How to take a soda bath for weight loss

All women strive for the perfection of their figures. And the fight against extra centimeters is part of the compulsory “alignment with the ideal” program. Of course, success comes only when you approach the task in a complex manner. Therefore, the effectiveness of soda baths is possible only in combination with the necessary physical activity and a certain diet.

How effective is a bath with soda for weight loss and how to take it correctly? Read up at Colady.

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How to take a baking soda bath correctly: general rules for taking a baking soda bath

According to experts, soda is the best remedy on the list of those that interfere with the absorption of fats. In the process of taking a soda bath, the skin is steamed, the pores open and the subsequent sweating with cleansing of toxins / toxins, with the activation of processes necessary for normal skin, and, accordingly, with a decrease in weight.

The benefits of a soda bath are as follows:

  • Normalization of metabolism with intoxication of the body.
  • Fight cellulite due to deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Cleansing the lymphatic system.
  • Healthier skin – removal of allergic reactions, inflammation and irritation, tightening of sagging skin, gaining elasticity and smoothness of the skin, softening rough skin on the heels / elbows, effective fight against dry eczema, seborrhea and fungal diseases.
  • Relaxation of the nervous system with overexcitation, stress, fatigue.
  • Improving blood circulation, removal of edema.

But to ensure maximum effect, you need to clearly follow the rules for taking soda baths… The procedure should not cause deterioration of health or harm to the body.

How to take a bath with soda for weight loss

How to take a sleepy bath for weight loss?  Reviews of losing weight
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  1. Soda and soda-salt baths are taken in the course – 10 procedures, each – 15-20 minutes, every other day
  2. You should not take such a bath in the morning. Perfect timing – before bedtime after a walk and a warm shower.
  3. The water temperature must strictly not exceed 38 degrees – it is dangerous. As for the dosage – 200 g of baking soda is used for 200 liters of water. Moreover, the soda should be dissolved first in 3-4 liters of water, and only then add water to the whole bath.
  4. Full immersion in a soda bath is not recommended – she is taken to the waist (better – sitting). And hands, chest and back are enough to pour from a ladle.
  5. Do not dry yourself after the procedure. – just blot your body with a towel, or better just wrap yourself in a sheet.
  6. You can eat only an hour after the bath

Who shouldn’t take a baking soda bath

A soda bath should be discarded in case of heart and respiratory problems, ARVI, temperature, gynecological diseases, varicose veins, diabetes, skin problems and pregnancy. In all cases, a doctor’s consultation is recommended.

How to make a slimming soda bath

In addition to the main recipe (200 l of water / 200 g of soda), there are several popular soda bath recipes that are considered the most effective and beneficial for weight loss and skin health.

  • Soda-salt bath.
    The main emphasis is on the loss of extra centimeters. Water – standard temperature and quantity (200 liters, not higher than 38 degrees). Add 300 g of baking soda mixed with sea salt (0.4 kg) in a bucket of warm water until the crystals are completely dissolved. Then we pour the solution into the bath and for 15-20 minutes we forget about everything except our ideal body in the future. Then we wrap ourselves in a blanket and go to bed until morning.
  • Bath “No cellulite!”
    We reduce the effect of the orange peel with the help of sea salt (300 g), soda (200 g) and a couple of drops of essential citrus oil dissolved (according to the same scheme) in warm water. For a pleasant rest – 15 minutes. You also don’t need to rinse yourself – just wrap yourself up and go to bed.

Video: how to make a soda bath for weight loss

Don’t forget to consult with a specialist!

Colady reminds: by performing your own therapeutic baths at home, you take full responsibility for non-compliance with the methods. Before using the baths, be sure to consult your doctor!

What do you think of soda baths? Share your opinion with us!

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