Children’s modeling agencies – ranking of the best and signs of the bad

Children's modeling agencies: the best - and where exactly you shouldn't take your child to the castingThe magical world of the modeling business, which surrounds us literally everywhere, attracts not only adults, but also children. Beautiful photos in magazines, fashion posters and advertising signs, from which adorable children’s faces smile at us, automatically attract our eyes and make us wonder – why not? Why is my child worse?

If such an idea came to you, then it will be useful to learn how to choose the best agency and how not to face scammers.

The content of the article:

  1. What is a children’s modeling business, how does it work?
  2. Pros and cons of a child’s classes in modeling
  3. How to choose the best modeling agency
  4. 5 best modeling agencies for kids in Russia
  5. Signs of scammers – be careful!

What is a children’s modeling business, and how does it work?

For every mother, her child is the most beautiful in the world, the most beautiful and fashionable. And every 3rd mother would like to make her child a star.

Moreover, most of them think that it is enough for a child to be nice so that all the benefits of the world begin to pour down to his feet. And absolutely no more talents are needed, except to smile beautifully, walking on the catwalk and charming everyone with dimples on their cheeks.

It is on these parental feelings and desires that dishonest modeling agencies play, shamelessly manipulating the parental thirst for fame for their children.

How does a modeling agency work

What is a children’s modeling business?

There are not so many really worthwhile children’s modeling agencies in Russia. These agencies recruit only professional teachers, photographers and other specialists, they work with full dedication, and in the list of goals of such agencies there is definitely no siphoning money from parents.

Against! The kids in such agencies, although they have to work hard, are also quickly moving up the model career ladder, gradually growing from faces in advertising to popular famous models and novice actors, while earning decent money at such a young age. How to become a model from scratch?

And it happens in another way …

The modeling business can lead parents and their young model not only to Olympus, but also to a dead end. In most cases, alas, agencies are created as screens behind which non-professionals of the modeling business and outright swindlers siphon the last money from parents overwhelmed by vanity.

Moreover, the contract is usually drawn up in such a way that the parents are left practically “without pants” – in exchange for a promise to “teach something” to their child. And – nothing more.

Because no one guarantees real promotion, shows at leading couturiers, filming in magazines and films. But they guarantee cosmic fines and departure from the number of models for the most seemingly innocent offenses.

But moms and dads, inspired by the loud phrases of the swindlers about the shows at Yudashkin and Zaitsev (who, by the way, do not represent children’s collections), still carry their hard-earned swindlers.

Children's modeling agencies - rating of the best

What should parents do if “the child really wants to be a model”?

Be more attentive!

And choose an agency not from the first ones that come across, but after careful analysis and verification of the organization for “cleanliness“, Experience and so on.

Does the model child have a future?

It is important to understand that not all babies will become famous models in the future. And those who are unlucky with fame and success will be left with neurosis and the “not good enough for the podium” complex.

Thousands of music school graduates are disappointed in the professional music field, but they still have their talents, opportunities for the future, and so on. And what will be left for children who have lost in children’s “modeling”? Only lack of fear of the camera – and, at best, acting ability.

But it can be obtained with less effort, time and money in any theater studio. Moreover, in a healthier environment for children and with broad prospects.

Therefore, before rushing into a model children’s pool with your head, think – does your child really want to dive there, or does your ambition play in you?

Child models. Should you give your child to the modeling business?

What modeling agencies can teach children – the pros and cons of a child’s modeling activities

In the right agencies, kids don’t just smile at non-professionals for the camera and run on the catwalk. Children develop and learn certain disciplines.

Among the main ones:

  1. Acting skills.
  2. Contemporary choreography.
  3. Defile art.
  4. Basics of style, image.
  5. As well as photo posing, etiquette and foreign languages, vocals and journalism, etc.

A wide “package” of knowledge and skills will help the child not only for self-realization in the fashion world, but also in life in general.

In a model school, children learn …

  • Get rid of complexes, fears and shyness.
  • Gain self-confidence.
  • Move beautifully.
  • Develop your potential.

Also among the advantages of the modeling business for a child:

  1. The opportunity to earn money already in childhood / school age. True, you will have to share with the agency.
  2. Development of discipline, endurance, endurance. The model must work in any conditions – even in the middle of the night, in frost, in water, etc. In addition, you need to limit your diet and observe a strict daily regimen.
  3. Development of a sense of style in the child. A child who has learned this side of life will always strive to look neat, stylish, beautiful.

Disadvantages of working as a model for a child and parents:

  • Parents have to travel with their child to shootings and auditions instead of work.
  • The child often has to miss school.
  • Not always classmates at school are sincerely happy about the success of the child model. Envy can lead children to do unpredictable behavior.
  • The physical and psychological stress in this work is extremely difficult for the child. Not every child is ready for it. Many develop neuroses and health problems.
  • Star fever is a problem for almost all children in the modeling business. And it doesn’t benefit their relationships with friends and classmates. The child wants to always and in everything to be the best – to encourage or suppress perfectionism?
  • Even if the agency is not a scam, you will have to shell out a lot of money. For training, for additional disciplines, for trips, for costumes and hairstyles / makeup, for a portfolio, for courses and photo sessions, and much more.
  • The rights of child models are practically not protected by anything.
  • Perspective is just an illusion. Today your 5-year-old has a cute face that all magazines dream of getting on their cover. And by the age of 12-14, the appearance of the child will change greatly. And it is quite possible that he will no longer fit into the model trends. In addition, the faces of children’s models will quickly become familiar, and trendsetters will begin to look for new ones – fresher and plump.
  • Not all children say “thank you” to their parents for such a childhood.

Children's modeling agencies - is it worth taking a child to a casting

How to choose the best modeling agency for your child – professional advice

When choosing an agency, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. The fame of the organization, its documents, the presence of a license for working with children, its own website, portfolio.
  2. Study the prices for training, the qualifications of teachers, compare with other schools.
  3. Track the fate of agency models.

Remember, a good agency …

  • Has a permanent actual and legal address, landline telephone, personal website, accreditation.
  • Doesn’t take money for casting.
  • Creates a portfolio at reasonable prices.
  • Conducts children’s shows on a regular basis.
  • It is often mentioned in the news, in reference books, in the media.
  • Provides training.
  • Provides detailed information about everything.
  • Collaborates with the media, shopping centers, retail chains, etc.
  • Works with children on the condition that they receive a percentage.

Video: How to Raise a Young Top Model

Rating of modeling agencies for children in Russia – 5 best of the best

In Russia today there are more than 4000 agencies working with children. And only a hundred of them really become a springboard for the careers of children.

The top 100 includes the following organizations:

  1. President Kids. For students there are 2 training programs and a model school. Professional teachers comprehensively develop children and reveal their potential. Children are busy in filming and show programs, in fashion shows, etc. Most of the school’s graduates become models and actors. Training course – 6 months. Cost – from 20,000 rubles.
  2. Top Secret. Children age: 3-16 years old. This model school is also an image laboratory, from which children come out stylish, artistic, relaxed and self-confident. For the best models – participation in shows, filming, etc. Cost – from 15,000 rubles.
  3. RosKids. An excellent stepping stone to start a career as a model or actor. At Roskids Model School, the child will be taught modeling technique, posing in front of the camera, and artistry. Cost: from 5000-7000 r.
  4. Happy Kids. Children age: 3-13 years old. This international agency was launched in 2010 and since then has grown 20 times. The cost of training is from 4000 rubles. As a result of the training, the child receives an international certificate.
  5. M-Globe… Has been working since 2003 in the world of cinema, fashion and advertising. Children age: from several months to 16 years.

Children's modeling agencies - what they teach children

Which children’s modeling agency definitely does not need to give the child – signs of scammers in the children’s modeling business

The main signs of an agency that is better to bypass:

  • They ask you for money for casting.
  • The site is unprofessional. Information is a minimum.
  • There is very little information about the models.
  • You know about the shortcomings of the child, but you are assured that everything is perfect, and your child is just a godsend for them.
  • You should definitely make a portfolio with them (they insist).
  • You are promised fame, super-stellar life and hefty royalties.
  • You are strongly encouraged to pay tuition fees.
  • The agency cannot show a single story of a model who started with them and achieved at least a shoot in a fashion magazine.
  • The contract contains only training services, which you pay according to space rates.
  • The agency is not accredited.
  • You are required to pay in advance for participation in the fashion show.
  • The agent’s social media pages are fake or uninformative, without accurate data.

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