Billie Eilish in shorts, tank top and no makeup

We are used to seeing her in strange baggy outfits, behind which it was impossible to see the figure of a star, and even her face she often hid behind masks and dark glasses. Billie Eilish has always been distinguished by her secrecy and love for dimensionless and at the same time eccentric images, but the other day reporters filmed the star in an unusual role.

The young singer was walking around Los Angeles in ordinary shorts and a T-shirt, without makeup and numerous accessories.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish 3

Billie Eilish 2

As it turned out, the 18-year-old star boasts attractive shapes: lush breasts and slender legs. Of course, Billy has nothing to be ashamed of, and she can safely afford to try on more feminine and open images on the red carpet if she wants to change her image.

Depression, body shamers, and self-acceptance

As Billy herself said, the main reason why she hides her figure is the bodyshamers. Today, such a phenomenon as body shaming is flourishing, despite the active promotion of body positivity and tolerance: many people do not hesitate to discuss and condemn other people’s bodies on social networks and forums, and the yellow press sometimes does not miss the opportunity to criticize someone for kilograms or cellulite. Clothes became for Billy a universal protection from bodyshamers, but this did not save her from other accusations – already in bad taste.

“I don’t want the world to know everything about me. That is why I wear bulky baggy clothes – no one will be able to discuss my figure, because they have not seen what is under it, you know? “

Billie Eilish 4

In 2019, in her interview with Elle, the singer spoke about prolonged depression. For two years, the star struggled with clinical depression and felt absolutely unhappy: adolescence was very difficult for a celebrity, and hating only exacerbated the situation.

Billie Eilish 5

Fortunately, over time, Billy managed to overcome depression and self-doubt. According to the star, she has no ideals and standards, she does not want to adjust to the public or trends, her only goal is to be herself.

A rare shot: Billie Eilish in regular shorts and a T-shirt, no makeup and numerous accessories

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