Bruce Cutler Net Worth

Bruce Cutler Net Worth

During his career as a criminal defense attorney, Bruce Cutler has earned an estimated net worth of $45. Million. The exact figure will vary greatly from this estimate because of the many factors involved. Among them are the amount of time he has spent in the public eye and his earnings from his many roles as a lawyer.

Before he became an attorney, Cutler worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Kings County, New York. He graduated from Hamilton College and went on to law school at Brooklyn Law School. As an attorney, he became involved in a string of trial acquittals for the Gambino crime family’s head, John Gotti.

After graduating from Brooklyn Law School, Cutler joined the private practice of attorney Barry Slotnick. As a criminal defense attorney, he made appearances on Court TV with attorney Ed Hayes. After his stint with the government, Cutler returned to private practice. He also wrote a book about his career, Closing Argument.

In 1990, Cutler represented Gotti when he was arrested for the 1985 homicide of Paul Castellano. The managing judge at the trial, Presiding judge I. Leo Glasser, barred Cutler from representing Gotti. The judge warned Cutler not to speak to the media during the proceedings.

At Gotti’s trial, the government accused Cutler of getting too close to Gotti and using him as a house counsel for the crime family. They claimed that Cutler was aware of the illicit behavior of Gotti and his associates based on wiretaps at Gotti’s Ravenite social club. Despite this, the federal authorities were unable to prove that Cutler was a “house counsel” for the crime family.

After the case was over, Cutler was sentenced to 600 hours of community service and fined $5,000. He was also ordered to serve a 90-day house arrest. The conviction did not affect his standing with the New York State Bar Association.

He has appeared in numerous television shows, including This Week, Night Falls on Manhattan, Canterbury’s Law, and Jury Duty with Bruce Cutler. He also appeared in a cameo appearance in the fourth season of the television show Blue Bloods.

In 2001, Cutler appeared in the Robert De Niro film 15 Minutes. This film is a crime action thriller about apprehending Eastern European murderers. It also stars homicide detective De Niro and fire marshal Burns.

During his career, Cutler has also appeared in several films, such as Night Falls on Manhattan, Canterbury’s Law, Jury Duty, and 15 Minutes. He has also appeared on the television show Hayes. He is the godfather of Hayes’ daughter, Avery. His wife, Gladys, has separated from him after a period of time.

After his marriage, Cutler was remarried to Barbara. However, their relationship ended due to irreconcilable disagreements. The couple had one son, Michael, born in 1997. The two are separated and prefer to keep their lives as private as possible. The two have registered an email address and a telephone number.

In 2004, the government argued that Cutler was a potential witness to the criminal activity of his former client, John Gotti. The government claimed that the wiretaps at Gotti’s Ravenite club showed that Cutler had thought about the crime.

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