15 Best Remedies To Prevent Electrifying Hair

Static charging in hair is one of the most common problems. In summer, the sun and salt water dries hair. In winter – frost and dry air. Hair builds up static electricity, stands on end, loses shine, and becomes brittle. And they should be smooth and silky! Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to them, and not to spare either money or time for this.

Today we will talk about the most effective ways to remove static electricity from hair.

To prevent hair from electrifying, it must be moisturized.

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  • Dry hair is usually electrified. So, for example, daily shampooing only aggravates the situation. So wash your hair every other day, use a cleansing shampoo only a couple of times a month, and the rest of the time, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
  • Try restorative procedures once a week, hair masksstore bought, or you can use home remedies for masks: mayonnaise, olive oil, or an egg.
  • Quickly remove electricity from hair will help plain water, mineral or thermal water in a spray – the liquid must be sprayed onto the hair, or moistened with damp palms. This method is effective, but, unfortunately, has a short-term effect.

Leave-in conditioner can help remove electricity from your hair.

He applies to wet hair and stays on until the next wash… Acts on the hair as a moisturizer on the skin.

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Leave-in conditioners are made without the use of an oil base, and their glycerin helps to detangle and easily moisturize the hair. Leave-in conditioner is good for long trips, relaxing on the beaches, swimming in sea water. It protects well-colored hair, protects against the effects of chlorinated and salty sea water. This leave-in conditioner is popular with those with unruly curly hair. It protects hair from frizz in hot summer weather by slightly straightening the hair.

Use an ionic hair dryer to reduce electrostatics on hair when drying

What to do if your hair is highly electrified: 15 ways to remove electricity from your hair
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Naturally, any electrical appliance additionally dries hair, making it thinner and more brittle. So protect hair when drying hair, apply hair serum, dry hair heaters with tourmaline coating and ionic hair dryer… This is a novelty in household appliances.

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The ionic hair dryer is an anti-static hair dryer. The principle of operation of this household appliance is simple: together with the hot air blown out, the hair dryer generates a stream of negative ions that neutralize the positive charges accumulated in the hair. This hair dryer dries hair quickly and gently, because ions are able to split a water molecule into very small particles. Hair becomes shiny and silky. In addition, thanks to modern technology, we will also save a little electricity, since the time spent on drying is less than that of a conventional hair dryer.

Correct brushing reduces static electricity in the hair

  1. Brush your hair as little as possible.
  2. Before combing, apply a little styling products or hairspray… Do not use products containing alcohol to style your hair.
  3. Choose your combs carefully: The best tool to go for is natural bristle brushes with wooden handles. In second place are metal combs and brushes. The third place is taken by flat wooden combs, or tools made of antistatic plastic.
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We humidify the air in the room so that the hair does not become electrified

Especially in winter, we have very dry air in our apartments. Install in the house humidifier – it can be an electric humidifier or a classic device attached to a radiator.

But you can use and free funds: put a wet towel on a hot radiator every day, or place small containers of water throughout the apartment, and especially in the bedroom. Purchase a device that determines the level of humidity in the room.

Anti-static wipes on hair

Exists special wipes for removing static electricity from clothes… With such a napkin, you can run it through your hair, and for a while you will remove the charge of static electricity.

To prevent hair from electrifying, use any cream

Remove static electricity from hair hand cream can help… Rub some of the cream between your palms and run it through your hair.

Grounding against static electricity in the hair

What to do if your hair is highly electrified: 15 ways to remove electricity from your hair
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When you take off troublesome clothes, can remove electricity by grounding – touch the available iron objects (radiator, metal door frame, etc.). When leaving the vehicle, grasp the body first so that you do not get an electrostatic shock when you close the door.

Changing shoes can help get rid of static electricity in your hair.

Rubber-soled shoes allow electrical discharges to build up in the hair, shoes with leather soles promotes better grounding, and therefore – eliminates excess electricity from clothes and hair. Therefore, opt for leather-soled shoes during times when your hair is most electrified.

To prevent the hair from electrifying, we choose the right headdress

Frequent removal and donning of the cap will help the hair become electrified. But, on the other hand, it is also impossible without a hat – hair must be protected from cold and wind. Choose a hat that is not too tight and does not interfere with free circulation. By itself, it is best to choose a headdress from natural materials… If you have a synthetic hat, treat it with an antistatic spray before going out.

What to do if your hair is highly electrified: 15 ways to remove electricity from your hair
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Anti-static spray for removing electricity from hair

Finally, there is antistatic hair spray… It is enough to spray a little, and the hair will be in perfect order.

Take care of your hair, the beauty given to you by nature, take care of them, and then they will listen to you in the present and you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

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