Can I swim during my period? Pros and cons. Precautionary measures

It so happens that during the planned vacation, which you planned to spend practically without getting out of the water, your period comes. And what to do in such a situation? Will it be dangerous for your body to spend a lot of time in water?

Can I swim during my period?

Doctors believethat during menstruation it is best to avoid swimming in water or limit it as much as possible. At this time, the immunity of the female body is weakened, and the cervix expands. This suggests that the risk of infection in the body increases.

But what to do if you still want to swim?

Observe the following precautions!

  • Bathing during menstruation.  Pros and cons.First of all, in such cases, the situation is saved by such hygiene products as tampons… They both absorb moisture and protect you from infection. But it should be remembered that in such a situation, you will have to change the tampon more often, and best of all after each bath.
  • Create additional protection for the body. Naturally, if your immunity weakens at this time, then it can be supported. taking vitamins and eating fruits and vegetables
  • Choose your period for bathing when discharge is less intense

Where can and where not to swim during your period?

About taking a bath

Taking a bath during menstruation is also not advised, all the same due to infection, but it is the water in the bathroom that you can control. You can add chamomile decoction to the water, which is an excellent antiseptic, or you can prepare some other decoction that has properties similar to chamomile.

You can also significantly reduce the time you spend lying in the bathroom, 20-30 minutes will be the best option.

Remember not to take a hot bath during your period!

About swimming on critical days in various bodies of water

Naturally, it is best to protect yourself from swimming in enclosed bodies of water such as a pond or lake. But swimming in a river or in sea water is quite allowed

Don’t forget about the water temperature too. After all, it is known that bacteria grow best in a warm environment, so cool water is safer for you in this case.
Swimming in the pool, you also do not run a very high risk of getting an infection, because, as a rule, the water in the pool is monitored and cleaned.

Opinions of women from forums about swimming during menstruation


It is really quite possible to swim on the beach (at least I swam more than once), the main thing is to pick up tampons with high absorbency and change them more often than usual (after each swim).


I don’t swim only for the first or first two days – I look at my health.
And so – and gynecologists do not even mind, you can swim.
There are no problems with a tampon at all, the only thing is that I prefer to swim a lot and for a long time, and then immediately change the tampon.
This is if without paranoia, otherwise I somehow rested with a girl, she studied in honey. institute in her third year, and so she swam in the sea (on any day of the cycle) only with a tampon soaked in some kind of disinfectant.


If such a situation has arisen, then of course you can !! These things always come at the wrong time. The main thing is to change tampons more often, after all, the heat, summer and everything will be ok.


I went to the sea last year, on the very first day I started my period! I was very upset, and then I spat and bathed with a tampon, but the main thing is not to shake, that something gets hit, I always forget with tampons that I have my period. And when I tried the tampon for the first time, I looked at the instructions and easily coped!


During menstruation, there is a detachment of the uterine mucosa, i.e. the entire surface of the uterus is a continuous wound. And if an infection gets there, it will surely be “accepted” on fertile soil. But getting there is not so easy. So this, again, is not so much a prejudice, but a reassurance. In our rather dirty pond, I do not swim on such days. And in the sea – nothing …

Do you swim somewhere during your period?

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