Top 10 Best Pharmacy Products For Strengthening Nails

Any girl will confirm to you that a manicure is one of the main components of a woman’s image. But there can be no good manicure without healthy and strong nails. To maintain the beauty of your hands, you do not have to buy expensive professional cosmetics. It is enough to skillfully use ordinary pharmaceutical products.

Many beauties have already tried the miraculous power of cheap pharmaceutical preparations on their nails, and they advise you to follow their example.

So, Bologny presents the top 10 best nail strengthening products that you will find in any pharmacy.

Top 10 pharmacy products for strengthening nails according to women's reviews
  • Sea salt is in every pharmacy. It can be clean and with various additives. For example, with healing clay. This salt has a grayish tint. It improves nail health and helps to cope with oily skin. And sea salt with lavender extract has an additional soothing effect on the skin of the hands.

The best drug from the pharmacy for strengthening nails according to women’s reviews.

A useful property of this pharmaceutical product is to strengthen nails. It has been noticed more than once that after a week’s vacation at the sea, the nails themselves heal and become stronger. An additional benefit of this remedy is that it is naturally fortified with iodine. Here it is in a more accessible form.

To prepare a cosmetic bath with sea salt, dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of salt in 0.5 liter of water and lower your fingertips there for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the skin will soften, and the nail plate will receive the necessary trace elements. Potassium and sodium will speed up metabolism, calcium will strengthen nails, silicon will increase elasticity, and manganese will improve the immune activity of cells.

Top 10 pharmacy products for strengthening nails according to women's reviews
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  • Iodine – the most affordable tool that helps to strengthen the nail plate. Than iodine is useful for the human body, the more for nails? The answer is simple. It is an element of marine origin. Even on an industrial scale, it is obtained from algae. Man, as established by science, also came out of the water. Therefore, iodine is related to our cells. It is essential for all life processes and serves as a conductor for nutrients and trace elements.

To strengthen nails, you need to paint a clean nail plate with iodine using a cotton swab. By the end of the day, and maybe even earlier, this paint will be completely absorbed. But it is permissible to apply a layer of decorative varnish on top of iodine.

The only warning for beauties: when treating nails, it is recommended to thoroughly moisturize your hands and nails with a nourishing cream. Because pharmacy iodine is an alcohol solution, and alcohol dries. The price of a bottle of iodine is no more than 60 rubles.

  • Healing paraffin or healing wax… These products can also be easily found at any pharmacy. They serve to moisturize the skin of the hands and nails. It’s no secret that dry nails begin to exfoliate, crumble and break. Firmness is an important characteristic of long nails. But you cannot use ordinary candles. We need a special flavored and refined paraffin. It has a warming effect, which is very beneficial in winter.

To prepare paraffin baths at home, you need to melt the paraffin in a water bath. This must be done carefully so that no water gets on it. You can add a few drops of essential oil. The melt temperature should not be too high, otherwise you may get burned.

Top 10 pharmacy products for strengthening nails according to women's reviews
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Before the procedure, you need to smear your hands with a nutritious, fatty cream or wear plastic gloves, and then dip your brushes in paraffin. And then, together with a layer of cosmetic product, cover them with a terry towel. In paraffin armor, hands need to hold about 20 minutes

  • Burr oil also allows you to moisturize your nails. Nourishing masks based on it are known in all cultures of the world. But for some reason, today everyone has forgotten about this beauty recipe. To make such a magic mask, in addition to burdock oil, you can add:
  • Sea buckthorn oil. It is enriched by nature with vitamins A, E, B1 and B2, which, in turn, have a beneficial effect on the condition of both nails and hands in general. The oil mixture should be applied twice a week for 5-10 minutes.
  • Vitamins A, E, C – beauty vitamins. A person needs them for a happy and healthy existence. Feel free to add vitamins A and E oil capsules to any cosmetic procedure, and also drink them separately. See also: The best dietary supplements for women’s health and beauty.
  • Almond oil – very gentle and light essential oil for your beauty. It contains vitamins A and E, softens the skin and moisturizes the nail plate. In addition, this oil is widely used for unedged manicure. Lubricate the cuticles with this product three times a week and push back the skin with a wooden stick. Over time, the growth rate of the cuticle will decrease. If you exclude edged manicure altogether, then skin growths will appear half as often.
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  • Coniferous essential oil. In addition, some representatives of essential cosmetics kill germs and bacteria. Citrus and coniferous oils are extremely useful for nails.
  • Vitamin complexes They will saturate your body with all the vitamins you need. As a result, not only nails, but also hair will cease to be capricious, the skin of the face will shine in a new way and, in general, the mood will rise. Because a woman’s appearance means a lot to her.
  • Clay. Despite the fact that clay dries out significantly the skin and nails, it is endowed with the necessary trace elements for their health. It is recommended to make masks – lotions on the entire surface of the brushes once every two weeks. But after clay wraps, it is imperative to use emollient creams.

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