Body type and character of a woman – determine your type

Psychologists have conducted a lot of research, during which it was precisely established: the character of a woman is associated with the type of her figure. Are you ready to discover your character by figure? Then this material is for you.

Standards of female figures in different historical eras

The concept of the ideal figure of a woman has been constantly changing over the years.

During the Paleolithic period, which is more than 12 thousand years BC. e., the recognized ideal of female beauty was considered hypertrophied forms. This fact is confirmed by the statuettes that were discovered in the course of archaeological research.

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In ancient times, the cult of female beauty was given to a tall, young, long-legged girl with small breasts, a majestic walk and a graceful article.

The times of the Middle Ages are associated with a woman-mother. Therefore, the ideal of the female body was then equated with a figure that was already devoid of femininity: unexpressed hips, shapeless waist and round belly.

During the Renaissance, curvy women were cultivated. The character in the shape of the figure was largely determined by the era in which the woman lived.

Psychologists have proven that a woman's character is associated with the type of her figure.  Find out your type
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During the era of Classicism, a figure that strictly corresponded to the established parameters was considered ideal: a string waist pulled by a corset to the limit, a lush large chest and snow-white skin that had no flaws. It turns out that the character and figure of a person are interconnected.

Take the character-to-body test: Psychologists have proven that a woman’s character is related to her body shape – find out your type

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In the era of the Enlightenment, naturalness is recognized as an ideal female body and beauty, that is, a woman is accepted in any body that has its own advantages and characteristics.

In the 19th century, a woman with good, magnificent breasts and chic forms again became the ideal of beauty.

However, in the 20th centuries, a radically different image becomes the ideal of a woman’s beauty, and now short skirts, a pumped-up tummy, slender legs and refined shoulders, such a femininity with a share of eroticism are in fashion.

Ideal female figure – golden ratio

It is really possible to recognize the character by the figure – this is what psychologists believe. Nowadays, a stereotypical ideal has appeared, to which everyone is uncontrollably striving – “90-60-90”.

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However, according to the majority, this ideal is far from ideal. After all, the variety of preferences and addiction to this or that ideal should satisfy only one thing: certain parameters of the female figure, breast size, leg length, hip and shoulder width do not matter if the proportions between them are not observed.

For the first time this topic was covered by the great Leonardo. It was da Vinci who put forward the famous theory. He devoted her to the study of the uniform proportions of the human figure.

Based on da Vinci’s theory, a classification of the most common types of female figures later appears. The classification is based on the proportions and ratios of the size of the female shoulders and the width of the hips.

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Type “A” – pear

Characteristic features for him are the impressive size of the thigh, which, in comparison with the shoulders, becomes much larger and the waist is rather thin.

This type of figure is most often liked by men, but for women it is also considered the most problematic, because the owners of a pear figure most often have to deal with cellulite. If you make an effort and lose weight, then the pear-shaped figure is easily transformed to the ideal.

A pear-shaped figure presupposes the predominant deposition of excess fat in the lower body: on the thighs, on the buttocks, in the back of the legs and calves, maybe in the waist. This means that in order to get rid of unwanted deposits and problems, it is necessary to do physical strength exercises, to give the body strength loads, namely to muscle groups in the leg area.

Along with physical activity, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, namely:

  1. Eliminate very fatty foods, do not eat fried and spicy foods at all.
  2. Drink tea and coffee to a minimum.
  3. To a minimum, consume the meat of cows, pigs and other animals, replacing it with chicken, turkey and fish.
  4. Plan your daily diet properly.
  5. Every day you need to eat cereals, various grain products, a lot of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables.
  6. Eliminate sweets completely. If you really can’t do it at all, then very rarely indulge yourself with oriental sweets, such as marmalade, marshmallow or marshmallow.

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Body type – hourglass

This type of figure is considered the closest to ideal. It is in such a figure that the proportions are clearly observed, the volume of the hips corresponds to the shoulders, the waist is clearly outlined. Even if a girl puts on a few pounds in weight, excess deposits go where they need to and settle in the hips and chest.

The only significant flaw in this type of figure is the “ears” that appear in the hips during the increase in weight. To restore shape, girls with such a figure need to correct their diet and strengthen their body structures.

The main exercises for you:

  • Sports running.
  • Exercises on the steps.
  • Aerobics.
  • Raising the legs from a prone position.
  • Exercises for the abs.
  • Back exercises.
  • Hand exercises (use dumbbells).
  • Dances in any direction.

There are no serious dietary restrictions for girls with an “hourglass” figure, but this does not mean that you can eat everything in unlimited quantities.

When choosing clothes, pay attention to styles that emphasize the waist.

The main accessory should be a wide belt. In fabrics, preference is given to materials that fit the figure; styles should be light. It’s important that sophisticated clothing celebrates the benefits of your body.

Shape type “H” – banana

The main feature of the “H” figure is the even distribution of fat throughout the body. This means that girls with a type of figure, also called “Rectangle”, easily get better. However, as soon as a girl loses weight, her body is as close as possible to the ideal type “X”.

The main problem with a rectangular shape is the belly and waist. Solving these problems, in a nutshell, the load on the body, mainly running marathons, race walking, abs, back exercises, hula-hoop exercises and swimming.

Along with exercise, it is imperative to observe strict control and calculation of the daily calorie intake. A low carbohydrate protein diet is recommended.

As for the items of clothing, girls with the “Rectangle” body type are recommended to wear items made of coarse fabrics. Geometric lines should be fuzzy, patterns in clothes outline the waist favorably. Stylistically, it is better for girls to stick to classic clothes, wear pants with a low waist. It is better to choose cuts oval or square, sleeves are only short or without them at all. A belt should become an obligatory attribute of a wardrobe.

It is important to remember that accents should be placed in the chest and legs.

Shape type “V” – triangle

Women with this type of figure are closest to the ideal. However, their long legs, attractive hips, fragile waist and small breasts continue with broad shoulders that do not fit into the big picture at all. This makes the Inverted Triangle shape massive. Excess fat goes exactly to the shoulders and neck.

To bring the female triangle body closer to the ideal, girls need to correctly balance the top and bottom of the body. Exercises with a serious weight bearing will help in this.

Among physical exercises, the most recommended are:

  • Aerobics with weights.
  • Classes on cardiovascular equipment.
  • Skiing.
  • Walking and running fast, with weights.

Physical activity must be combined with proper nutrition, which involves eating a lot of carbohydrates and vegetables. Limit the intake of pork and lamb, switch to poultry and fish. Inverted Triangle breakfast should be digestible and dinner very nutritious.

When buying a blouse, pay attention only to the V-shaped necklines, and in the coloring, give preference to the vertical strip. Pants should only be skintight at the top. The range of colors is preferably dark, but when choosing skirts or pants, you can use lighter shades. It is better to use fabrics that are stiff, stricter.

Accessories should include bracelets, earrings and angular shoes.

The most important emphasis should be placed on the legs – this is the advantage of the rectangle shape.

Shape type “O” – apple

The main drawback and main feature of the “O” type figure is the complete absence of a waist. At the same time, girls with “apple” shapes are the owners of slender legs, beautiful hips, refined arms, fragile shoulders and graceful posture. But the lack of a waist spoils everything! Excess fat spreads around the waist, abdomen and back.

To rectify the situation, girls with an “Apple” figure should draw attention to their face and to the neckline, and then immediately to the legs. The problem area must be corrected by physical activities and a special diet.

The main physical recommendations are a set of exercises for the press and classes with a hula-hoop.

The main diet is a clear regimen and the complete elimination of quick snacks. It is important to start the day with a hearty breakfast full of carbohydrates, continue with a fatty lunch, and end with a light dinner with fiber.

To visually improve the outlines of the figure, you need to skillfully choose clothes.

Asymmetry is considered to be the main assistant for lengthening the figure and correcting the “Apple” body type with the help of clothes. That is, the wardrobe must have skirts with an oblique edge, sleeves of blouses of different cuts.

Show off your slender legs and gorgeous breasts with a sheath dress, for example.

Do not neglect accessories, for example, complement the image with necklaces, massive earrings, bracelets. Eliminate belts.

Did the description fit your type? Let us know in the comments!

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