What is shugaring? All answers to questions about sugar hair removal

Epilation … For many women, this word is associated with unpleasant sensations, as usually the fight against unwanted vegetation gives a lot of pain. But there is a wonderful way to remove hair with … sugar! This procedure is painless and can be carried out at home without any special devices.

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What is shugaring?

Sugaring - sugar hair removal at homeShugaring Is a method of hair removal using sugar and honey that has been used for a long time. Some sources report that such the method was used by Queen Nefertiti herself, and then Cleopatra… This method was especially popular. in ancient Persia… Local residents prepared their own mixture for shugaring and passed the recipe down from generation to generation… Due to its oriental origin, shugaring is also called “Persian hair removal”.

Of course, at that time, the choice of products for removing unwanted hair was small, unlike today. However, the fact that sugar hair removal, after millennia, is popular among women, speaks in favor of this method.

Sugaring - sugar hair removal at homeExists two types of sugar hair removal: sugaring and sugar waxing. The latter is very similar to wax epilation: a semi-liquid mass is applied to the skin, then a napkin is glued and torn from the body with a sharp movement.

Classic shugaring is depilation with a sugar ball-“toffee”. Let’s talk about this procedure in more detail.

Advantages and Benefits of Sugar Hair Removal

Compared to other types of hair removal, this procedure has a lot advantages:

  1. The mixture for shugaring is hypoallergenicas it consists of natural ingredients.
  2. Sugar paste is perfect for those with sensitive, irritating skin
  3. Due to the fact that the mixture is applied to small areas of the body, pain sensations decrease
  4. The sugar ball is cooled to a temperature where it can be handled painlessly. Wherein the possibility of burns is excluded
  5. During this procedure applied sugar paste against hair growth, but is removed in the direction of hair growth, which further excludes the appearance of inflammation and ingrown hairs.
  6. The method differs in its cheapness, because you only need sugar and lemon for this. And the recipe for making pasta itself is very simple, so you can cook it at home.

Disadvantages of sugaring (sugar hair removal)

  1. Before carrying out such a procedure hairs should be “grown”. In this case, their removal will be more successful. Length hair must be at least 3 mm, ideally – 5. Paste removes longer hair without breaking it. Shugaring is powerless against the removal of short hairs (1-2 mm), so it is not suitable for emergency situations.
  2. Sugar Velcro it takes a long time to crumple fingers.
  3. This method not suitable for those who cannot tolerate the components of sugar pastess

PerSugaring - sugar hair removal at homeby carrying out the procedure at home

  • Cleanse your skin scrub in two days before epilation.
  • To make epilation less painful, before epilation, so that the skin is steamed, take a bath
  • Lotions and creams should not be used, as the skin must be dry!

V at home – instructions

Sugar hair removal at home is very easy to do.

You will need: sugar, water, lemon, as well as patience and time.

Sugar paste composition:

  • 1 kg of sugar, 8 tbsp. l. water, 7 tbsp. l. lemon juice. From such a number of ingredients, you will end up with quite a lot of product, enough for several procedures.
  • However, since the first time not everyone succeeds in preparing it correctly, you can make it in smaller quantities: 10 tbsp. l. sugar, 1 tbsp. l. water, lemon juice.

Making sugar paste:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and place on the stove. Turn on high heat for one minute (no more!), While stirring the mass with a spoon.
  2. Then reduce heat to low, cover the pan with a lid and let the mixture simmer for ten minutes. Sugar will begin to melt during this time.
  3. After ten minutes, stir again, cover again and leave for ten minutes.
  4. Then mix everything again (the mixture should already gurgle) and leave under the lid for another ten minutes. The syrup will gradually begin to foam, will take on a caramel smell and brown color.
  5. Leave on the stove for another five minutes, stir, but leave the lid off.
  6. After that, remove the pan from the heat and mix everything well again. So, the sugar paste is ready!
  7. Pour the contents of the pan into a plastic container and leave there until it cools down (about three hours).
  8. To carry out the procedure, you will need a small part of such a mass: for depilation of legs – 4-5 “taut” balls, and for the bikini zone – 2-3.
  9. Before using the paste again, place the container in a water bath and heat to the desired temperature (make sure that the water level in the pot matches the level of the paste in the container).
  10. And remember: you cannot store the sugar mass in the refrigerator!

The shugaring procedure itself:

So let’s get started!

  1. Take a piece of caramel and knead it with your fingers. Do this until the mass turns from dark and dense to elastic and soft “toffee”.
  2. As soon as the ball becomes soft like plasticine, you can start the procedure
  3. Apply the sugar mass to the skin, pressing it firmly against the area to be epilated, and roll it with your fingers against the growth of the hair.
  4. And then, in the direction of hair growth, tear off the “toffee” with a sharp movement.
  5. To remove all hairs, repeat the sugar epilation procedure two or three times in one area.
  6. Rinse off the remaining sugar mass with warm water.
  7. Do not forget track during the procedure behind the direction of hair growth, since they grow differently on different parts of the body. Also, do not make shugarint in the bathroom: the skin will be wet in this case.

How not to do sugar epilation – mistakes!

  • If the sugar paste sticks strongly to your hands, it means that it has not cooled down enough.
  • If the ball is very hard and cannot be kneaded, a drop of hot water will help.
  • Did not help? You are probably wrong about the proportions.
  • To fix this, put the mass in a water bath, add one tablespoon of water.
  • When the mixture melts and boils, remove it from the bath and, after mixing thoroughly, cool.

What to do after home hair removal with sugar. Consequences

Do not take a hot bath or exercise immediately after shugaring, otherwise the sweat will irritate the skin.

Do not sunbathe for two days after the procedure, and after three days, to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, do a scrub.

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