Lady Gaga changed her image again

The singer and actress Lady Gaga, famous for her addiction to change of image and bright extravagant images, again surprised fans with a new hair color. This time, the queen of outrageous opted for turquoise shade. The celebrity has already posted on her page several fresh photos with an updated hairstyle and received many enthusiastic comments from fans.

  • “You’re just perfect,” wrote
  • “Magnificent Gaga!” – supported him by denia1xo.
  • “I didn’t expect this. Oh my God!” – migue.xcx

And also, many users have compared the new image of the singer with her provocative image in 2011, when the star tried on a bright turquoise hue.

The romantic image of the singer

During this year, the singer has already managed several times to change not only her hair color, but also her image as a whole. In the spring, the star pampered fans with romantic images in dresses and with pink hair.

Blonde rocker

Later, Gaga turned blonde and turned to a daring rocker look, posing in a revealing spiked latex suit and fishnet tights.

Long metallic hair

And at the MTV Video Music Awards, the shocking diva appeared with long metallic hair and managed to change as many as nine outfits for the whole event.

And in your opinion, what image suits the star the most?

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