a tube of lipstick.

Cons: if there is a predisposition to dry skin, it can dry out the lips.

Golden Rose: “Velvet Matte”

Lipstick from a Turkish manufacturer, distinguished by durability, low cost, stylish design and a wide range of different shades (more than 20 colors for every taste). Here, in addition to the classics of red and pink tones, you can find trendy lilac and purple colors.

Long-lasting matte lipstick Golden Rose: "Velvet Matte"

The lipstick does not dry the skin, has a rich matte structure, and remains on the lips for at least five hours.

This is one of the best value for money options – natural composition, gentle application and natural juicy shades. The very case when cheap does not mean that it is worse than other lipsticks.

Cons: may be printed on contact, for example on dishes.

MAC: “Viva Glam”

These matte lipsticks from the German manufacturer have long won the love of many women. They are unusually persistent and delight with a variety of shades.

A delicate and pleasant structure, coupled with natural shades (without any extraneous shine), made these lipsticks popular and in demand, they are chosen for photo shoots and studio filming, thanks to the perfect matte shade.

Long-lasting matte lipstick MAC: "Viva Glam"

Lipsticks of this company do not spread even in the hottest season, hide all the irregularities of the lips, do not roll down and do not “eat up”.

This is the best option at an average price.

Cons: with a big stretch, only one can be distinguished – it dries the lips a little.

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