Birkenstock fashion shoes – what to wear with the new birkenstock models

Birkenstock fashion shoes - what to wear with the new birkenstock modelsBirkenstock (as we used to call Birkenstock shoes) are classic summer slippers worn by people of all ages. A completely new model joins the brand assortment this spring. So, Birkenstock Yao is fully consistent with the brand’s slogan “put on and wear with anything”, and look even more versatile footwear for all occasions.

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Another addition to your wardrobe, these slides with narrow straps are a great addition to your wardrobe, and you can wear them out in the café, for a walk, take them with you on vacation – or just happily wear them as your casual shoes.

Fashionable birkenstock - what to wear with sandals?

Birkenstock fashion shoes - what to wear with the new birkenstock models

The crossover straps on this model are thinner than the traditional version and are located closer to the toes (as in the Birkenstock Mules version). Thanks to the comfortable cork insole (which, in fact, the brand is famous for), they are simply irreplaceable in the spring-summer season.

By the way, how and with what can they be combined?

1. As a great addition to a white ensemble

Choose a pair of metallic copper birken stocks if you want to add a little variety to your look without visually cluttering the white garment.

Birkenstock copper metallic

Birkenstock copper metallic

2. Make the midi skirt casual

When you are going on vacation, or even to work (of course, if the dress code allows) – try to combine such a bow: a stylish midi skirt and a T-shirt – plus snow-white birkenstocks.

Birkenstock white

Birkenstock white

It’s discreet, elegant, and comfortable.

3. As part of a monochrome ensemble

If your outfit is in red and pink, complement it with metallic silver Yao birken stocks.

Birkenstock silver metallic

They perfectly complete the look, look unconventional and even give a little playfulness.

4. As a “thinner” for bright colors

If you are dressed from head to toe in red, it would be wise to go for accessories in white.

Birkenstock white

The red color, of course, looks somewhat provocative and defiant, so a white bag and birkenstocks will somewhat soften such insolence.

5. As a “softener” of rainbow shades

If your clothes contain a large number of colors, say, warm shades – choose slippers in copper metallic color to avoid color overload.

Birkenstock copper metallic

Copper complements the pastel colors of the fabric, and also brings a little originality and chic to the image.

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6. Combined with classic casual wear

Wear simple light-colored jeans and a one-button blazer.

Birkenstock silver metallic

Classic silver birken stocks will make your look free and completely casual.

7. Upgrade your discreet casual look

Prefer a classic ensemble of a button-down shirt, khaki pants and a chunky crossbody or shoulder bag?

Birkenstock white

Be a little cocky and complement your bow with some hippie and breaking birkenstocks.

8. Add some personality

For a simple everyday look that is far from classic, choose simple models, but in very interesting combinations.

Birkenstock silver metallic

Case in point: a silk button-down shirt, khaki skinny pants, and silver birkenstocks.

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