Can a woman be happy without a man

At the beginning of the New Year, I want to talk about women’s happiness. On the Internet, you can often see advice on how to build a happy relationship with your husband, with children, and the last interview with Emma Malinina was on this topic: “How to Raise Happy and Successful Children”.

But what about women who, for some reason, are now without a relationship – they do not have a beloved man, perhaps they do not have children yet. Is women’s happiness really impossible without these components? We asked a very wise, successful and successful woman in all respects, Emma Malinina, about this.

Emma Malinina
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Colady: Emma, ​​hello. If you ask our grandmothers: “Can a woman be happy if she does not have a man?” – they will answer: “No, it is impossible. A woman should be FOR her husband, and if a woman cannot meet a man, then she needs to work on herself and hunt for her feminine happiness. ” Do you agree with this opinion?

Emma: Indeed, our grandmothers are used to thinking that every woman needs to look for her “soul mate”, as if without a man we are inferior. But halves make people a little limited. In my opinion, everything in the world has changed and now there is the concept of “whole”.

An accomplished person can be happy alone with himself. There are people who pause without a relationship absolutely happily, consciously – in order to meet not just a partner, but their person. This is a modern trend, in my opinion.

And true happiness in marriage is characteristic only of whole natures. A woman can do housework, a child, solve some everyday issues, and at the same time be in harmony with herself. In fact, everyday life is also a very important aspect and is usually led by very organized women. Therefore, the level of maturity and self-sufficiency of a person ensures happiness for both the woman herself and the partner who will be near. Such a person will no longer allow himself to live with a person who offends her, humiliates her and makes her unhappy.

Emma Malinina
Photo @doktoremmamalinina

In the relationship between friendship and love, there is an equal sign, since if there is no friendship, then after the passion passes, the relationship will break on the soil of misunderstanding. Friendship is when people want to talk to each other, consult, even keep quiet nearby. This energy exchange is the fire that is said to be “hearth”.

It is ideal when everyone in the family is busy with their favorite business, and they share only everyday functions among themselves. In our family it is like this: my husband records a disc, composes music, children are busy with their development, I am engaged in my new project. And when we get together, filled, joyful – we have something to share, something to tell each other about. This is very valuable.

Therefore, it is necessary to educate a girl so that she finds herself, first of all, as a person. Every child must reveal their talent. What is in it will bring her / him happiness. If a girl gets married at 18 in order to do nothing, then I will not ask this person if he is happy.

Emma Malinina 2
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Colady: Thousands of women admire your example of a successful business woman, wife and mother, but not everyone succeeded in starting a family and continuing life as children. Do you think a woman can fully realize herself without giving birth to a child? Without getting married?

Emma: Many questions come to me on instagram:

– Emma, ​​do you really think that a person by himself cannot be happy?

– I have a successful job, a late child was born, and I am alone, today I do not have a husband – how can I be?

And I want to tell these women that society is imposing this stereotype on us. Every person is looking for happiness within themselves. You need to understand your goals in life, to reveal yourself as a person, to be realized in some business, not for the sake of money, but for the sake of pleasure. Later, money will come to this pleasure.

A woman should be self-sufficient, even if she does not have a husband and children. How to do it? It’s first of all to find yourselfStop engaging in empty conversations with friends, constantly complaining to them about life, constantly discussing someone, looking into other people’s fates. Stop doing this altogether, as this destroys your own space and hinders development.

You need to concentrate on yourself: on their goals, tasks, make a personal plan. The most important competition in life is with yourself. Any our victory over ourselves gives inner satisfaction and brings self-confidence. This is how you can increase your self-esteem and change your attitude.

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As soon as a person has an inner glow, a feeling of inner satisfaction with himself, his happiness, when you feel good about yourself, then you give the inner sun to others and people are drawn to you like magnets. And this is the only meaning. The amount of money does not bring happiness, a husband who exists, but you do not love him and you do not have a mutual energy exchange – does not give happiness either. Happiness is in us! And a person who can make himself happy – he will make his loved ones happy too.

The main thing is to bring the sun into the world inside yourself and give it to people. If you are in some way useful to our Universe, then the Universe gives you grace. You will definitely meet a teacher, guide, like-minded person – and only in the system of such a society do you understand that you have a person who is close to you in spirit. And then you are happy with all your soul.

I like to look at beautiful people, but not in terms of appearance, but at those who speak correctly, bring creative things into the world. But the greatest delight in me is caused by people who have everything: status, material well-being, realized ideas that bring goodness to the world. I like it when these people share their experience, share everything that people need.

Emma Malinina 4
Photo @doktoremmamalinina

Colady: A lonely successful woman comes home – how to feel happy?

Emma: A woman can be happy even during periods of loneliness that everyone has, since she is losing something in herself or has not yet found it. The state of inner loneliness is a divine state. When a woman grows spiritually, a conversation with herself takes place in this inner loneliness.

During this period, you need to stop looking for the approval of others. What do you care what others think of you? You need to learn to make decisions for yourself and learn to feel if you are making the right choice. Don’t ask others about it. It is important at this moment not to connect to other people!

A lot of women switch to friends, to advice, but you yourself need to look for some impulses from general information that make it possible to focus on yourself and find a desire, an inner urge: what do you want to do next, maybe change your profession, job, city, country. You need to move where the inner voice calls you. Learn to listen to him and stop waiting for approval from others.

Emma Malinina 5
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Colady: What other steps on the path to happiness can you highlight?

Emma: You also need to learn not to get angry. In order to be happy, you cannot be offended by anyone and you do not need to blame anyone for your failures.

And also you need to constantly work on yourself. I disagree with the phrase “Accept yourself as you are.” This does not mean that you should accept yourself as a sleepy fly that does not want to do anything.

My expression goes like this: “Change yourself to the way you see yourself.” A person must love himself. And if you love yourself, change yourself and bring yourself into the shape you dream of. After all, every woman has her own ideal. Another thing is that you need to treat yourself sensibly, for example, a woman who has given birth to a child. She cannot lose weight the next day. If she feeds the child, then 9 months are carried out and 9 months need to be laid for the body to return to its previous shape.

You need to give yourself time and the opportunity to change in the direction in which you want. Internal dissatisfaction is a great stimulus for working on yourself, in order to feel better, more confident in yourself.

Self-confidence comes only when you have done something with great willpower, with great results. Even if you are beautiful on the outside, but there is no inner fullness – the shell does not mean anything. And beauties are unhappy, because they are carried away by improving the outer shell, not always thinking about the inner content.

Life is what you yourself put into it. And in order for it to be perfect, you need to work on it, make great efforts. Happiness is the conscious desire to make your life better.

Emma Malinina 6
Photo @doktoremmamalinina

A person as a person matters in and of itself. And this feeling of happiness does not depend on the presence of a partner in life. You can become even happier when you meet your person, become even more fulfilled. He will, as it were, come to that light that burns inside you and harmonious relationships will expand the space, and you will become even more fulfilled, happy, and you will begin to develop even faster.

But remember the main thing – the very feeling of happiness is within us.

With this article, I want to give the readers an impulse for the inner bell to ring: “Yes, that’s right, I think so too, and I want to be like that.”

Do not doubt yourself – you will succeed! I believe in every woman who is on the path to her happiness.

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