Natalia Kaptsova – founder and head of Colady magazine, psychologist, journalist

Natalya Kaptsova - head of Colady magazine, psychologist, journalist


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Everything that I do in this life is aimed at ensuring that each of us learns to discover within ourselves the source of boundless love, inner strength, joy, so that we all live, rejoice, be ourselves, and not be afraid to live. I love people, I love children. As much as I can, I help people become happier, more confident, freer: to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

The theme of raising healthy and happy people for me is the leitmotif of my whole life. As a mother of many children, I go through many lessons every day and acquire valuable knowledge that I want to share with the world. Once upon a time I really missed a spiritual mentor, a guide, someone adult, strong inside, whom I can rely on in this life, ask for advice. But over time, I discovered an incredible source of inner strength, created an amazing wonderful project, united a team of like-minded people, and today there is this magazine for you. I am incredibly happy that we are included in the top 10 most read and loved by all women’s digital magazines in Russia. I would like Colady to become your friend, your spiritual guide, your support and motivator in life. We collect here the experience of many people, their wisdom, life advice – about love, relationships, success, about raising children. We share great practices, talk about people who inspire and make this world more beautiful with OWN, with their activities.

Thank you for reading our magazine, subscribing, leaving feedback, writing your stories to our editorial office. Help us grow and be more useful.

Natalia Kaptsova

Techniques in work:

  • Integral neuroprogramming (INP),
  • Metaphorical MAC cards,
  • Theta healing


Natalya Kaptsova - head of Colady magazine, psychologist, journalist

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